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    HF-1 82 Alloy head valvetrain questions

    Umm I think that was me... My brother (XPT Crossy) gave me a set of 12 Scorpions that were meant for his cross-flow turbo build, but he's since moved that on for another project (he does that, lol). He bought them unused from another former member on here but when I went to bolt them on, the bolts were M8 x 1.25 instead of 5/16” UNC. This had me quite puzzled until I looked up the part number and the only cross-reference was for the 3.8 (Canadian) Essex V6, the T-bird engine as you mentioned. All I did was get some 5/16" capscrews and they bolted on perfectly, correct pedestal height, correct preload and only needed shimming because my heads were shaved. The remaining 4 weren't so easily obtained or fitted. I had to order them as individual items from Summit, the only ones available this way were listed for "351C/400/BFF" and when I bolted them down, they had about 0.090" of slop from cup to pushrod. So the supplied pedestals were too long. I machined them in the lathe by about 2.3mm and they bolted down fine. The weird thing about these individual rocker kits is that they each came with twin mounting channels, as one would perhaps use in a Windsor or FE 1.73 retrofit. So maybe they were simply the wrong ones for that part number? I dunno, but the last 4 rockers are on and working now and I ended up with some spare crap that I likely will never use. Sent from my CPH1920 using Tapatalk
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    I remember reading something on here about Thunderbird V6 roller rockers once same as cleveland(& big block ford) but 12 in the kit instead of 16, might of been Scorpion 5/16" bolt on... Crane kit is CR52745-12, I tried this kit on my xflow but had a few guide plates that didn't line up well. Ended up going Yella Terra/Street Terra kit bolted up easy as.
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    All done and for sale $3990 Sent from my SM-A125F using Tapatalk
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    Here is another HOLY GRAIL part i managed to buy this morning ,its a c4 pan fill big block bellhousing,these are very rare in australia and a s*** one goes for about $500 but since covid and not many people going on parts runs to the usa they are almost imposible to find ,i paid $700 for this one and suits a clapper type starter motor so the seller tells me,so now i can fit a c4 to my next 400 build and not worry about will shifters fit or extractor clearance and weight compard to a c6 also tailshaft length and the c6 zaps a fair bit of power,it bolts to any big block pattern 429/460 or 351m/400 and uses std 164 flywheel and converter .
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