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    It’s been a while so I thought I would update a bit! So have found that the Heater Core was absolutely rotten, which is why it was leaking water. So whole dash out time to replace that. While it was out I replaced the fan solinoid (as it was only working on one setting) and fixed up a few cracks in the climate control unit. I think I have finished wiring in the Megasquirt with all the factory ECU now disconnected. The only cables which were left were those which controlled the emissions controls which is right (according to the wiring diagram), just need to put in a vacuum line to the MAP sensor built into the Megasquirt. Have found some massively dodgy stuff in the wiring loom too. Have also started removing the black stripes on the side and am going to be painting the bumpers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    BW/51 GEARBOX 1992 3 SPEED

    I'm fairly sure i swapped the extension housing also.. but can't remember. you'll need to fit the carby kickdown cable though i think which needs the pan off i think if you leave the current extension housing on, you could use either gearbox mounts, might need to drill a hole in the middle of the cross member for the EA one. one of the benefits of the C4 was shorter first gear ratio (i thought?) and possibly sapping less power or multiplying it better.. been a VERY VERY long time since i'd heard about it. i would have used a BW51 because i got it for free.. if i was spending $150 on one i'd have probably found a C4 instead but i assume anything pre EB these days would be rare
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    2V Head Refresh

    The springs and retainers were Crane Blue Racer. That doesn't sound right. Are you running standard valves? Correct installed height should be 1.820" from memory. I was supplied the wrong collets in that package (big block Chev apparently), so I guess anything is possible. The bloke who assembled the heads didn't note anything else wrong with it once all installed. I would say that either your retainers are wrong or your valves are not stock (ie off something else). At least you arrived at a pretty good seat pressure for a mild engine. That should give you about 260 open at a guess. Only problem now could be rocker to retainer clearance if you decide to go with rollers at some stage. Yeah you should always count on nicking a seat, even if it's just with the chuck or something and not the burr. It's a shame your mate can't stretch to getting the heads serviced, as apart from being able to clean up the dags and ridges in the port, it would be real peace of mind for you knowing the job will be right. It will be an oil burner from day one if the guides are wórn. Sent from my CPH1903 using Tapatalk
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    Megasquirt into XF EFI

    I haven’t found any differences yet, still putting the engine and transmission together! Ha ha But I’ll advise you when I get it all back in. The Megasquirt Unit I Got was from Shiftkits Australia and the service and price was excellent, couldn’t recommend more highly! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Crossflows night of nights.

    On night 2 of the Aussies we were 12th fastest out of 96 cars, with the wrong diff gears in because we broke the shorter gears. 4 trips thru the scrutineering shed, basically after every heat. Fair to say the old crossflow upset a few big dollar efi teams. Makes it sweeter that the car passed every test.
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    Crossflows night of nights.

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    Door hinge bolt dropped down A Pillar

    yes there's a hole you can fit your hand in(check for redbacks) the 3 bolts are on a plate that rests on a hook. if you can stick the phone camera over the hole you'll see what it looks like. i hadn't lost one in there, but i removed one to replace one with a broken stud once. should be fairly easy once the kick panel trim is off and the sound deadening matt removed
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