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  1. Clevo120Y

    "Torco" intake manifold

    Definitely worth a try for sure.
  2. Clevo120Y

    "Torco" intake manifold

    I would put a modified stock manifold in front of that, the air/fuel would shear off the short turns into the runners something cronic. But like the other guys have said, you got it so you may as well try it.
  3. Clevo120Y

    "Torco" intake manifold

    I personally wouldn't use that manifold, the transition to the runners are too square and would flow quite poorly.
  4. Clevo120Y

    Need advice on msd on worked 250 + carb sizing

    I personally like the 465, great all round size and vac secondaries.
  5. Clevo120Y

    Lifters stuck in bore

    I also agree with stock oil pump, the race engines I built run the same "big" clearance as Ando and the stock pump has plenty of pressure. Ando will give you the measurements for the relief valve, I also do the clearances inside the pump, I run 1.5 thou cover to rotor clearance, that had Ando worried hahaha but all good in the hood.
  6. Clevo120Y

    Budget upgrades for the DIY

    Good to hear mate and great to see others have a go with positive results
  7. Clevo120Y

    Budget upgrades for the DIY

    No worries Gerg, I have one word for you that explains the down size in fuel jet, EFFICIENCY!! Your carb is now more efficient and your engine requires less fuel to make the same power, the booster signal will be cleaner etc etc. this is why when people say that if you have more airflow you have to add more fuel but it isn't always the case, an efficient motor will use less fuel for more power and that's in the forefront of my mind when I do my little experiments.
  8. Clevo120Y

    Budget upgrades for the DIY

    6-3-1 suit more revs is my opinion, more secondary volume. We have had this conversation before lol, I like the 6-3-1 setup.
  9. Clevo120Y

    Electric fuel pump plumbing

    Do you still need a fuel pump hole blanking plate? I can send one with your manifold if you want.
  10. Clevo120Y

    Surge Tank for EFI XF wagon

    Ahhhh ok fair enough.
  11. Clevo120Y

    Surge Tank for EFI XF wagon

    The EFI wagons had an external high pressure pump with a low pressure lift pump in the tank, you could probably setup the same thing without the need for a surge tank.
  12. Clevo120Y

    looking for some one to make a manifold

    Will do, I was just looking at a manifold and I think I will knock something up, it will have 3 webber mounts so an adaptor to a strommy would be needed.
  13. Clevo120Y

    looking for some one to make a manifold

    I'm considering the idea, I might look at putting something together just to see if it can be done properly hmmmm brain is going now hahaha
  14. Clevo120Y

    Street Stock Speedway

    Thanks mate, I'm sure wombat will ring you if I don't make it down, he is going over to an ex modified racers workshop to set it up, graham mcsweeny if that rings any bells?
  15. Clevo120Y

    Production Sedan Speedway

    This engine runs the multi rib EF balancer, alt and a Holden PS pump all on the same belt. We have wombats street stock setup like you have said above.