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  1. Clevo120Y

    the eye candy thread *NSFW*

  2. Clevo120Y

    Slydog's XF ute.

    Can I ask how do you figure there is less carb signal now? Isn't the intake the same lift and duration as before but the exhaust has more duration? I thought the only change to the cam was the duration?
  3. Clevo120Y

    1981 XD Falcon Project

    I must be getting old, what the fuck is JDM??
  4. Clevo120Y

    1981 XD Falcon Project

    That's a loaded statement, Clevo on P's you wouldn't get left alone.
  5. Clevo120Y

    1981 XD Falcon Project

    Yeah wait for tuning, the race car doesn't use a choke and it starts fine
  6. Clevo120Y

    "Torco" intake manifold

    Definitely worth a try for sure.
  7. Clevo120Y

    "Torco" intake manifold

    I would put a modified stock manifold in front of that, the air/fuel would shear off the short turns into the runners something cronic. But like the other guys have said, you got it so you may as well try it.
  8. Clevo120Y

    Slydog's XF ute.

    I'm at 34 as well
  9. Clevo120Y

    1981 XD Falcon Project

    Is that MSD the programable one, should say 6al-2 programable on the top, that box shows a normal msd 6al-2
  10. Clevo120Y

    "Torco" intake manifold

    I personally wouldn't use that manifold, the transition to the runners are too square and would flow quite poorly.
  11. Clevo120Y

    Greg's XB Coupe

    Just put a big block in it
  12. Clevo120Y

    Slydog's XF ute.

    So what happened bro??
  13. Clevo120Y

    1981 XD Falcon Project

  14. Clevo120Y

    1981 XD Falcon Project

    Probably not imagining it mate, depending on the springs and weights used in the dizzy it may have been advancing too quickly with the initial on 12. Now you have backed it off the advance will move up at the same rate but the timing will be 6 degrees less at that lower end of the rev range. Compromise is you have now taken the total timing at the top of the rev range out so may affect topend performance, there is quite a lot of playing needed inside the dizzy to find the perfect ignition curve for a given combination, inside the dizzy the weights and springs determine the acceleration rate of the advance and tabs inside dictate the total amount of advance. This is why the msd is worth every cent because you do away with all that stuff and just upload a different curve, you can change it 1 degree at a time as many times as you like and it won't cost you a cent, if you had to get someone to change the setup in your dizzy as it is now then it would cost you every time he changed a weight or spring rate plus putting it all back together.