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  1. rocklord

    Barra Torque Plate on 4.0 SOHC

    I have access to a Barra 4.0 DOHC engine torque plate locally, but not one for the 4.0 SOHC engine. Will the Barra torque plate work on my 4.0 Intech? Thanks in advance.
  2. rocklord

    92dt tickford head v 94ab head

    If you decide not to use the 91da cam I'd be interested in purchasing it.
  3. Left mouse click on each image, choose "Save Image As" and save them in a directory.
  4. rocklord

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    The US 3.3L inline six takes a rear sump oil pan to fit in the Fox bodied Mustangs. A Cortina pan should work. Unless your good at modding, the EA-AU and Barra engines won't fit with their front sump pans. That and the cam covers may have hood clearance issues. Keep in mind the US 3.3L has a 7.808" deck height, the Crossflow's deck height is 9.38". Hood clearance could be tight. May be able to lower the Crossflow for clearance. Go for it.
  5. rocklord


    Have you cc'd the head yet?
  6. rocklord

    Input Shaft Length on T-5

    Good points ZHlane. I'm at a disadvantage on acquiring an EL 4.0L T-5 since I live in the USA. I could look just for the correct length input shaft and have it shipped.
  7. rocklord

    Input Shaft Length on T-5

    My input shaft is 13mm (0.50") to long then, but will measure to make sure ZHlane. Guess I could have a spacer made to go between the bellhousing and T-5 to move the input shaft in the correct position. Modern Driveline in the USA makes an adapter to mate the '94 and later T-5 to the earlier bellhousing. Thanks for all who responded.
  8. rocklord

    Input Shaft Length on T-5

    I have an EL bellhousing for my 4.0L and a T-5 from an '86-'91 V8 Mustang. I'm trying to determine if this transmission will work with the bellhousing. What is the input shaft length for a T-5 in an EL 4.0L? The shaft length for the T-5 I have is 7.18-inches (182.37mm). The shaft length for T-5s in '94 and later Mustangs is 7.85-inches (199.39mm). I've attached a diagram of a T-5; I'm looking for the "B" dimension on the diagram (from the tip of the input shaft to the case. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm in an Information gathering mode for my AU 4.0 engine and need some values to calculate the compression ratio if I install the Tickford 94DT head. I found a vendor in the USA (Silvolite) that sells pistons for the Australian 4.0. I've attached a shot of the catalog listing for the 4.0 pistons Silvolite sells. Looking at the piston specifications, the compression height for the 4.0 models varies from 1.208" to 1.394" Three of the pistons identify what engines they go to: Silvolite 3324H - EB-ED 4.0 (CH 1.375"); Silvolite 3325H & 3326H - EF-EL 4.0 (CH 1.375" & 1.394" respectively). Is the 3326H piston with CH 1.394" for LPG? One of the pistons, Silvolite 3333H, is domed with four valve reliefs, so it must be for the BA 4.0 with LPG (CH 1.215"). The last piston in the list, Silvolite 3334HC, has a single valve relief but only a CH of 1.208". Is the Silvolite 3334HC piston for the AU 4.0? Is the compression height for the AU 4.0 piston 1.208"? If not, what is the stock CH of the AU 4.0 piston? And what is the recess volume of the stock AU piston? The other question I have is the stock AU block, or deck height. Doing a search of the forum I came up with a post stating that the deck height is "somewhere" around 9.2-inches. Another website stated the deck height as 9.22-inches. I don't have access to local (Australian) reference material so I can't look it up. So I'm wondering what the stock deck height of the AU block is? If I assume a piston CH of 1.208, a rod length of 6.057, a crank throw of 1.955 (3.91 stroke divided by 2) and a zero piston recess, then the deck height would be 9.22-inches. If any of my assumptions are wrong, then.... Any help is appreciated.
  10. rocklord

    Cam Selection for AU Engine

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I've read Thom's writeup for the OHC six and it is very good. Thom, in my part of the US I don't have to worry about installing a cat on my 65 Mustang. I only have to meet the emission standards of the vehicle year (we're not all like California). What would be the casting code for an EF head if I was able to find one? 94A or 95A? Thom's writeup states that the AU short block with an EF head would yield a 10+CR. Is this combo OK for a street engine running premium gasoline? If not, would an aftermarket cam be better than an EA cam in reducing the dynamic CR? Since my Mustang won't be a daily driver, I'm not concerned with feeding it premium.
  11. rocklord

    Cam Selection for AU Engine

    First some background info. I live in the United States, so my access to parts is limited to eBay, email, web forums, and my pocketbook. Also, sellers willing to ship to the US. I have in my possession an AU engine without an ECU/wiring harness. My plan is to install it in my 1965 Mustang with AC, a T-5, 8-inch rearend/3.55LSD, Pacemaker 4499, and 2.5" exhaust. My Mustang will be used for weekend cruising and car shows. Along with not having an ECU, I have fitment issues with the BBM ( have to notch the shock tower). Not wanting to butcher the Mustang, I've decided to swap out the stock EFI/BBM and go with an Aussiespeed 4BBl manifold with carby or TBI. For ignition, I may use either a recurved dizzy or EDIS with Megasquirt/Megajolt. Which brings me back to topic, cam selection. I'm looking at purchasing either a Crow 2232522 or 2232549. Keeping in mind what I'm using my car for, which cam would be better? A little lope won't bother me. My desire is to have a little more power than stock, and to surprise the guys with 289 HiPo V8s. Would I be better off with a cam from another maker like CamTech? Thanks for your input.
  12. rocklord


    Thanks broken-wheel, just what I was needing.
  13. rocklord

    Ford 300ci Inline 6

    The "big block six" 300 doesn't use a timing chain, just two gears which helps in longevity; 300K+ miles before rebuild not unheard of. It may not rev, but has torque where it counts, down low. 1978 - 1986 with 1 Barrel Carb Max Brake Horsepower - Varied from 101 to 120 @ 3000 to 3400 rpm Max Torque - 223 @ 1600 rpm Stroke - 3.98 Bore - 4.0 Compression - 8.0 1987 - 1993 with Fuel Injection Max Brake Horsepower - 145 @ 3400 rpm Max Torque - 265 @ 2000 rpm Stroke - 3.98 Bore - 4.0 Compression - 8.8 There are guys in the US who drag race them. Call them crazy, or dedicated.
  14. rocklord

    230HP '69 OHC 6

    In 1969, horsepower listed was gross, not net. 230HP gross is about 165HP net.
  15. rocklord

    Maximum Clutch Diameter - 4 Speed Bellhousing

    Thanks for the reply gerg, just what I needed to know. I have a chance to purchase a Hayes billet flywheel and Centerforce 10.5-inch clutch kit from a guy with a 302 Mustang for a good price. The flywheel is zero balance. Cheers