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    Yep, and finding an holley sniper under bonnet will be the least of my worries I reckon !.....
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    It's just that it says they're for E-series (OHC) engines. I don't know enough about E-series engines to know what springs they use, but crossy engines use clevo valvesprings. Might want to clarify before buying. Sent from my CPH1903 using Tapatalk
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    There are so many rules out there that you're pretty much breaking the law every time you back your car out of the driveway. Some cops used to brag about being able to defect a brand new vehicle if they really put their heads together. So it's all about who is enforcing these laws and what motive there is to book you. Sent from my CPH1903 using Tapatalk
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    The only things I can find which talk about modifying the fuel system are as follows.. From the club permit guidelines for vehicles The relevant section from vsi8 The section on fuel system in vsb14 was written in 2011 and hasn't been revised yet that I can find. It makes no mention of efi at all. There is a mention of "optional oem" equipment not needing certification.... Which tacitly says that anything not made in the era of a vehicle, installed by that manufacturer at any point in the correct period, or creates a power increase deemed "significant" must be signed off to pass and has always been the case.
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    Plus 1 for precision. They are doing a lot more direct selling now and they have good stuff at close to trade prices. Shop around and buy the components individually and you will save plenty. That camtech cam will work nice. Make sure you order the efi gasket set. Even tho it's a stock rebuild, id put a rollmaster double row chain in it. Precision sell JP gear sets and I'm not a fan. Ebay has rollmaster units at good pricing.
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