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    XH XR6 - starting problems

    Thanks Dean Those are the some of the same pages i found After another full test and a call to my brother he concluded it was the starter motor as everything had power when it should etc Gave the starter a hit with hammer... Bingo fires straight up Flicked to gas switched over no problems so the car dying when i first put it gas could have been a red herring...and unrelated Started it ten more times and then let it get hot still starts but decided to Pull the starter as i had a new one here the old one is pretty oily/ black with dirt/ gunk Starts even quicker now Time will tell if the intermittent starting returns but for now its running ! Fixed all the bodgey wires i found whilst i was under dash, coincidently the bcm already had a reco sticker from a company called Logicar so heres hoping its ok, otherwise i will look further into the wires or just buy the bypass box....as the price of a reco bcm even with trade discount is about $400. Cheers Warren Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. wok

    XH XR6 - starting problems

    Ok so checked everything again swapped all fuses for new ones and put in new relay...still the same Pressed / banged on the bcm and it fired up Turned it off and back on a few times was fine Tried again and it wont start again So reckon its the bcm Now need to work out which wires to join ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. wok

    XH XR6 - starting problems

    Ok thanks will check all the earths and brought a relay today to swap in to check various relays Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Gday, read a heap of stuff but nothing definitive for the XH, can anyone advise the wires to join together to bypass the BCM smarklock starter cut? or does anyone have a XH BCM I can buy/borrow to prove if its actually the BCM, I assume I can plug in the brown or grey for testing purposes some background - my ute will not start, there is no cranking, only a click from the starter relay, - previous owner used to bash the dash to get it to run (intermitant problem) but hadn't needed to since I got it (been running on petrol) - was running fine on petrol, I flicked it to gas, car died/ gas switch lost power, and wouldn't restart (no crank) - smartlock flashing on dash, goes out wen key is turned to "on", - the gas switch (set on petrol) gets power for about 3 seconds when key is put to "on", the petrol fuel pump primes, then all the gas switch lights go out, (gas inline relay clicks) - the gas switch has 5 wires into the back (neg- pos+, SiG, GAS, PET) there is a inline relay (5 pin, with wires on 4 pins) and what looks to be another gas switch box that has only 3 wires (gas, petrol,ground) - it has the grey coloured BCM above the accel pedal -I've checked all the fuses (fuse box and random other one on gas system, under dash - interior light has globe and works as designed