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  1. wok

    Fuel pump issue

  2. wok

    Xg fuel gauge issue

    i'm interested in this topic/possible thoughts as well, got similar issues on an EB wagon... the temp gauge only goes so far up regardless of actual temp, and fuel gauge randomly works, but usually on empty I changed out the old dash for a NOS one, It worked for about 30 seconds, then blew an illumination globe, fuel gauge back to empty checked/changed the fuses, same problems so its wiring or senders for the wagon I assume needs to use up the fuel in the tank before I can drop the sender unit out to check that
  3. wok

    Fuel pump issue

    yeah not ideal, but there's heaps you can check and clean etc for little to no cost other than time... that's where I always start....
  4. wok

    Fuel pump issue

    yeah on the Fairlane I just put my hand in the tank with a rag and wiped the base/sides, and came back soaked in fuel but also with the syrupy crap....plan to pull the tank out totally this weekend, and give a good clean out, the bad fuel may cause idle issues, I would also check the usual easy stuff, battery and earth connections, spark plugs/leads and check for any vacuum leaks particularly on intake manifold gasket(s) is/was there any excessive water / condensation out the exhaust on start up, might also pay to check head gasket leaks (oil in water/ water in oil, water in exhaust (my EF head gasket leaked into cylinder bore so would get rough idle (effectively 5 cylinders) until hot enough to evaporate the coolant in cylinder and then would run OK
  5. wok

    Fuel pump issue

    the last few pumps I had die on me all just stopped, and usually once the car is running I cant hear the pumps over the engine/exhaust noise check for crap in the tank as well, my NL Fairlane has killed two pump, as the fuel was pretty stale and created some kind of syrup style stuff in the tank, I would at least go buy one and have it with you !
  6. From reading the link provided (if im reading it right) the power increase (section only) without certification is extra 20% above that of any of the engine offered for the model ( 351cuin/ 149kw) need to double check the quoted V8 power figures Makes the KW max for an XE 178kw (149x1.2) So if i put in a green rocker cover gas barra which i think are quoted @ 156kw I should be ok power increase wise Now to read all the other sections ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. JC bonneville used to have a contact page on his website with a form you had to fill in and attach pictures etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Gday Yep tried email and phone messages Thinking will hold off until i have rego then do the engine swap Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi all, i'm planning to repower my XE (originally 6 cylinder carby car) with a BF barra 6 (non turbo) has anyone had real life experience with VicRoads on this topic, i.e. do I need an engineers report ? I read/come across a lot of threads (other forums as well) but many are several years old now, and have a lot of conflicting information from back then. hoping to find some direction on here, as to date no one the engineers I have contact have responded. Thanks Warren
  10. wok

    1972 Escort Panelvan

    check out this esky panelvan on ebay, looks great!.... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ford-Escort-1972-panel-van-modified-free-shipping-to-Port-Melbourne/123781490114?hash=item1cd1f3a5c2:g:fJcAAOSwailc6mDZ
  11. wok

    El xr8 2 issues......

    Gday, have you checked the Oxy sensors ? or replaced them ? my ELXR8, had the hesitation when foot planted (say doing 80 and you wanted to go to100+), was the MAF changed it over, and its fine now, still unable to resolve the fuel starvation when the tank is low going around corners or you boot it, so I just fill up again at half tank !..
  12. wok

    Acrylic Paint Issues

    I have had good results using this Dura Glaze, I get mine locally here in Melbourne, but here's link to with some info https://colourfastauto.com.au/products/dura-glaze-polish-500ml
  13. wok

    XH XR6 - starting problems

    Thanks Dean Those are the some of the same pages i found After another full test and a call to my brother he concluded it was the starter motor as everything had power when it should etc Gave the starter a hit with hammer... Bingo fires straight up Flicked to gas switched over no problems so the car dying when i first put it gas could have been a red herring...and unrelated Started it ten more times and then let it get hot still starts but decided to Pull the starter as i had a new one here the old one is pretty oily/ black with dirt/ gunk Starts even quicker now Time will tell if the intermittent starting returns but for now its running ! Fixed all the bodgey wires i found whilst i was under dash, coincidently the bcm already had a reco sticker from a company called Logicar so heres hoping its ok, otherwise i will look further into the wires or just buy the bypass box....as the price of a reco bcm even with trade discount is about $400. Cheers Warren Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. wok

    XH XR6 - starting problems

    Ok so checked everything again swapped all fuses for new ones and put in new relay...still the same Pressed / banged on the bcm and it fired up Turned it off and back on a few times was fine Tried again and it wont start again So reckon its the bcm Now need to work out which wires to join ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. wok

    XH XR6 - starting problems

    Ok thanks will check all the earths and brought a relay today to swap in to check various relays Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk