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  1. wok

    Pissing me off

    just a thought but did you bridge/join the inhibitor switch wires ? this used to be a trap when doing auto to manual on the older falcons, not sure if computer controlled or what in the EA....and maybe you wouldnt hear the relays go if they weren't joined ...i'm not sure on these "modern" cars....
  2. wok

    9" Diff help

    And the winner is .... 80% full of water and rusted pinion bearing.... what a mess... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. wok

    9" Diff help

    yep, I reckon this car was a flooded car (came from up north Queensland), looks like i'll pull the centre and see whats what.... if there anything exciting in their like your pic i'll load up a photo !...
  4. Gday, got a 9" diff , have removed the stuck brake drums etc, so now I can spin either axle by hand ( the other side then spins backwards - so its an open diff centre ), but the pinion doesn't rotate, and I cannot rotate the pinion by hand or with a long bar, I assume I will have to fully disassemble but thought id ask beforehand what might be the problem ?
  5. G'day, just wondering If anyone remembers the magazine year/month (I assume it was street machine or like performance fords maybe) that did an article on the gauge swap of autometer gauges into the original xy gt dash, from memory it was a super neat and relatively straight forward conversion, thanks Warren
  6. wok

    T5 Short Shifter

    Yep did the same on my 5speed XF van !....after I snapped a bolt holding the stick to the gearbox selector.....
  7. wok

    T5 Short Shifter

    GDay I brought the cheap one off ebay and it works (needed some Loctite on the bolts) but other than that I works as it should, feels more direct but that cos all the original shifters are sloppy AF.
  8. wok

    Barra into xf

    agree with Defective, For the Diff (in my XE) I have sourced a LSD 3.45;1 from an EF XR6, need rear lower control arm bushes changed, brake line fittings changed and a hand brake sorted (potentially use EB front cable ?), and the rear hat for watts link(?), this is probably the least work and plenty strong for non turbo, still able to found relatively cheap, are disc brake etc if you change the turbo exhaust manifold to a custom one i'm sure the turbo could be re orientated to clear the tower its not a massive notch/indentation required, pretty sure the BF and FG exhaust manifolds are different perhaps one of those will put turbo in a different place. as for the 6 speed im not sure, you could ring Mal Wood, he has all sorts of boxes with different length extensions housings and shifter locations
  9. wok

    Barra into xf

    this is great thread on the barra swap in XE falcon theres a seller on ebay that has stand alone wiring harness and PATS removed computers, it hink for about $750, has like 6 wires to connect.....
  10. wok

    Barra into xf

    Gday, pretty sure the FG sump will need to be changed as the deep pan part is rearwards (not 100% on this), the BA/BF barra sump has front pan. which will clear the XF subframe. You also dont need the fancy mounts, you can use the falcon ones from EB/ED upper and bolt them to the lower XF parts You will need the modified sway bar, muscle garage in SA(?) makes them and sell one ebay. You will need to fabricate a transmission mount according the gearbox selected, and the later the box the more mods you may need to do like trans tunnel and shifter location/console etc Depending on what radiator you plan on using the front apron needs a trim to clear the lower radiator hose (using BA/BF radiator), and potentially the RH shock tower will need a notch taken to clear the turbo (depending which setup you use (again check the build threads its all covered). Also check with engineer, pretty sure the power output rating on the barra (lowest KW is the E-gas 156kw) compared to XF EFI crossflow (121KW) is greater than the allowed percentage in some states and will require engineers certification, at which point they will check a whole heap of other stuff for compliance, which may get costly !. (eg/ Victoria is 20% over standard requires VASS). If the cars already rego'd you can run it till you get pulled over I guess (if in VIC without yearly inspections) ! I will be doing my XE shortly, as I have all the bits, just gotta get it rego'd first
  11. G'day, just wondering if there are any options to replace the power steering pump on EF/EL V8 ? My pump was leaking so I swapped it for a spare (origins unknown) and it s also leaking (broke the pulley puller in the process, so not winning at the moment) had quote of $220 to reseal it (apparently the impellers? are no longer available), no one will guarantee it wont be noisy AF after reseal, I did find a genuine replacement for $450, or a "rebuilt" exchange unit for $390
  12. Rob Mills (not the singer) from NRAP (ebay ID) (aka the old north Ringwood auto parts store) but now located in Nutfield vic, carries the WASP branded stuff along with other reputable brands (roadsafe etc), and is excellent to deal with either direct or via ebay, prices are good, always helpful, super quick postage, so yeah no need to deal with crap products/suppliers
  13. these are listed by that "SuzukiSuper" mob on ebay right ? their customer service is also comparable to the products sold...
  14. wok

    whistly / wheezy sound ef falcon

    Gday, if you have the rear wheels up on stands, but have the car in drive/pretending to take off does it make the sounds ? could it be the wheel bearings ? cheers Warren
  15. wok

    1999 au xr6 motor into a 2002 au Fairmont ghia

    any update ? did you get this running?