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  1. wok


    yeah very cool...they have a good following in the states.... if you need any bits, i have 2 x 240's sitting here, that will soon be scraped..one from a D series truck and the other from F100 (im in melb though) looking forward to the build cheers Warren
  2. yes was just researching this, to see if i could use a E series housing as it already has a holes drilled etc..... got the econogauge working found the vac line for that and plumbed it in...never gets to power....the barra must be too economical !.... with the speedo drive in the gearbox, is there any different between the untis say from the XE BW auto and the EF T5 manual ? i have swapped gears around but someone mentioned to me that the actual unit may be different, and that i should use the original XE one and change the gear....visually they look the same except part numbers
  3. cheers thanks for that, i was probably over complicating it thinking i needed to take a feed from the barra computer output !.....back in the shed tonight so ill see what i can hook up !...
  4. thanks, yes i think its the best way to correct the speedo, for now i will just use the GPS TomTom...
  5. G'day, have barra swapped my XE, but wondering what others have done for gauges in partuiclaur temp and oil ? and maybe the dash economy gauge i was also wanting to run a seperate tacho (as opposed to the indash one) as i have an old VDO one that suits the car. - speedo is working albeit a little out as its running off the T5, have played around with the gears from 18t to 21t, thinking it might need 22t with the 3.45 rear diff - fuel guage is fine as its all stadard XE wiring. - alt light is fine, tapped the barra loom to the standard XE wiring Thanks Warren
  6. annoyingly it doesnt give the gauge part numbers or sizes, but the smaller ones appear to be the 2-1/16th (52mm) and the speedo / tacho looks to be the 3-1/8th the autometer stuff might be out of my budget these days though, might look at the SAAS style ones...
  7. A ha... in case anyone else needs it, I finally found the article after going thru about 200 magazines, see attached pics from Super Ford issue 32 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Gday finally got around to installing the BA barra engine in my XE, its just NA at the moment so wondering what airbox options there are ? what have other used, as the the BA airbox/filter assembly is far to big to fit in the available space without cutting stuff, i tried looking online but so many are turbo'd and therefore no running the NA airbox etc....
  9. wok

    Pissing me off

    just a thought but did you bridge/join the inhibitor switch wires ? this used to be a trap when doing auto to manual on the older falcons, not sure if computer controlled or what in the EA....and maybe you wouldnt hear the relays go if they weren't joined ...i'm not sure on these "modern" cars....
  10. wok

    9" Diff help

    And the winner is .... 80% full of water and rusted pinion bearing.... what a mess... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. wok

    9" Diff help

    yep, I reckon this car was a flooded car (came from up north Queensland), looks like i'll pull the centre and see whats what.... if there anything exciting in their like your pic i'll load up a photo !...
  12. Gday, got a 9" diff , have removed the stuck brake drums etc, so now I can spin either axle by hand ( the other side then spins backwards - so its an open diff centre ), but the pinion doesn't rotate, and I cannot rotate the pinion by hand or with a long bar, I assume I will have to fully disassemble but thought id ask beforehand what might be the problem ?
  13. G'day, just wondering If anyone remembers the magazine year/month (I assume it was street machine or like performance fords maybe) that did an article on the gauge swap of autometer gauges into the original xy gt dash, from memory it was a super neat and relatively straight forward conversion, thanks Warren
  14. wok

    T5 Short Shifter

    Yep did the same on my 5speed XF van !....after I snapped a bolt holding the stick to the gearbox selector.....
  15. wok

    T5 Short Shifter

    GDay I brought the cheap one off ebay and it works (needed some Loctite on the bolts) but other than that I works as it should, feels more direct but that cos all the original shifters are sloppy AF.