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  1. wok

    T5 Gearbox length's

    G'Day, just measured some gearboxes i have here EF/EF measures from front of gearbox case to middle of standard shifter level was 550mm, and its 445mm to middle of mount AU (i think as thats what it was in) measure from front of gearbox case to standard shifter level was 610mm and its 500mm to middle of mount I agree with Dean, look for an EF/EL box (perhaps put your AU one up for swaps), you will still need a custom gearbox mount or if you can find an EA speed gearbox crossmember, last one on ebay was drug money at $200+ bucks.... In my XE (barra,, T5, EL LSD diff) I simply cut the EL T5 member up and welded onto the back of the standard XE gearbox crossmember, it still uses the EL mount that locates into one squre hole, and everything else was bolt up, i used the E series tailshaft as the diff was changed to EL as well. I even ran the EL fuel lines with an XE EFi tank (with upgraded in tank pump) cheers wok
  2. wok

    XF to XD

    facebook marketplace has a few listings, there is an XD RHS NOS one there for $600 (crazy prices as Dean mentioned !), and then a set of second hand ones for $100....
  3. wok

    XF to XD

    Gday, check this thread out for reference, the rear panel needs some trimming to fit the light housings without modding the light housing https://www.fordforums.com/threads/xf-into-xe.144591/ the aftermarket XE taillights are Ok quality i have them on my car,... but good second hand ones can still be found in both XD or XE style also consider the exterior door mould if it has any to match up to the xd/xe guards
  4. wok


    G'Day my 2cents i did EFi to carb on NC failance windsor for my T-bucket, used aftermarket HEI dizzy (needed bronze dizzy gear from memory), used Torker II intake, holley carb, C10 auto it went really well, T-bucket being light(ish), as im not a tech/wiring guy either, i reckon it cost my under $1000 at the time with second hand parts except dizzy) i have had a few E series V8's and all went really well, with all factory stuff, agree its only 165KW engine in stock form but you should be able to get it to work at least to original factory specs, espiclaly if its already in the car, with exhaust and all the computer/ wiring/hoses etc done, i wouldnt be swapping from EFi just yet, as as mentioned the cascade effect on having to acquire & swap trans/starter and other related gear Sometimes its best to let the experts at this stuff, work on them and sort out the issues, use your time to make money doing what ever you do best/ skillset is,... then use that money to get expert help (i always hang around so i learn something from the money i spend with them too, so its win/win...car gets fixed and i learn something for next time). I had to do this with my barra powered xe, we mucked around for days trouble shooting some issues, tying stuff, swapping parts all to no avail, rang around, found a tuner and the end it was in the setting in the unlocked computer that needed changing via HP tuners. do you have pics of the current setup ? cheers Wok
  5. wok

    Ute Canopies

    one more question how does it affix to the top of the tub ? / can i still use the XH tub liner ?
  6. wok

    Ute Canopies

    ahhh ok, perfect, now i cant go buy it due to damn lockdown....
  7. wok

    Ute Canopies

    I wonder if I remove that trim if the XG canopy might fit ? Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  8. wok

    Ute Canopies

    Thanks Got sent this from a mate I asked This seller says roofs are different and won't fit https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Canopy-to-suit-Ford-XD-XE-XF-XG-Falcon-ute-/293869151574?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  9. wok

    Ute Canopies

    Gday, just wondering if an XG ute canopy will fit XH ? im assuming the plastic trim around the XH rear window may foul ?? and if the XG one wont fit, anyone got a white XH canopy in good condition without roof rack holes ? cheers Warren
  10. wok


    yeah very cool...they have a good following in the states.... if you need any bits, i have 2 x 240's sitting here, that will soon be scraped..one from a D series truck and the other from F100 (im in melb though) looking forward to the build cheers Warren
  11. yes was just researching this, to see if i could use a E series housing as it already has a holes drilled etc..... got the econogauge working found the vac line for that and plumbed it in...never gets to power....the barra must be too economical !.... with the speedo drive in the gearbox, is there any different between the untis say from the XE BW auto and the EF T5 manual ? i have swapped gears around but someone mentioned to me that the actual unit may be different, and that i should use the original XE one and change the gear....visually they look the same except part numbers
  12. cheers thanks for that, i was probably over complicating it thinking i needed to take a feed from the barra computer output !.....back in the shed tonight so ill see what i can hook up !...
  13. thanks, yes i think its the best way to correct the speedo, for now i will just use the GPS TomTom...
  14. G'day, have barra swapped my XE, but wondering what others have done for gauges in partuiclaur temp and oil ? and maybe the dash economy gauge i was also wanting to run a seperate tacho (as opposed to the indash one) as i have an old VDO one that suits the car. - speedo is working albeit a little out as its running off the T5, have played around with the gears from 18t to 21t, thinking it might need 22t with the 3.45 rear diff - fuel guage is fine as its all stadard XE wiring. - alt light is fine, tapped the barra loom to the standard XE wiring Thanks Warren
  15. annoyingly it doesnt give the gauge part numbers or sizes, but the smaller ones appear to be the 2-1/16th (52mm) and the speedo / tacho looks to be the 3-1/8th the autometer stuff might be out of my budget these days though, might look at the SAAS style ones...