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  1. ok thanks will check it out, but yeah really want ac/dc so I can try aluminium
  2. torana's certainly looking good Looking at buying a TIG myself, where di you get that one from ? and can you do aluminium with it ? thanks warren
  3. wok


    the radiators most times have a drain plug you can access through a hole in the front chassis section, drivers side , but as suggested this will not get the all the caked on crap out of the hoses etc, personally if the water pump is dodgy I would get the hoses and water pump and do the whole system once, along with changing the heater tap, BTW the cars looking great, I also quite enjoy fixing up the EF/EL series falcon & NF/NL series Fairlane's, had and have still quite a few. The parts are relatively available and prices i can work with makes them an attractive option, and they are a great car to drive for that era
  4. wok

    XE Tidy up

    this guy also has a long thread on the build on the ozrodders hot rod forum (Gojeep) doing the metal work on the front sheetmetal in his latest updates,.....this maybe his first rodeo in the hotrod/modified car game but he is a very skilled and intelligent tradesperson, im not sure on his background but it must have been metal trade or something that requires good trade skills and problem solving. well worth the read on either forum
  5. wok

    Acrylic Paint Issues

    I have had good results using this Dura Glaze, I get mine locally here in Melbourne, but here's link to with some info https://colourfastauto.com.au/products/dura-glaze-polish-500ml
  6. wok

    Barra and t5 into xb

    ok great, I have a au bellhousing, what about flywheel, do you use the barra one or can you use a E series ?
  7. wok

    Barra and t5 into xb

    Hey jack, just wondering what sandwich plate, flywheel, clutch you used ? was it the E series stuff, or a mix of the Barra/E series stuff? thanks
  8. wok

    Barra and t5 into xb

    G'Day, the disc brake nine inch is always a good option, but the EB/EL borg warner with LSD from the XR6 or XR8 depending on desired ratio should be fine. I put one in an XB years ago (clevo and single rail) , cut off the brackets and welded on some leaf spring pads, used the E series falcon tailshaft, hand brake was the only mucking around from memory but I reckon i solved it with stock parts and cables from the e series wagon maybe. all depends on budget and if your confident to weld on the brackets etc, just make sure you set the pinion angle correctly.
  9. wok

    Xe phase 5 circuit car

    ok great, thanks
  10. wok

    Xe phase 5 circuit car

    also if you don't mind me asking who did you go thru for the body kit ?
  11. wok

    Xe phase 5 circuit car

    Ok great, yes we found that out the hard way with the company that did the cage for the EF, every week was "yep, will be ready late next week" heard that for 3+ months, eventually got it and really happy but yeah bad taste after being re-prioritized and lied to, especially when we had to pay upfront.....
  12. wok

    Xe phase 5 circuit car

    yeah this car is awesome what were your thoughts on the AGI cage ? looking at getting one from them shortly.
  13. wok

    XH XR6 - starting problems

    Thanks Dean Those are the some of the same pages i found After another full test and a call to my brother he concluded it was the starter motor as everything had power when it should etc Gave the starter a hit with hammer... Bingo fires straight up Flicked to gas switched over no problems so the car dying when i first put it gas could have been a red herring...and unrelated Started it ten more times and then let it get hot still starts but decided to Pull the starter as i had a new one here the old one is pretty oily/ black with dirt/ gunk Starts even quicker now Time will tell if the intermittent starting returns but for now its running ! Fixed all the bodgey wires i found whilst i was under dash, coincidently the bcm already had a reco sticker from a company called Logicar so heres hoping its ok, otherwise i will look further into the wires or just buy the bypass box....as the price of a reco bcm even with trade discount is about $400. Cheers Warren Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. wok

    XH XR6 - starting problems

    Ok so checked everything again swapped all fuses for new ones and put in new relay...still the same Pressed / banged on the bcm and it fired up Turned it off and back on a few times was fine Tried again and it wont start again So reckon its the bcm Now need to work out which wires to join ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. wok

    XH XR6 - starting problems

    Ok thanks will check all the earths and brought a relay today to swap in to check various relays Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk