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    EGO: my XD/F ute

    Just a photo for the sake of posting a photo Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    slightly more progress, been putting off doing this since last time - but wasnt as bad as i thought, cut the top lip off, used it as a template, got it all straight, neded alot of clamps cause it contours not just a straight edge on the back, to pull the metal together - should be pretty good when im done - may run some reinforcing under just incase for added dont want to die when get hit notice rusty top lip my seating area without fuel tank one of the ends moved on me, was able to use some clamps and big vice grips with angle iron to pull it straight, then the clamps to bring it down trial fit of the new rear section
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    EGO: my XD/F ute

    I've started putting the interior together now, hopefully I'll have a windscreen in it soon so I can finish it all off. The headliner turned out good apart from a couple of bunches in the front seam. Unfortunately I caused that by cable tying the road to hold it up higher for head room. The new carpet looks great but needs a lot of trimming and bunches up in one corner so I'll have to work out how to remedy that. I've sat the mooneyes wheel in there for these photos so I can sit in there and pretend it finished haha. The drivers seat is a great place to be with the view of that wheel and the reverse cowl. The old bench is back in it for now as I can't afford to replace it or get it reupholstered right now I've painted the rails and the trims but the fabric has plently of errr 'patina'... so I'm dubbing it the 'rat rod couch' for now haha. It's still the comfiest car seat I've ever sat in. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Project: Re-assembly!

    A fair bit of swearing today - kept blowing holes. I don’t think the wire was feeding steadily. I could hear it clicking in and out. Quite frustrating but minor adjustments and it came good. Not after a LOT of struggling and bird shitting. Not overly happy with the top of the back window either. Spent a LOT of time making the repair pieces and wasted a lot of metal trying to get it right. Looks decent ground back and cleaned up. Chucked some etch primer on it. Need to come back and trim the edge level... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    OGUN - the clevo

    Put the inner springs in after camshaft run in. OGUN has had a bit of an update in the ignition department and a 1 gauge and o2 sensor and gauge. Couldn't get on the dyno for a bit so put a base line tune into it and gave it a quick test hit to monitor systems and see if any issues arose. Happy to report all went well, although the shifter needs a position indicator. Thank god for rev limiters and isky valve springs. Enjoy the vid. Dyno soon.
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    Funny Photos/Pictures

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    Slydog's XF ute.

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    EGO: my XD/F ute

    This is why i went with the XE bumper, it has that gap filled. Plus the rest of the XE bumper has the same angles as the XD indicators, actually suits the XD better than it suits the XE imho. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    dex's fe ltd

    Little changes as of the last few weeks ,, the hooker aero flow muffler and hitech extractors are in , through 2 1/2 mandel bent system ,,with a natty big oval tip happy with the sound ,, with no drone . have changed wheels finally ,, 9 inch fentons on the rear ,, with 8s on the front . beat old school look . scored a near on new venetian for the rear window for $100 ..big grin plastered all over . next ,, the sagging roof lining pix up when imjur stops having a hissy fit .
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    Funny Photos/Pictures

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    I ripped the old 600 vac out. Then I put a Brawler 600 from Holley in. Its a huge change and one I definitely don't regret. I've been down this road before and after chasing endless leaks that just kept on moving to the weak link I was done with it, then on top of that I found the metering blocks and idle screws are shagged, making it almost impossible to adjust the idle so its either super lean or quite rich. Big vote for the Brawler here, works very nicely on the stock 250 with the extractors and Aussiespeed manifold. - boingk
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    302 Cleveland Build

    Here's some pics for you guys if you don't have Instagram. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Zk lowrider build

    My plan is to keep the factory colour scheme but do some patterns in different shades of green on the top and different shades of sliver on the bottom. Here's a picture of my old xf work car I bagged, long gone now. I should of lowered it a couple of more inces in the rear, but CBF was just a work car at the end of the day, it had racks on it too but no pictures. Sent from my 5051X using Tapatalk
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    Project: Re-assembly!

    Woo! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    250 Crossflow build

    Make your mind up!! 300RWHP aspo will cost serious dollars and in no way will you then be able to take that engine and add boost. If you think you can - your dreaming. Pure and simple. If you want boost, build it for boost straight away. I have many customers who run boost and run fast reliable times with near stock components. They have a good combination of parts, good tune and it works. You need to make up your mind and stick to the plan or your in for a world of hurt. Both will cost dollars to do properly. Both will cost even more if you chop and change and try and make NA change to boost.
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    remember this is my good quater panel .. very hard to find a mint one unless spending 1500 out of budget for daveo they are all rusty here now weight reduction .. this curved panel was alot harder then i thought - it came out pretty well i think with just a vice and hammer - i prob need a shrinker and stretcher - i did some more hammering after this pic, it looks better in person i think, unless you know what your looking for couldnt pick it
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    Project: Re-assembly!

    Cheers guys, you’re all right. CHOP CHOP. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1981 Ford Fairmont XD Ghia Build

    Hey guys so after almost 5 years of waiting to get a good enough income I have started the Build on my XD. The Story: This XD is sentimental to my family, my dad has had this car since he was 17 and has past it onto me. I have contemplated and wanted to start the build now since I was 12-13, i really started getting involved when I was 14-15 and decided to join the group, the amount of support and help you guys gave me was unbelievable for also being so young. Anyways about the car, it's a 1981 factory 250 crossflow swapped to 302 Clevo out of a XE. The car also has little rust which is great. The car is tired and needs a resto which was why I got a full time income as a apprentice sparky and decided to crack into the build. First day was basically getting all the interior out and all chrome trim peices etc, a usual start to a resto. Then was the motor and tranny. The car is basically stripped and is getting a bit of TLC as we speak such as new underbody rust protection. I recently took the trim to Michael from Deluxe trimming in Delahey and he did an awesome job for the really cheap price. Motor is at a motor mechanic recommended by a long time mechanic of ours and he specialises in ford motors. He said the motor is tired and is getting a rebuild such as a re bore, new rings etc. The car is getting a blow over in the oven hopefully next month if the panel beater dosnt Fuck us over again. Bellow is all the photos I have currently taken IN ORDER, I will regularly be updating the thread. Also for up to date info follow my Instagram build page @1tuffxd302 Cheers guys. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    XE Tidy up

    Have ordered some parts. Got an aussiespeed mani and msd 6al programable on the way. Have brought nearly enough 3" tube and bends for a complete new Zorst. Need to decide on a carb still.... currently looking at the demon or quickfuel 650 blow through carbs. Will hopefully be ripping into some fab work over the easter break. Also a draft of collector attempt #2: Might change a few things with it yet.... just to give me more room to weld it up as it looks a bit tight currently. Plan is to merge the 2 wastegate ports just before the wastegate. And to have a devider that goes right to the gate where they merge. Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
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    All painted and looks good Sent from my SM-G570Y using Tapatalk
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    Hendrixhc's Long Term XCGS Project!

    Still plugging away on the bonnet. Almost go the front section how i want it to look. Just need the time to get it done. Normally i had plenty of time to work on the cars but this year time seems to be a luxury. I even dug out the twin cut out bumper i started for the ute and smoothed off all the filler ready for a final skim coat this arvo. Once this bloody bonnet is done i WILL get the XE started.
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    Just had a good chat and go over the car with the owner and we're all good to go. I'll be bracing and internally framing as much as I can without it turning into a circus.... This is going to be FUN
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    LS would make this a weapon. A mate of mine had a VN-headed supercharged one that ran 10s. Very light body (this one even lighter[emoji23]) Sent from my CPH1903 using Tapatalk
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    Mr Polson

    The completely off topic thread

    Wasn't the only XF at the Devonport Motor Show yesterday, saw this very tidy ute with a genuine 27000kms
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    Zk lowrider build

    Think I've managed to put up photos!! Springs, hydraulic cylinders, powerball and cup in the post! Sent from my 5051X using Tapatalk
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