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  1. & foggies, lip spoiler trim around the bootlid etc. & black number plate panel👍
  2. Clean xe gl
  3. Me either
  5. Like this
  6. Was just looking at those too
  7. XE Ford Eclipse,
  8. Spotted this bel-air in Nth.Melb earlier Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  9. Oh hell yeah boi ooooohweeee, wonder what happened to Joe Elmor, he used to sound a bit drunk on the show lol
  10. I remember these guys from "horse power tv"
  11. Yeah bear its hard to see top no. looks like FR139RH i guess & the bottom no.looks like 9303M or N which doesnt seem to correspond with any on that list i msg'd the owner he doesnt know what height they are but just msgd asking for the part numbers so ill see what happens.......thanks Bear👍
  12. Can anybody tell by the part no. on these springs if they are standard low or superlow please?
  13. 😮 Ford fairlane falcon wheel tyre original,
  14. The hotwires look nice with the stance, colour is nice too.......what is the colour?