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  1. This one
  3. Chromed wheel nuts i reckon
  4. Maybe its 240 hp, which is still better than my 302C
  6. There used to be a really nice red xf svo ute off gordon st. in Footscray a few yrs ago, i wonder what appened to it
  7. Does anyone know how or where i can buy shannons legends of motorsport series 3 from? I tried online at ebay big w & even shannons but no luck & calling shannons is only insurance & auctions
  9. He used to come in all the time & pick up rotors pads clutches fittings etc. My old work place is still there but it has like antique push bikes in there now
  10. Suspension city is no more, been knocked down now
  11. Oh yeah the red pintara. At 8:24 hes at the lights at the cnr of arden & abbotsford st, on the left u can see the car yard/ol servo i was working at ibs in provost st. in 2012/2013 when this was shot. The car yard is now an apartment block. At the bottom of the hill is the bottle shop on the cnr of abbotsford i used to get beers after work from there then jump on the 402 bus back to footscray as i wasnt driving at the time. Melrose st. Shops bring back memories as a kid my family & i live in the n melb flats
  12. Ford Hotwire wheels xa xb cv xd xe xf,