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  1. Got a little bit of a whoopsie daisy in the drivers door, did that happen while opening tbe door?
  2. Wagon looks beautiful gerg errr greg 👍
  3. I bought the whole dirty harry box set bout 2 months ago👍
  4. They're called marsupial rats.........BIG motherfuckers (bad boys 2)
  5. Yeah boobies are nice 😁
  6. Cheers Dean, Not the first time shit like this has happened with this LTD the last 2 episodes were even worse than this. Last time the trans fucked up on mcintyre rd & i lost all foward gears i thought fuck this im getting her back home as long as shes got 1 gear left so put it in reverse & drove back home like that was a funny experience my neck was hurting after that for awhile
  7. Prob does have acid splash
  8. This is a beauty!!!
  9. Was coming back from derrimut earlier from a job interview cos im over the current job im at anyway put my foot down & the throttle cable on my fd snapped (not completely) but its frayed pretty bad hanging on by a few strands the engine was revving off its tits so by the time i got to forrest st. I thought if i loosen the cable at the carb it should be ok which i did & now it is fine, so drove to footscray then went to to sunshine as i was coming to sunshine i could hear a rattling sound coming from the exhaust so parked the car & got underneat & yep somehow the weld that is holding the rhs pipe to the exhaust bracket has broke so now gotta go back to exhaust shop & get that fixed is going on today
  10. Yep just the 1 car Id take the half decent eb over the run down ef
  11. I reckon its pretty cool too
  13. I sure do
  14. Nah should be alright my old car doesnt have an airbag
  15. Saw this.b4 in Ascot vale while on the way to Dan Murphy's Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk