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  1. Looking for information and parts to do 5spd auto to 6 spd auto on FG falcon. or places in Vic that can do it. Thanks
  2. Lott

    Option 52 wheels 1981 xd

    Ok thanks Dave
  3. What are option 52 wheels on a xd Fairmont? Thanks
  4. Lott

    Comp cams

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  5. Lott

    Comp cams

    Ran at heathcote on the weekend, very disappointing, to much wheel spin no traction. Best run was 15.58@87.89 no traction off line. was running 14.4@99.36 a couple of years ago with cobra jet cam, stock 2v heads and 600 vac sec holly, running on 14" wheels 215 tyres Now has xe274 cam head work roller rockers, 750 dp. 15" wheels 265 tyres. Stiffer leaf springs.
  6. Lott

    Valley pan..yes or no?

    I use one on mine. Never had a problem.
  7. Lott

    Comp cams

    Looks like it was already there. Just learning Tapatalk
  8. Ended up costing $813 by the time add exchange rate and post insurance. Very happy with ride.
  9. Lott

    Comp cams

    Running https://vimeo.com/186391775 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Springs have arrived. And fitted today. Nice and light. Only given it a quick blast around the block,feels good.
  11. Lott

    Aligning/Rehanging doors

    The good blue one.
  12. Lott

    Aligning/Rehanging doors

    Is there anyone who specialises in panel gaps. Have got mine as good as I can get. But think there needs a bit of expert love to get it right.
  13. Nice idea sly dog, but I need new springs as I broke a main leaf last weekend. Going flex form. See how it goes. It's not a drag car. I have another one for that.
  14. Flex form have got back to me with a price of $625 delivered. But haven't told me what else I need to do to run this set up. Still trying toget as much information as possible. Any info would be great. Thanks
  15. Cal tracks mono split leaf cost $1240 from competition engines