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  1. broken-wheel

    Short body rear shocks for ute?

    aso front dampers if are not short with more than normal lowering can and will bind the balljoint which can break mid corner and flip your car 5 times, ask me how I know
  2. broken-wheel


  3. the KYB's are much better in every way than the Monroe, they only last about 45.000km but outclass Monroe in every single way
  4. on the X series the shock/damper is not a stress member so if it fails it's OK, you will know but it won't do anything bad on the E series the shock/damper IS A STRESS MEMBER and if they fail depending on your speed you're fucked but I like the process of natural selection
  5. Don’t buy shit off eBay for fucks sake, not when you have your family ride in your car The amount of shit it’s insane, fucked shocks, fucked ball joints, fucked tie rods to name a few, just import your parts from us from bilstein , koni, moog and be done Local stuff from ordered, king springs, superpro, Monroe is all good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Money no object because previous car was an XF same engine and drivetrain and the balljoint failed flipping the car in turn 1 at QR This is just good insurance and cheaper than a new chassis especially with the crazy prices x series demand these days With these arms you don’t have to move the arm to the rear as caster is built in so it fits well in the space, tyres rub a little at full lock thou so have to be a little careful when reversing but forward it’s ok as it will scrape but not rip the bar out
  7. 2nd last pic guy can see the offset
  8. I use the Global West arms so might be different
  9. look the thing with the open tracker bearing spring saddle is this: does not add harshness at all does make the ride smoother with harder springs does make the ride a lot smoother with normal springs never have to grease it etc. and can be rebuildable So yes it does make a good difference that you feel when unexpected, it's not a night and day difference but it's got a smoothness to it that is hard to pick but it's here, strangely enough i felt it more on the wet when the car leans it's a little more taut. I don't think it's a performance mod thou as I could not really get a chance to test it on the track and on the street you get locked up finding the limit of a well sorted old box falcon (sad hey)
  10. http://opentrackerracing.com/product/roller-spring-perches/
  11. I use the opentracker ones, they use roller bearings, bliss, very smooth I have global west UCA and LCA both on bearings on the lower and Delrin (solid) on top, super pro on caster rods and sway bar and with 800pound springs and Koni the car is extremely smooth with no harshness at all, smoother than my mk6 GTI global west arms have added caster in them and have built in Shelby drop, they drop the top arm almost half inch more and no binding issues, it's a nice bit of kit, no fouling on anything
  12. broken-wheel

    Xd/e double din stereo?

    for fucks sake don't put double DIN stereo's in our cars man! fucks sake it looks shit do this https://www.classiccarstereos.com/1964-1966-ford-mustang-radios-303.html or build your own https://www.retromanufacturing.com/collections/build-your-own-radio
  13. broken-wheel

    Diff oil

    I'm running https://www.penriteoil.com.au/products/gear-box-oil-30 .... not sure why people run such heavy oils these days, that's like from the 60's, just run this and change it every few years, it's like 20W-60W which is ok, just give it some time to warm up and it will quiet as it warms up, I like it some of the 90W oil is just fucking stupid, if you'd be drag racing it I'd probably just run ATF and change it every few months