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  2. problem with GT Wheel is that 99% are fakes who are so unbalanced you need like over 150 grams to get them balanced with good rubber genuine are 8 1/2 inches wide, fake are 8 inches wide, I also like the CSA Gladiator wheel more
  3. no, the steel ones were
  4. They are damaged with dents because everybody wants that stance nation look when hard parking:) they also rub on the chassis when too low....
  5. Yeah alloy have a limited lifespan when stressed compared to steel, steel ones are also stronger but if you’re going to see more than 5000rpm of tailshaft speed for longer than a squirt down the 400m then I’d use alloy every time, they are lighter and don’t flex as much. It’s a little irrelevant though as the uni will fail first, long before the tailshaft
  6. AEM gauges are utter crap and will not last long on a car with a decent cam, they will rattle to bits Autometer is very good, I use about 5 of their Ultralite II and can’t complain i also have Innovate gauges and they are very very good and can trigger stuff, look at Speedhut if you want to mount them on the outside at the base of the windscreen as they are waterproof and have warning lights and triggers in them i have not broken an alloy shaft yet nor others who run 9’s in turbo falcons but they might break if On transbrake with preload? Any rotating mass that you can remove from a cross flow helps! Flywheel is a good place to start then tailshaft then diff, specially on a manual car with wide gears...makes downshift throttle bleeps way more satisfying
  7. one with balancer is the one you want for a manual, you can pop it off but you might get some vibrations
  8. so the alloy one is weaker? really? that's why the XR6 and XR8's used them because they were weaker? there are some really stupid people out there! they are around the same strength as steel ones with much better harmonics, they are higher diameter which reduces deflection at higher speeds and yeah lighter I'd use the biggest fan spal makes that fits over the radiator, i used the 12" on the really small XE radiator
  9. fixed you got vacuum on the MSD for when needed, i would install a vacuum gauge on the firewall bulkhead in the engine bay for tuning etc. no need for one inside to be honest when you hive up on oil temp or pressure Best setup is tach and A/F on the drivers side of the steering wheel and Oil Temp, Fuel Pressure and Water on the right side of driver somewhere on the dash
  10. Battery, go for a Lithium one, they are about 1.2kg, find Alloy tail shaft, that is a 20kg saving right there. Seats weight a lot compared to buckets, for two seats you save another 20kg so now you're up to 40kg. remove all stupid brackets inc battery tray if going with Lithium, I used Vlecro to stick the battery to the chassis as the battery terminals and alt/starter cables are heavier than the battery.... remove heater core and box and replace with a 12 hairdryer fan off eBay use a single SPAL fan instead of EF/EL combo as they weight a lot more than a spal fan, get a light flywheel, 5 speed BA XR6 Turbo one, if you replace diff you can remove about 2kg from the diff without impacting strength Ever looked at the exhaust? the weight is insane, buy some Ti pipe and Ti mufflers and make an exhaust that is about 10kg lighter than stock if not 15kg
  11. XE falcon 6 cyl with BW35, armstrong steering, no aircon compressor and another bunch of weight savings 1280kg with me in it....still heavier than Stella at 1272kg
  12. which is funny because the Jag used the same M90 blower and made the Berlina look pedestrian and weighted more than the Berlina ... keep in mind that both the holden and ford camp protected the V8's as much as they could from their 6 cyl counter parts
  13. did you remove the axle retaining bolt ? (just checking)
  14. not on the guard but yes on the rocker
  15. find a backroad where you can hammer it .... make sure you got some brakes and give it some stick for say 45 sec and stop motor then stop car, no idle, then check color of plug, if still back you run way rich