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  1. can't you use the other side carb feed ports? Not sure on the QFT but on Holy XP (black) i can use either side, also not sure on QFT carbs but you might need jet extensions if you're going east/west
  2. ditch the rocker cover gasket, that shit is only good for wine bottles, get SPECO-831385R
  3. oil pressure sensor is right at the back so you know if the PSI per 1k rpm is not enough .... but never seen issues with oiling in crossflows
  4. normally you would run a drill through the oil gallery all he way to the back of it, most machine shops have this stupid long drill bit thing, they do it when they do a line bore this will ensure the oil gallery is the same size from front to back but I guess he is old school and you NEVER want to argue with grumpy old men or tell them EFI or programable ignition is better build seems to be coming along nicely! what guide plates did you end up using? cut down clevo ones?
  5. INLET - ARP 400-2403 these are carb stud kits you need 3 EXH - ARP 435-2101 CAM PALTE - ARP 234-1001 FLEXPALTE - ARP 200-2302 SUMP STUDS - ARP 245-1901 ARP HEAD STUD - AR5-250-1LB ARP HEAD STUD WASHER - APW1316N ARP HEAD STUD NUT - APN12-1 Mains I reused stock, never failed on me, with a girdle I use the 300CI studs, they come in a pack for the US 300ci 6 cyl
  6. PLR do ok work and so does Jack Brothers, actually I'm yet to find someone better than Jack Brothers in Brisbane, maybe mendham engineering but they are expensive. If you need to send parts half way across the country to get it machined properly do it! machining is 90% of reliability
  7. cheapest one as you'll put new rods/piston and valves, if you do buy a "genuine turbo motor" you'll pay more than you'd pay for a forged self built bottom end motor with good valves and springs etc you can paint the rocker cover any color you want but it's insane the price they ask for a turbo motor ...
  8. The Barra is king! No shit, anyone who tells you they can get more power out of ANY 6cyl engine for a dollar figure is dreaming or never looked at the Barra engine. Ford learned almost 40 years on how to make the damn thing bulletproof and with a few thousands you can get a taxi $300 engine to take 1000 hp. The crossflow will sound nicer thou and you'll see, it will be cranky and more characterful than the Barra but won't be as reliable or powerful. Crossflows with big cams are like hookers....
  9. agreed, he also likes to keep some things for himself and sometimes talks about high level stuff as if anyone can understand him (Vizard) but the man knows quite a bit, I remember the camshaft challenge where he picked the lift, duration, ramp rate just by looking at the engine bore/stroke and head flow/configuration and was within a few HP of what a professional camshaft engineer got! He's a bit of a grimy old man but worth paying some money to read his ramblings I only got burned by backyard head specialists once to the tune of $400 and never again! that $400 extra for porting did absolutely noting but slightly port match the intake to the head, there were no burr marks then the head porter said "if you want proper porting mate it's from 5k upwards" I walked away, bought a book and a dremel tool, used blue die and a vacuum cleaning sucking ballbearings through the port to see it takes the die off to better understand flow. I say this again ..... you can easily make the crossflow head to flow way past 450HP and it will be quiet BUT in order to make 430HP out of it so you can utilise the head flow you will have to spin it past the point where the piston speed is dangerous. Nobody wants to go 5000 Ft/min on piston speed because when it blows up they will come on the forums and blame the builder blah blah I like the crossflow engines and imho once you get over 350HP shit will break and will cost a bomb to make it live. At a quarter of the price you can go Barra forced fed never look back. There is no way you're going to build a crossflow for under 10k which will run 11's and last a season which is about 50 passes. And if you do build one that lasts 50 passes (road km's mean nothing here) and run's 11 then you'd run 9's with a Turbo Barra on the same money. I for one don't like to even entertain the idea of getting anyone to do "performance" work on something that is not feasible from an engineering perspective but hey you can dig a hole with an escalator or you can dig a hole with a toothpick. Whatever floats you boat Matt, that remark wasn't launched at you
  10. and after 14pages of typical xflow opinionated posts I bet nobody actually took the time to read the cylinder head porting bible ... David Vizard's How to Port & Flow Test Cylinder Heads (S-A Design ... It only shows how every 3 toothed bogan on ice can talk for years about cylinder head porting but never spent 2 days to read a book explaining pretty much everything one might need to know before opening their mouth and preaching some other idiot's ideas as gospel. It all comes down to brains, would rather spend 3k on porting by a "pro" rather than spending a few bucks on a book, reading it then going to a cylinder head porter and say "here is exactly what I want, can you deliver these numbers for this much $ or not?" that's the difference between an engineer's brain vs 99% people here
  11. Prices of EL xr8 has rocketed lately ....
  12. I use to reshape the port, works well with E85 and not affected by it
  13. I still think bikes are overpriced for what they are by about 30% but it's amazing how many people have no idea of the engineering behind it. I took a downhill for a ride once .... scared the living crap out of me! will probably not do it again to that extent, not without a chest plate and some other protection, doing 60km/h through a forest is nuts!
  14. Yes I do, I'm waiting for some 3T aerotundo bars to arrive then i'll do a bike fit (i have all my measurements) and then cut the stem etc., mount the front brake, put on some pedals and take her for her maiden voyage Was going to spend 4k on cars but I spend more time riding than driving so i thought you only live once
  15. This was waiting for me at work today Hmmm.... The box was a dummy This thing is a work of Italian art ... can't wait to tear up Strava with it! Waiting on some 3T bars to arrive next week and I'll cut the stem and finish the built ... to say that I'm excited is an understatement!