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  1. can't beat cycling for weight loss! 95.1 today even thou I kinda let loose with beer and nachos last night, did 1100m swim this morning and aiming for 6km run tonight, with careful food intake I might get to 55.0 in the tomorrow weight in which means I'm still on track with loosing .5kg per week, with 7 weeks left the question remains if I can get under 90kg for Noosa, not sure. I think I have to dig really deep until mid Oct, if I go all out with training and reduce my diet and beer intake I think by mid Oct i can get to 89kg... time will tell
  2. average speed means nothing, its affected by wind and inclines etc. unless it's the same route you're doing having some of this and watching some jewtube until the F1 starts two of my fav things
  3. Did a 40k TT test today to see if I can crack under 1 hour 20 and failed pretty bad, it was very windy thou and doing lops around the river with the wind is silly hard on the legs, I expect to drop into the 1:20min by end of the month, power was below FTP so not sure what's going on there ...
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  5. not doing tumble turns yet mainly because I'm doing this for an triathlon so i tend to barely touch the way then stop and accelerate again, sometimes around the 25m mark i practice sighting or stopping and accelerating again to get a good feel for what it feels to start from a start line in the water i reckon i can do 1:35's with tumble turns but speed is not relevant yet as i still have loads of technique to learn and imprint into the brain deankdx, yeah slow is the go first, I did a lot of single arm rows to get breathing happening but until you learn the mechanics of it and feel how the balance works it's all happening too fast and you learn nothing, you have to go really slow and I used a swimming snorkel for that, allows you to breath under water and work on the stroke, basically swimming snorkel and pool buoy take care of breathing and legs leaving your arms free to get a good stroke happening, once you get the feel you start to rotate a little bit with each stroke, once you get a good stroke rate and rotation happening you start to lift your head up so your face is in the water but your ears are not and with every stroke even thou you wear the snorkle you turn your head with each rotation so one goggle is out of the water and do what that video says, bring it back quickly past that you get rid of the snorkel and only use the pool buoy and this is the level that I'm at now. I'm doing 1k in under 30min, i think my best is around 27min per KM but that's with a pool buoy. I still kick with the pool buoy but not as hard but my take on it is that the ocean water keeps you higher plus I need at least another 20km of swimming until I'll get rid of the pool buoy and then I should have a good enough form and speed to not needing it anymore. It's a long process to get to swim good and I'm pissed that I haven't done it when I was younger. At the moment my longest swim in the pool is 1800m which was about 50min because I had to take some rests, once fitness builds I should get the 1.5km swim done in 30min
  6. another thing that helped me immensely was using a pool buoy! for a beginner this thing is awesome, my mistake was quite a few, did not rotate enough and snap back to straight and head in the water which made my arm drop and literally do nothing, this video helped me realise that and now it's happy days another revelation was the blowing bubbles, so after I take a breath I now keep my mouth a little open under water and blow bubbles out almost like a hum and only take enough air for two comfortable strokes, before I was trying to take too much air and not exhaling all of it and ended up with lot's of co2 in the lungs and out of breath even thou i was taking huge breaths, the blowing bubbles under water fixed that and as I turn i hum a little louder to let more air out and as the arm exits i take a quick breath and by the time the arm is around the shoulder the head is already straight and blowing bubbles another tip is to keep your face in the water but your ears out of the water when you start, yes it will be slower and you will have drag as your legs will sink but it will allow you to take a breath very easy and as you get better you relax your neck and let the head drop more into the water until you get to the point where you can still breath but you head has no tension and it just floats where it wants to which is about 80% in the water
  7. how they give you brown belt ? you must of been here before? I held one for years before giving up mainly because i got sick of pranging with dirty people, moved dojo's around a little and it was all the same, stinky and dirty people left and right and didn't feel comfortable at all, I'm actually thinking of going back as I missed being thrown around but might have to start from scratch ....
  8. nice PR's there too! new low today of 95.2kg and even thou it's not a swim day i seen something on jewtube and wanted to try it in the pool so off I want to the pool and finally got my breathing right! on both sides, did 500m with not much trouble then put the snorkel on and did another 500m at low 1min pace which really tired me out, can't wait to swim again tomorrow changed to 36 sized jeans they are a little loose coming from 38, next is a pair of 34's by the end of the month I should around the 92kg's then I got the whole October to really get into the 87's new target by end of the year is 82kg
  9. the diff hats don't need a lot of kerb to smash them, you'll find out the watts link arms are probably not even bent! glad to see you're back on it and getting it ready for the next iteration!
  10. 95.5kg is the new low ahead of tomorrows weight in, last tuesday was 96kg flat so still on target of half kilo a week i can now run for 2.5km without stopping at 5:30min/km pace which for me is good by the end of the month I should hit 5km at under 6min/km pace, the shoes made the difference for me, no more shin splits at all except once last week the day after a 1800m swim with flippers at about 1min40sec/100m pace, my guess is I was kicking with the fins pretty hard for an hour and it utilised the muscles around the tibia quite heavily, running the next day made me feel the shin pain so I quickly switched to walking 6km instead, after two days pain was one and running was back to normal and no pain got some tri bars fitted to my bike so started doing some intervals on the trainer on them, completely different muscles groups are being used in the TT position which is great because during 3min intervals you can do 3min on the hoods, 3min in the TT and 3 min in the drops and hit all muscles during a workset but with enough time to let each group recover. it looks like I'm still on track for under 90kg by beginning of Nov for the Noosa Triathlon but still not 100% if I will enter the race as I have doubts about my ability to swim 1.5km in the open water but who knows! this tri training has really transformed my exercising habits and weight loss and I'm loving it, lunch time swims are so awesome with the current Brisbane weather .... loving it!
  11. if you're going to do long rides like that then i would suggest you take some spares with you like spare tube (i usually carry 2), levers and mini pump or CO2 canisters as well as masterlink for the chain, water bottles and food is a given on those distances also make sure tire pressures are up to scratch, i bought a floor pump and check pressure every time I go for a ride lately i've moved to GP4000 II and only had one pinch flat in over 1000km, previously I had the Gatorskin and had more flats than I an count, had 3 in one day during a 100km ride! was not very popular with friends that day 50km ride would be around 1000 calories so yeah two of those a week with 2 recovery rides in between will allow you to eat quite a lot of food and still drop weight! edit: took this for a test ride and I think carbon is overrated, this alloy thing is very nice and fast and stiffer than my Reacto
  12. well done! on long rides i normally don't bother with GPS, I just set a timer to remind me every 20min to drink and keep going, when I feel tired i start riding back make sure you go for a very easy 5km ride the next day and by easy I mean around 15km/h with no hills just to spin the legs out, it will hurt a little but it will flush all the junk out and then have a rest day and repeat make sure you keep hydrated and up your salt/potassium intake post ride, some salted peanuts and banana's will do it or you can get some VOOST tablets from colesworth, if I ride more than 40km i drop one in the main water bottle, if under 40km no need unless super hot and you get through 2 bottles Scales this morning said 96kg flat which is on track, did a 5km ride to the pool and 5km ride back and noticed my cycling jersey is a little loose around the arms, belly not as big as before so that put a little smile on, can't wait to crack under 90kg by end of this month
  13. got to 96.5kg this week, hopefully I can hit 96.0kg by Tuesday I started running now so it's going to get much easier to drop weight, can't wait to get under 90KG by end of month!
  14. yeah if you're a pronator then the insoles will feel weird as they will raise your arches and it takes a few km for your legs to adjust, they are good for average weight running, if you're fat like me then the Kayano is better as it has more support
  15. yeah go to store and check size etc. then buy online, sounds shifty but it's your money