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  1. Gravelrash

    Heater/blower fan slow in 3rd speed

    Problem found. replaced the fan speed switch and is now as good as the day it left the factory.
  2. Gravelrash

    Heater/blower fan slow in 3rd speed

    Is the XH fan motor the same? if so what I plan to do is plug the fan in and hold it, if it works on 3 I’ll then start to pull the dash out. though about the dirty switch scenario but I have good voltage on all speeds.
  3. Hello, im chasing a problem I’m having with my XG. the blower fan works on 1,2,3 and 4 speeds, but the fan actually slows down in 3 speed.. I have replaced the fan resistor with several others as well as measuring the resistance in all. All were the same. I have measured voltage and the fan plug and have voltage bar the plug in all 4 speeds. Scratching my head as to where to head next….
  4. Gravelrash

    converting a barra to carb

    i do, but not yet.
  5. Gravelrash

    converting a barra to carb

    I have already done the belt driven dizzy conversion. Came up a treat.
  6. Gravelrash

    Cam thrust plate

    a 250 pre crossflow one will also fit
  7. Gravelrash


    i`ve used Innovate wideband ever since i starting blowing wind through a carby years ago, shit was getting real expensive real fast when your trying to tune under boost constantly breaking pistons and head gaskets.
  8. Gravelrash

    EFI Fuel Rail from XE XF

    fuels that attract moisture. e10, e85, methanol
  9. Gravelrash

    The Mad Scientist Crossflow

    Gerg, with the ecu doing the switching I can configure it to either come on and off 100% or I can stage it like your talking. For example I can say bring in say 25% at 4psi, 50% at 5psi and 100% at 6psi. I can also set up the ecu with a switch to run dual maps. Switch in position 1 could be with e85 injection, switch position 2 can be the same tune but no e85 spray and less timing for when the tank might run dry. Potentially saving an engine. OR switch position 1 can be race map Switch position 2 can be everyday driving.. Possibilities are endless
  10. Gravelrash

    The Mad Scientist Crossflow

    Talking about injecting e85 in a post up further, I thought I would show you what I have been working on lately. It's a 10lt alloy fuel cell (a bit of overkill) an 044 pump, 1/4" hard plastic line to the front and a water/methanol jet tapped into the ls1 throttle body. I was going to use a Hobbs pressure switch to activate the pump, but my mate and I have worked out we can trigger the pump from the Delco ecu. It's a work in progress and not finished yet.
  11. Gravelrash

    pinion flange query

    what model Nissan is it from?
  12. Gravelrash

    Aussie speed inlets

    ahh I see, even better.
  13. Gravelrash

    Aussie speed inlets

    I agree with PRO250. if your planning a blow thru turbo, replace the carby with a throttle body and plumb in 6 injectors. I battled and fought for years with blowing through carbies and could never achieve a happy medium with the tune. Making it worse being a manual too.
  14. uses the same flexplate as mentioned above but you may need the metric bolts from EA onwards.
  15. Gravelrash

    Bob Krogdahl - Twin Cam Crossflow and OHC Falcon heads

    theres a few more pics of the Krogdahl heads and engine on the fb page. Fans of the Ford 6 cylinder crossflow & ohc engine