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    New Motor for Rods Mad Maxy Ute

    Thought I would start a new thread for the motor and the million questions I imagine I will soon be asking. I'll be picking up the bottom end next Wednesday and then start putting the rest of it together. I swapped some bits off my spares ute for a motor that was being put together, and then sold on to my mate when the original builder got sick. So here is what I have as best we know, plus what I have purchased for it. Block is 40thou over and o-ringed (no idea why). Pistons are 8cc jobbies (we think). Crank has been balanced. Crow Cams cam 141550S https://www.crowcams.com.au/ShopbyProduct/tabid/92/ProdID/15317/CatID/317/141550S__FALCON_250_XD_CAM.aspx Crow Cams double row timing gears/chain. New lifters. MSD StreetFire ignition. New leads, spark plugs etc.. I just dropped off a D head to have a tidy up and get a valve job. Nothing fancy. No porting at this stage. I have Crower valve springs and Yella Terra Street Terra roller rockers to fit to it. Extractors and the 2 1/4 exhaust into a sports muffler (no idea what it is) and no cat. I have Redline Torker manifold sitting here as well, but no carby at the moment for it. I have, of course, the OEM manifold and Weber. I was thinking of running a 500 Holley. New water pump and just picked up some EL thermofans. All hooked up to a T5 with a new Exedy HD clutch and I also have a couple of disc brake diffs here I can use to replace my drum diff. I was also going to use the EFI alloy rocker cover. Will this fit ok over the roller rockers? I have two working carby distributors I can pick from, as well as an EFI one. I take it I just stick to the carby dizzy? So that is where I am. I'm sure I have forgotten something, and I am sure I will have a heap of questions when I start putting it together. Parts starting to arrive.
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    Pissing me off

    OK. A good mate came around today, auto electrian, found plug on coil had a pin push back a broken wire on the manual switch. An new dizzy was rooted, so give me a few days itl be running Sent from my ATU-L22 using Tapatalk
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    Plus one for the injectors. I will be going with 1000cc units on mine to future proof it. With the autronic ecu and Ray Hall tuning it I am confident that it will still perform well at idle. I downloaded and printed out a thread from the other forum many years ago when I was thinking of turbo crossflows. It was written by a smart bloke and he recommended 600cc minimum so I am with the fuel being an issue. Same bloke recommended two JIC fittings welded to the factory rail to feed the beast and one in the middle going to a rising rate reg for the return. very simple set up and really bugger all cost. I have seen SARD rising rate regs come up often on Gumtree from unfinished dreams. I'm still not 100% sold on this common idea of return from the rail going to the surge tank - but everyone seems to do it. I will not be doing it on mine as I don't want hot fuel return to the surge/swirl. if you are worried about the engine emptying the surge or the lift pump not providing enough volume to keep the swirl full, then fix that issue. I'd rather have hot, under pressure fuel being released into a larger volume of fuel (at the bottom of the tank so it doesn't aerate) than into a swirl, but each to their own.
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