Triple carb set up's for 250

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There are many triple carb set up's for six cyl 250 ,i have been looking at these weber copies which are meant to be just about as good as the real thing ,and they are only about $200 cheaper than the real thing,does anyone know or used these units before,about $2200 gets you 3 carbs ,manifold,and all the gear to set them up,and about $2700 for the weber deal,also a good thread for these types of set up's,throw your 2c worth of info in.

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On 14/04/2018 at 9:04 PM, Valvebouncer said:

Speak to Rob (Slydog) he has his triples up for sale and he has a lot of experience tuning them.

Im actually keeping em and the NA cyl head now. Im build a 2nd forged bottom end like the current one and just have 2 engine combos to use as I feel.

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On 14/04/2018 at 9:06 PM, CHESTNUTXE said:

i have seen on his ute the tower has been notched to give more air flow yeah ? from the trumpet

Nope...the manifold uses a thick 20mm or so spacer and thick gaskets and to tune em right you need to be able to fit a syncronizer to the carb bell to set em up.

Needed room for that. All this bull shit about space is just that bull shit. Ive seen cars on dynos where you close the bonnet with 5mm above the carb make exactly same hp bonnet open or closed.

As for carbs to use no carb beats the webbers. The fab work involved in the 3 Holleys is too much and they require a serious engine to work. Webers work on stock or race type deals.

Tuning em is sooooooo easy and parts easy to get. 


My vote Webbers for lyf


PS the air box is no faster than just open carb trumpets too. Ive done it waaaaaay too many times to be wrong. On the street it may be better  but my deal no way.

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