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  1. Hi all. Can anyone tell me if C4 internals fit into a C10 case?????? cheers
  2. XFtoXE

    Distributor module

    This sounds good any body used one? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ELECTRONIC-DISTRIBUTOR-FITS-FORD-FALCON-XE-6-CYL-3-3L-4-1L-1982-1984-DISSY/223241696922?
  3. XFtoXE

    Distributor module

    Mine is a solid state ignition which would be the pre EST distributor Is this the part I need? By the way thanks for the help
  4. XFtoXE

    Distributor module

    I think my jigger only has 2 wires. I obviously dont know much distributors hall effect jiggers and now pips. I took it out and dismantled it and their is a lot of play in the shaft so its off to the wreckers. Choke is good thanks chestnut
  5. XFtoXE

    Distributor module

    Yea changed the coil as I thought that would be the problem But still the same as soon as it reaches 90 degrees (on my gauge) it stops dead and wont start again. So I will pull the dizzy and check out sparky dave idea The hall effect sensors is that the stator?
  6. XFtoXE

    Distributor module

    Thanks deankdx. This could be the reason my ute dies as soon as it warms up.
  7. XFtoXE

    Distributor module

    Hi all. I have a quick question. What type of grease do you put between the module and the distributor, and why? cheers
  8. XFtoXE

    brake booster

    Thanks jca4 I have since bought a second hand one which works ok but would still like to rebuild the original one. So I will check some brake shops and let you know how i go.
  9. XFtoXE

    brake booster

    Hello all Does anyone know where I can buy a brake booster repair kit VH395 for a XE. 2 diaphragms and 2 seals. Part numbers: VH2579 VH2580 VH2581 VH2582 Cheers.
  10. XFtoXE

    Brake booster VH356

    Thanks guys most appreciated.
  11. Quick question. Does a brake booster VH356 off a XC fit a XE? Any answers appreciated.
  12. XFtoXE

    Exhaust bypas

    Hi guys I recently acquired a AU ute with the 260 boss motor and sounded fantastic but for a RWC I had to put a resonator on to quieten it down. Now you can hardly here it. So I'm asking has any one used one of these exhaust bypass systems and are they any good? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3-Inch-Electric-valve-Performance-Exhaust-Cut-out-Bypass-Cat-Back-Remote-Control/152609647014?hash=item23883e69a6%3Ag%3AgngAAOSw4A5Yz0ex&_sacat=0&_nkw=exhaust+bypass+3+inch&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313&LH_TitleDesc=0
  13. XFtoXE

    Brake booster

    Looking forward to this tutorial but where do you buy the diaphragms.
  14. XFtoXE

    Brake booster

    Hi all Need some help with a brake booster out of a XE. I don't want to spend $400+ on a refurbished one, so i'm after a kit with the diaphragms but can't find anyone that sells them. Does anybody know where to find one. If not is there a later model booster that will fit for example XF or later. Any help appreciated. Peter.
  15. Well for $28 the Pedders check was good value. Turned out to be the LH eye bolt was loose, and they tightened it for FREE. But the rest of the check ranging from adjusting wheel bearings $40 to various worn bushes added up to more than the ute is worth. Cheers and thanks again.