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  1. Speaking of pipework. I just whipped this up at lunchtime for an afternoon session with a few mates
  2. The plasma stream is shaped like this () If the torch has the right amperage consumables and they're newish and is set to the right height then the cut is right in the middle, it's perfect. Torch too high, worn consumables, cut is like you describe. Too low is better but risky as it crashes more then it's worse lol The whole plate heats up as you cut too which can affect the quality. Plasma tolerance is +/- 1-2mm I've operated a laser and it's the ducks nuts! tolerance 0.3mm! I also want a 5 axis cnc mill. dreams are free!
  3. Welding is both a skill and an art. This is what I do at work and then somebody else welds the pieces back together. I can cut up to 32mm G350 steel with the plasma and up to 150mm thick with the LPG/OXY. What I really want is a laser!
  4. No, you sounded like a bell end by saying bell end...haha, just kidding, thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  5. Fair point. Eventually the ones who deal in crap, dangerous, inferior products are found out but usually it's too late for some of their customers which is shit & feedback is supposed to be an indicator of carachter but you're right, it isn't a magic bullet. Sometimes it's our own fault that we try to save a few bucks but put ourselves & Families at risk by buying/using the cheapest whatever it is. No-one can excuse someone for knowingly selling dangerous parts though eh and those sellers need to be seriously held accountable & dealt with.
  6. I've dealt withthat seller before. Nrap. Pretty good to deal with & in fact I received WASP parts from them. 100% positive feedback over 29000 trades, lists his phone number and email. Gives a 3yr 60000k warranty.......can't go wrong really mate. I think it's the parts that 'suzukisuper' sells that are shocking.
  7. I've got a set but haven't fitted them yet because I replaced the ball joints less than 5000km ago. They look & feel the goods, doubt they'll split like the rubber ones do. I'd say go for it.
  8. Are you talking about the anodised aluminium trim on the outside of the window? Or the plastic trim on the inside? If it's the former then it's a press fit & it should pop off by levering very carefully from one end.
  9. Here's 1 of them
  10. I used that black window sealant mastic because it stays fllexible & it's the right colour
  11. I put these in my XF Pano front doors. Had to make a join but that was easy to glue & hide near the door hinge.
  12. $80 a pair on evilbay + postage. AUD too so that's about $367kiwi lol. Worth it though! Did you get a washer bottle yet?
  13. Haha yep, we have a Summmer. Average high temp of ~25 but if you're going to come over then, go to the Sth Island. Down south around Marlborough sounds and Southern Alps is some of the most beautiful scenery you'll ever see. Nth Island, places like Taupo where I live are also pretty stunning. Skip the beaches as Australia has that covered much better. It's gorgeous here today. -2 again last night & we'll see a lofty high of probably 12 today. I'll host you if you do get here. Thanks for your advice on the repair. While it was a bitch to do, I'm glad I did. Much happier oil pump now. Next weekend I'm going to drop the tranny pan & replace the fluid & filters. I'm pretty sure it's got non type F fluid in there now. Stay tuned, could be another learning curve coming up!
  14. My old XF Pano had a rusted out cover in the plenum. It's the one that opens / shuts with the recirc/fresh vent control. If like Mr Polson says, that cover is stuck open or non existant that could be it. Mine was the drivers side so I could snake my arm up past the steering column up under the dash & grab handfulls of rust, but passengers side access is a lot trickier.
  15. Typed up a review of my sump removal experience but had to wait a few hours to post it. Glad we're back up & running