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    Blown Crossy.

    Have you seen Tas Tuneds work? Home made manifold, albeit this is for his drag car, but still.
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    Blown Crossy.

    Had a great day yesterday. The FPV club organised a run up to Bathurst with some laps round the Mount. BBQ up the top, raffle etc.. All proceeds to Beyond Blue. They had 70 cars last year but opened it up to all Fords this year and well over 150 or so rocked up. Lots of modern stuff of course, but a few from XF back. I got sweet FA in the way of photos, but can throw some up later. Lots of modern Barras with some fucking HUGE turbos. Like sucking small children and low flying birds in and spitting them out the back huge turbos! Lots of modern V8s as well and the sweet sweet older V8s which just look great. And of course my old girl, who stood out like dogs balls. So because I'm a subtle sort of chap and I like different. I am 99.9% wanting to jam a big old school blower on the side of a Crossflow and stick it out the bonnet,,,,,,, just 'cause. I know there are easier cheaper ways to make power, but I don'r care. The other .01% of me wants to go the Triple Weber route,,,,, but you know, Dude, Blower hanging out of left side of bonnet! Hunting down another 4.1 to do this to, so I can keep driving with the original motor and box whilst collecting bits and putting it together. I'll be looking for a better box to put behind it as well. I've got a disc brake diff from an XE V8 panel van sitting here I can use as well. I have seen bits and pieces in other threads where this is touched on, but if anyone has any experience with doing this please feel free to post it here. I'm a blank slate with this and have no ego about being told what will or won't work.
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    302c fueling issue??

    be surprised if it's got an issue with a 40A alternator, depends what's being run off it i guess though
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    Blown Crossy.

    Want this for my fe ltd ,, i have not seen anyone do one of the capa blowers as you see on later motors ,, retro fitted to a crossflow ,,, under the bonnet , hidden away
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    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    Ok my handling is up there, but very modified to make it handle. Brakes though are stock. They work fine, but when I was coming down the back of Mt Beauty in April, I ran out of brakes at the bottom of the road lol. Thankfully there was no cars coming so i could just roll through the T intersection
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    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    A 120Y will do something similar, however the handling and braking are not in the same league.
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