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    McDonald bros sell a double adjustable bolt in coil over for under $1000. Well only just barely under and few years back but after doing a couple DC events and many street miles can reccomend them as a option. Takes longer to remove the old shit than it does to install the new stuff. And setting em up is different to what most think. But each car is wanting its own set up as per driver style wants needs and use.
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    Yep, the clevo's cooling system is unique in that it requires circulation through the system when cold (due to the low position of the thermostat). Most systems just dead-head the flow and rely on the fact that the thermostat is at the highest point in the engine (ie inlet manifold on a Windsor). The clevo's heads are actually higher than the thermostat so the hottest point will be there if there is no flow. If there was no bypass, the heat would take too long to reach the thermostat to open it. It needs that "foot" or plug (which moves with the thermostat) to allow coolant to bypass back into the water pump when cold, but then plug that bypass when the engine is warm, sendng coolant only through the radiator. If you don't have that plug on the base of the thermostat, there is only a percentage of coolant getting to the radiator, the rest is just doing laps around your engine. Sent from my CPH1607 using Tapatalk
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    Mate, that thermostat is totally wrong for a Cleveland V8. Looking at the Tridon specs - it does not have a bypass/block-off foot. Without the foot, it will make a Clevo run HOT. Yes, I'd also get the radiator opened up and sussed out internally - if it's a copper/brass tank sort. They prolly can't open up an Ally radiator very easily. BUT get the correct thermostat, and try that first. Tridon TT2023 or Dayco DT66A/333-180 Thermostats - should both have the Clevo foot. Post up a pic, when you get one. Edit - running no thermostat in a Clevo, will ALSO make it run hot, cause there is nothing to block the radiator bypass port.
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    XR-XF Falcon Coil Over Conversion kit

    if the coil overs themselves are Viking? that's what slydog and @BGDAV have i think. the control arm kit looks good, as the Global west arms are dear with exchange rate from usa plus tax
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    Also keep in mind, that Clevo's do not seem to like Twin Thermo-fans. To keep a Clevo adequately cool at idle/low speeds, you must run either the factory engine fan, or a big single thermo fan, in the center of the radiator. Start with that thermostat though. Make sure they send you the correct one in the packet!
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