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  1. I currently have filter out the bonnet I like the look for blower hanging out thats why Ive chosen this avenue. I will be getting alloy heads and doing cam but want to work out whats the best blower option for what im looking for to work out what compression ratio I need to work everything out
  2. Hey Boys, I currently have a 351 cleveland mild build. It has a stock bottom end, mild cam, cast iron 2v heads and a 650 holley. Ive made 343hp at the wheels with a 4 speed top loader and 4:11 diff gears in a 1985 falcon. I am thinking of putting a blower on top to gain some extra hp but nothing to crazy. The end result I would like 400hp at the wheels as a nice tough street cruiser. I will be freshening up the bottom end but will be still stock as I would only run low boost. Wondering to go 671 or like a small weiand 174. Has anyone done a build similar they could push me in the right direction any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hey boys, so last year my rear main seal leaked on my 351c. I replaced the seal and all sweet until now, it has started leaking again. It is a 2 part seal and many people have told me that they are a shit rear main and the better option would be to machine in a full piece rear main seal. Now I understand that the best person to talk to would be the engine machinist but I have one and would like some info before i start asking around so I have and idea what the go is. So the question I have is what is it called or do I ask for to disassemble the entire engine and machine without taking to much of the block away as I just want to clean it all up? The main bearings are 0.1 so has been machined before but dont want to go to much is there such a thing what I am saying? Also can all 351c blocks machine a full piece seal if not whats the next best thing? Finally I am in Sydney, NSW could anyone recommend a machine shop who knows 351c well? as I have never needed a machinist before. Sorry they are pretty silly questions but doing my reasearh and not coming up with much. Any help would be greatly appreciated cheers.
  4. hey boys just wondering what diff oil everyone recommends to suit a 9inch 4:11 full spool and are any additives required? its only a mildly worked street car. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. hey boys so finally got a chance to pull it apart at cunts fucked. The axles are good but the gears and centre need to be replaced. The question i have are all 9 inch diff centres compatible with each other? the 9 inch i have is at xy drum brake and i have found a couple complete centres on the net but not to sure if they work with each other. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. hey boys sorry taking long time to do all this just not enough hours in the day between work and the race car 😂😂 the oil is brown i recently got the box all new gaskets put on and front and rear seals fixed so whatever is leaking must be engine unfortunately i put in stop leak but i done my diff worst luck how long does the stop leak take to kick in?
  7. to easy boys thanks for all your help i think ill give the sideways jack a go as i have plenty of room on the passenger side to go if i think its unsafe ill roll her out on the driveway then toilet roll her back in
  8. you mean kind of like a toilet roll of both axles to they stay in line?
  9. yeah problem is that theres a step on getting out of the garage and its not big only about 20mm but will affect trolley jack getting in and out its a 9inch diff was going to pull the centre out and work out what wrong and probs get another centre made up possible you reckon trolley jack from the centre of the diff and slowly move it to the left or to risky itll come off?
  10. yeah the oils coming from the front of the trans fixed the rocker cover leak but still has a slight drip when car is warm any ideas could it be the box?
  11. hey boys in a bit of a situation so ive blown something in my diff not 100% sure what it is yet but a quarter of my centre blew out now the problem is that my garage is pretty tight and i cant get to the drivers side axle to pull it out to get the centre out. Is it possible that if i roll the car out of the garage pull axles out and the centre that put the axles back in bolt them up wheels on and roll it back in the garage? will it damage axles or anything else if i do this? if so any other options?
  12. Hey guys inspected the car today, the leak has stopped and oil is still full so not to major of a leak. Following the leak up its coming from the passenger side rocker cover so i will replace the gaskets try get rubber ones and silcone them to stop the leak. If it continues to leak ill jack the car up while the leak is happening to trace it in the act. Thanks for all your help boys much appreciated.
  13. hey boys i have a 351 cleveland in my 85 xf which recently had a rear main seal leak on. I replaced the rear main put it all back together took it for a 20min thrash yestreday all was well with no leaks. Then tonight i took it for a steady hour just cruising along to check everything was ok. When i got home checked under the car there was an oil drip from the front of the bellhousing guard plate (same a rear main) and another was from passenger side extractor (something ontop dripping on the extractor). They were both dripping roughly a drip a minute. The car was still hot and i was slightly pissed off to jack her up to investigate. Tomorrow when i jack her up to have a look do you have any suggestions as to where the leaks are coming from? any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. sweet as thanks for all your help guys
  15. sweet thank you