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Hey boys been doing some research on prochargering my 351c. I got in touch with a company called torqstorm they are based in america but have a kit to suit 351c and ive spoken to them through email and they have given some awesome pointers.


Im just wondering if anyone has used a kit from them before? http://www.torqstorm.com/ford_351_cleveland_supercharger_kit.html castlemaine rod shop also sells the exact kit. 


Has anyone one done a 351c procharger build on here what other kits have you used or recommend? 

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Slydog your just the man I need to talk to then :)


How did you work out which procharger was best for your build? And you did all custom pipe work? 


I am chasing not aiming for massive hp just wanting a tough street car. So from my research ive worked out comp ratio 9:1, 650cfm blow thru carb, XE274-114 cam and 2v alloy heads to keep it cooler. 


Am I on the right track? Anything else major ive missed?

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Mine hasn't been run yet and TBH alot of it done thru ideas alot don't agree with but it hasn't affected me before just offended some. 

I did the pipe work yes. And its out of exhaust pipe which most say should be ally but that would mean more joiners and or welding which Im not set up to do at home yet. I can weld ally with my mig but I only have thick wire which isn'tgood for thin pipe.


Sizing is based on na engine out put and target hp. So as my car showed a true weight shifted 450ish hp I had 3 blowers in my range and I found 1 cheap 2nd hand at the same time. 


Camshaft depends on target and use again and as I want to make around the 550-600 mark (add 150hp safely to your na mark boosted) to run good et's. So im using 658 lift and 264@50duration on unspecified lobe sep with a solid roller by Marshall Custom Cams.


Comp is 11.2 and fired by a MS3 ecu coil on plug via LS coils and burning E85.


Mine is stock with ally head and you can run more comp on ally head deal over iron without detonation issues.You build a ProCharged engine like a NA deal really but if you want it to go you have to rev em and fit pulleys to suit with a solid tune.


So ill be aiming for around 15psi but as I have a very well ported cyl head that shows less boost under pressure but makes better hp and is more efficient It will prob be a lower number?



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Ok sweet thanks for that info helps alot giving me another perspective for the build.


I am hands on and do as much as I can myself but I can weld hence the option of the complete kit with piping. So inwas going to take engine to machinist to freshen up bottom end, dial in cam then bring it home do the rest then mechanics for tune when running. I am chasing 450-500hp so not crazy power.


Just asking for your opinion you reckon ill achieve my goals with that kit? Or I should scratch that idea and do a custom set up like the direction your going?

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