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Jed Cheyne

Will 295x50 r15 tyres fit on a stock XH falcon rear end?

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Hey guys. hoping for some help here....


I am interested in putting some Cragar soft 8 wheels on my XH falcon ute. 


What I want to know is, has anyone fitted 295x50R15 tyres to 15x10 inch wheels on the back of a standard XH, and what offset/backspacing was required to make them fit?


I don't have an issue with guard rolling and spacers to make them fit. As a disclaimer, I understand all the semantics about police attention, and legalities and all that bull shit, and right now it doesn't concern me. I just want to know what will and wont fit, and how people who have made it fit have achieved it, so I can make a decision without forking out a tonne for wheels and tyres. 


In case it's relevant, I want to put 15x8's on the front with 245/255x60 tyres.


Also, I live in cairns, so if anyone knows of a local shop here that I should check out, I'd love to go and see a local shop instead of buying stuff from the sates.


I appreciate any help anyone can give, ESPECIALLY pictures, particularly of suspension componentry and inner guard clearances with those sized wheels and tyres fitted.


Cheers to anyone who helps!!!! :)

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No they will not fit under the car...and you prob shouldn't put a 295 on a 10" rim either as it allow or make the tyre wallow around.


Need to shorten the diff and buy correct off set rims to suit and perhaps modify the inner wheel tubs so you can run tyre all the way to the rail.I only shortened my diff around 140mm over all from memory and I can fit a 325 tyre under there if I want.


Perhaps talk to Tonys Metal & Speed up there...find him on FB or maybe he will pop in here :)

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Couldn't get em under mine...sat on the guard edge not inside the stock tub. A 295 is a BIG tyre even in a 50 profile there like 27-28" tall which fills the guards not only in width but height aswell. Makes run closer to the dog leg in front aswell as the upper rear edge. The Hill billy jacked up look is not under the car, its on the car. Plus it takes a ALOT of engine to warrant a 295 tyre...   


Just saying :)     

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I could smash them under an xb ute, i reckon i could get them under an xdefgh.


Please do,then lower the car over the tyres cos it would look serious.


P.S 295x50x15 on a Weld draglite 15x12 with 6.5"backspace




There a BIG tyre man...



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