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  1. xfish

    3:45 VS 4:11

    Cheers ! I'll check on the high stall requirements....... Though, by changing the diff gears.........will I have any ECU issues? ( erratic gear changes ) or some other electrical issue?
  2. hEY GUYS , Im wanting a bit more launch power in my el xr8 ( 4 speed auto ), and it has the factory diff with the ratio 3:45. My question is if I change it to 4:11 ratio...can it mount in the original diff or is something more needed?
  3. Hey guys. I was just going through the 'max ellery repair book 94 - 98', and noticed there are several different sized fuel tanks foe EFs to ELs. ( page 258 ) standard size - 68 litre fairmont, ghia, fairlane, ltd ( v8 ) 80 litre Station wagons 72 litre and optional 85 litre tank for sedans. I have never pulled my tank out, nor have I seen one loose. I would expect that somewhere on the tank it will tell its capacity or am I wrong? Has anybody ever come across the 85 litre tank for a sedan?
  4. xfish

    Where is it hidden?

    nope , I didnt find or fix the problem. I've just pulled the bulb
  5. I've been wondering why my battery is a bit flat after sitting 2 days in the garage and just discovered by boot light in a EL xr8 ( 98 ) is staying on. I've searched for the switch around the hinges and cant locate it......where is it hidden? Also, while in the boot, will a amp bracket from an NL fit into the EL? My current amp is mounted under the parcel shelf and hope to relocate it to above the rear wheel arch use the bracket from the NL to hide the amp.....
  6. It's is a solid bracket, and cant be maneuvered. I will just have to grind very gently, and no doubt, it will take several attempts to get it right.Cause as it stands, the alt bracket sits perfectly in the XD alt bracket, and I could only fit 1 copper washer at the back in there to take up the slack. cheers
  7. yeah, thats a great idea. I'd have to grind the front of the bracket and add washers to the back to push it forward..... cheers
  8. ok, so the alternator is all bolted and strapped in, i ran an earth to the block from the alt( though I'm confident that i didnt need to, but did anyway ), and the alt charges at 14:68 and 14:58 at the battery in the boot. The volt guage ( xf ghia ) sits 7-9 bar, where before it would sit between 4 -6 , and my speco volt guage is just above 14 volt. And as suspected, the battery light is on, so i will need to pull the bulb. The only issue, is the alt pulley dosent line up perfectly with the water pump pulley. It's not dead straight as it use to be. The alt mount is bolted perfectly, and I cant pull the alt back any further than it is. To be dead straight, the alt would have to go back a maximum of 5mm . I've revved the car passed 3500 rpm and i havent slipped the belt. Honestly, i dont think this is a problem but if i start breaking/jumping belts, I will have to re-visit on how to do this.
  9. xfish

    One wire alternator

  10. xfish

    One wire alternator

    Yes, thats how my set-up is. And worse case scenario, is that if it isn't earthed right, the alternator wont charge?
  11. xfish

    One wire alternator

    Hey guys, We are ready to mount my 140amp ( one wire alternator )on to my XF (250 crossflow), and have come into a conundrum. The instructions state that the alternator has to be earth, but have seen instances where it has not been earthed. Can some inform me of why it can work 'not being earthed' and 'being earthed'?
  12. xfish

    Cutting the water pump on 250 crossflow

    good call....cheers
  13. Hey guys, I've attached a set of dual thermo fans to my 250 crossflow ( years ago ), and have always been hindered by the shaft of the water pump that the original fan was mounted to, because it makes the removal of the thermo fans a pain in the ass. Is it possible to cut off the thread/shaft ( because it's redundant without viscous fan )on the water pump without causing damage to the water pump?
  14. just before i get around to attaching this alternator, why would i have to earth the alternator to the block? Cause right now, i have the factory set-up on the XF, with the 3 wire set-up and have recently added a 8mm charging wire in place of the original set-up. cause right now, i have a earthing strap between the block to the chaise.
  15. Cheers......and i guess worse case scenario....if the battery light stays on, i can just remove the bulb from the dash