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  1. Sacko7

    V8 into 6

    This place is unbelievable for help and advice, thanks guys and keep it coming Sacko7
  2. Sacko7

    V8 into 6

    Thanks Xfish excuse my ignorance but do you change coil springs and brakes etc and di they change OK
  3. Sacko7

    V8 into 6

    Hi all, New to the forum and have some questions I need help with. I have a 1984 XE sedan, 4.1 auto and I am converting to a V8. I have been told that once conversion done a RWC and a view by Vic Roads should suffice. Now my questions, I have purchased a 1984 LTD, 351 complete, I have done this as I believe that a lot of the 6 cylinder components will be no good for a V8, I am replacing radiator, water pump hoses etc with new. I know I will have to shorten the tail shaft as the LTD is a longer car. Would the LTD have an LSD? I know it is not a 9inch. The LTD has leaf springs and the XE has coil on the rear, the XE has drums on the rear, What is the best way to get the LTD diff and discs on to the XE? Should I run with leaf or coil on the rear or is it too hard to swap ? Someone told me that an E series diff is what I need out of something like an EB XR6, Is this correct and will it change straight over or what needs to be changed? Any help or advice appreciated. The LTD was paddock ridden and has heaps of rust and interior is very ordinary but the XE is rust free and repainted, nice low ride with a Fairmont interior, that is why I am not pursuing the LTD. All other parts including interior less centre console on LTD is available to anyone interested, door and window trims appear good. Any other ideas or items I should be aware of please let me knowRegardsSacko7