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  1. Speaking of bearings, i'd suggest carrying a whole spare hub setup. I had a hub and wheel come off my enclosed racecar trailer last week about 100km ararat side of ballarat in the middle of nowhere. Luckily I had a full hub setup that could go back on even though the stub was damaged from dragging on the ground. In the end by the time i cut all the old bearing off and filed up the thread to get the nut to screw on it took me around 4 hours but at least I got moving again. Otherwise I would have had to leave it there and drive at least an hour each way to go buy a hub. For the sake of carrying a $50 spare part it is great peace of mind.
  2. Yep i'd be bringing it forward. I always load mine against the front cross bar which would be in a similar spot to yours and it tows everything mint, have had 4wds on it and all. Bonus is you have something to tie against rather than relying solely on straps.
  3. The next year after the one thats coming up Yeah still red at the moment, got another roll of vinyl to go on it when i get motivated. It's still in hundreds of pieces getting the turbo conversion done.
  4. I can't make this one at all unfortunately. Next year I hope
  5. Oooooh yeah!
  6. Pink
  7. whatd the brake conversion set you back if you dont mind me asking? Probably need to do similar to my XF
  8. Yeah nice, my old man has raced since i was a young kid and i've definitely grown up around it. Hes heavily involved in the scrutineering side and is head tech rep for vic currently. Stockys are the best class mate, so competitive and close racing its mint.
  9. Only just seen this thread, love that you're getting your daughter into it so early, plenty of young guns in speedway thats for sure! I started out in juniors as a 13/14 year old in a Datto, have now progressed into street stocks and my younger sister had a go in a datsun as well for 3 years and she's just turned 18 so moved up outta juniors. Definitely teaches them some driving skills!
  10. Can see it but cant reply.
  11. Maybe its just me then, but i just looked at the first 10 threads and i dont have a reply box for any of them. There's been a few that Dave has replied to but hes part of the admin team.
  12. All the events threads cant be commented on by members, only people in the moderator/admin team im pretty sure
  13. Been meaning to go down and have a skid in one, something ya just gotta tick off the list.
  14. I stitch weld all my racecars, makes a huge difference. As Ando said leave even gaps and they'll be fine.
  15. Some of the vote yes campaigns are the stupidest things i've seen for a while. Everyone is entitled to an opinion as long as its the same as the majority, right?