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  1. Correct me if im wrong but thats how the bar mounts isnt it? I looked at doing that to mine a while back and ended up cutting off the tow hitch instead.
  2. Campo

    DECENT 14 inch Tyres

    Those maxxis' that were linked previously aren't too bad of a tyre.
  3. Campo

    Thom's 4.0l thread

    They are yes. You might be able to get it to bolt up but the injectors are different so youd have to use whichever injectors suit the rail.
  4. Campo


    I'd go superpro poly in everything haha. Worth putting up with the minor increase in harshness for the far superior handling characteristics.
  5. Barra is a piece of piss conversion but yeah that one is a bit on the pricy side for the initial buy
  6. Campo

    Fibreglass X-Falcon panels

    Alfa is the go. And one of our fellow forum members works there so even better.
  7. Campo

    Give me a shopping list - XG turbo ute

    Yep use the ignition setup off your current donk, it'll go straight in. Then burn the coil packs and throw them in the bin, shit things they are!
  8. Campo

    The Mad Scientist Crossflow

    Somewhere that can bend 10mm rod lol
  9. Campo

    which 4.0l engines will fit xh ute ?

    Ahh yep that's right. Just drop it in with no mods then
  10. Campo

    which 4.0l engines will fit xh ute ?

    If xg has the ef/el k frame you'll have to either notch the k frame or cut the front of the sump on a 45.
  11. Campo

    barra in xf extractor questions

    Yep just don't get the competition ones (paceys) standard pacemakers and genie ones fit better than crossflow ones do haha
  12. Campo

    EB lsd to XF.

    I didn't need anything to adapt them on mine
  13. Campo

    4 litre sump

    Engine out or k frame out. Both are a shit job haha
  14. Campo

    OHC block corrosion

    I don't think it'd be a problem looking at my mental image of a gasket
  15. Campo

    Paint Protection Film

    Ahhh the thing I hate most about being a signwriter, adhesive removal! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk