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  1. Race day! Good luck to her (and you watching :P)
  2. Looks good mate, simple but effective
  3. Bad enough in Melb today, but seen a few videos of Tas, hope everyone is staying safe.
  4. Haha yeah i've smelt those ones too...
  5. Yeah I've seen it. Was more than that but thats not the point im making. It's the fact that this stuff only gets checked at titles so people run around all year doing what they want because they know they can get away with it. I know theres a big time constraint and you cant check everything every week but some of the real obvious stuff gets missed all the time.
  6. Can have as much power as you like its still gotta go through the same size tyre. Personally I think the manifolds and stuff need to be looked at better/more often on the later model cars.
  7. It is if the engine is built and/or tuned accordingly
  8. For what reason??
  9. Love that colour
  10. Think so, not too sure. If you can't afford the $60 a year to pay the rego you may have other concerns haha
  11. 3 and 6 month rego is available in vic now too
  12. Yeah fair enough i suppose you dont really crash them much. I've got a spedway background and have seen how much belts can stretch in an impact thats all thats throwing me off that idea.
  13. Nice progress mate. Does the harness mount all the way back at the firewall? Is that where they normally are in this sort of car?
  14. I've used it on a tank that was full of E85. Supposedly it was resistant to the E85 but after about 6 months it ate it all away and blocked filters/pumps
  15. That'll stand out!! Just white signs on top or whats the plan in that respect?