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    photographic memory of every x series problem i had

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  1. deankdx

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    just wanted to see if i could right click "open in new tab" then "copy image address" and paste here.. looks like it cool photos, is that a tacho/clock that micronta thing
  2. deankdx

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    awesome! good fuel economy for one of those things, and good bodge job on the water pump/fan etc. pics aren't working for Me at the moment though
  3. deankdx


    grease with bits of tissue/rags etc i've needed for some, the grease pushed through the ball race until blocked with other gunk
  4. deankdx

    Boingk's F250 4x4

    jerrry can, multi meter, spare battery, jumper leads, jack, tie wire, zip ties, duct tape, decent torch, drinking water, snacks..
  5. deankdx

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    get Mark to make the 4 speed tunnel section a bolt in piece? like the pre XF had. whats done underneath? surely wouldn't be too hard to fab up a 4 speed mount later using the 5 speed pick up points(won't be original anymore, but surely it's a tasteful mod)
  6. deankdx

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    making good progress, at least for the effort and heart ache it will be better than it was.
  7. deankdx

    Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

    that's the main reason i didn't buy a gemini coupe.. not practical for me, not worth the extra cost to me tied up either.
  8. deankdx

    Mystery rear main seal size

    86DA one is the smaller one, it should fit. did it have one in it?
  9. deankdx

    Xf Steering Coupling

    i would recommend staying away from suzuki super seller on ebay after My issues with dangerous tie rods. the last one i bought was a repco one. but i'd go with TRW if they even exist anymore be sure to make sure it's for power steering (or manual if it's its non power steering as they are different)
  10. deankdx

    Xd aircon

    i had to look that up... click if needed but yeah, if the air con doesn't work... but you don't turn it on.. then who's to say it doesn't work, just not switched on?
  11. deankdx

    Xf Steering Coupling

    they'll most likely just be very tight. i've never sprayed mine(but they've never had rust on them... would definitely spray CRC etc or oil if there's surface rust present) just have your wheeties in the morning, get GOOD fitting spanners and wear gloves if you need skin on your knuckles
  12. deankdx

    Xd aircon

    i was going ok with the text .. saw the diagrams and went.. scratch that, I turn the switch on and cold air comes out..
  13. deankdx

    Xf Steering Coupling

    i think they are 9/16 and 1/2 inch....don't think they are metric,, the way i've always done them is put one spanner on the bolt side, and the other on the nut side and squeeze them together ring spanners work best
  14. deankdx

    water in cabin

    good to know, wish they were all this simple
  15. deankdx

    Xf Steering Coupling

    if you remove from the inside, the self tapper screws you can see(3/8 or 10mm heads on them i think) it will save your knuckles from being cut to pieces when the spanner slips.. well worth the extra 5 minutes