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  1. deankdx

    Xg doors.

    i take one hinge off at a time, with the door closed. by removing the panel inside the front gaurd(the dirt catcher that rusts the sill and mudguard.) there will be redbacks in there if anything like here.. probably up in the springs area also.. go to town with the flyspray an hour before and again when the panel is removed(straighten 2 bent over tabs and then it just comes out with a bit of a jiggle) 13mm bolts on the hinge, and if you are unlucky.. torx bits on the door part.. these usually won't come undone so try them first. if you don't have a torx bit tool, or cant get them undone, the other method is to unbolt both hinges from the A pillar behind the guard and then remove the whole door with hinges attached . then remove pins and change bushes and refit.. you'll then have the joy of refitting the door .. (replace the word joy with the word pain. it's not that hard, but it's harder than one hinge at a time if the bolts can come undone)
  2. deankdx

    1976 F100 tow pig aka MATER

    they've been around for 20+ years, the one that was fitted to the car i considered buying was $400(was a 1fz? i think landcruiser) "copy of msd unit? " here for 33pounds https://www.customcruisers.com/contents/en-uk/p13141_msd-dual-curve-40672-lpg-cng-maf-timing-advance-unit-for-propane-redoes-timing.html?fbclid=IwAR1E4AHFllCq3Vr3eFofBLmxj4AOOda2L9CVR-AH3-vUmObxyeO-Pe9VU8A
  3. deankdx

    Health, Fitness, Weight(fat) loss etc

    i've been pretty good, i don't do easter.. so no chocolate or whatever.. i'm more inclined to have a 4 day nap. i didn't ride yesterday because it rained when i was planning to go.. good excuse not. My winter rule is if i can't ride i will be doing weights. i did consider it yesterday but figured i better start the weights when i'm not tired.. don't need an injury(put my back out once just lifting a dish out of the dish washer due to being half asleep in the morning) weight is at least steady, i can improve the food still and i need to step up to doing weights to get any progress.
  4. deankdx

    1976 F100 tow pig aka MATER

    there is a dual curve box i've seen available, maybe from PEEL or similar it probably could be tapped into this dizzy like an MSD can.. but its getting up up and away from simple and "stock" (dollars and sense issues) there's a graph on this link showing the range(gas seems very forgiving i've found, but the ideal would also be like petrol needing quality fuel) https://www.rasoenterprises.com/propane/33-ignition/63-dual-fuel-advance-curve
  5. deankdx

    Hendrixhc's Long Term XCGS Project!

    good progress! what glue stuff did you end up using to bond it?
  6. deankdx

    The completely off topic thread

    The Rookie was an awesome movie
  7. deankdx

    1976 F100 tow pig aka MATER

    yeah usually on dual fuel you just crank up the "petrol dizzy" for more initial advance, but ideally you still need the same total so you can't go too far. the "gas" graphed dizzys have less mechanical advance i think, so you just crank up the initial and total is same. i suspect if you flick to petrol in this tune(would need to be 98 at min) it may not want to crank over(timing too far advanced symptom) time will tell. But will update any findings. Dave doesn't want to spend money on the gas dissy unless needed because this engine may find it's way into the XB and if so will be EFI converted..
  8. deankdx

    1976 F100 tow pig aka MATER

    Thursday should be the next "session" on this thing. Gerg mentioned the wires on the chip might be backwards and someone on facebook said same.(this dissy wasn't the one that was originally working with this engine so someone might have messed with the wires?) i'll do the TDC with straw, but being a new balancer i'll be surprised if it's out. i will swap in the original dizzy to see if it makes any difference, but this was changed for similar reasons. i'll move the current dizzy 1 more tooth advanced, and TRY to get the timing light to show the correct spot after i swap the polarity on the chip as gerg mentioned. i can get another dizzy that's graphed for lpg, but not sure how well petrol would go with it on dual fuel?
  9. not My build, but i've been following this guy's car projects for years. if you like some WTF how does that work builds.. check this bike out @Panko might like this one
  10. deankdx

    The completely off topic thread

    just flipped over for a sec, Charlie Sheen is in it.. ha.. didn't think of him as an "action" actor
  11. deankdx

    Hendrixhc's Long Term XCGS Project!

    pics not loading
  12. deankdx

    The completely off topic thread

    if you have nothing better to watch tonight... it's not bad, no brain required at all Movie: The Last Boy Scout Saturday 20th April at 11:00 pm (120 minutes) Somewhere in Los Angeles, a stripper is murdered. Now the private detective she had hired and her ex-footballer boyfriend are going to find her muderer ... if they don't kill each other first. Actors/Presenters: Bruce Willis, Damon Wayans, Halle Berry, Chelsea Field, Noble Willingham AV 1991, USA, Repeat, CC, Drama, Action
  13. deankdx

    The completely off topic thread

    BA BOSS XE FALCON .. still unfinished, but ... not forgotten. i bumped the thread a year on, and got an update.. for all those interested in Austen Powers man of amazing stuff.. click below(goes to the "other " site) http://www.xfalcon.com/forums/index.php?/topic/25812-ba-au-upgraded-xe-the-boss/page-26#entry784152
  14. deankdx


    finally had a look at the mower i bought from North Geelong tip shop a few weeks back. (Masport with quantum engine) it had the carby hanging loose with the bolts out.. i figure, easy fixed.. bolts came out, motor stops.. take to tip.. fit new bolts, fire it up ... KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! who's there? Not bearings .. no crank support.. amazed it ran, purely for the ignition to work. i picked up a MTD wide cut 21" HEAVY DUTY mower base with quantum engine months back, missing all bolt ons. it's got no movement in the crank.. so i'm going to bolt on all the gear off this one and see if that fires up and runs properly.. if so, might swap the engine to the masport base(been watching the MTDs on sale and not selling) took the video just before dark, might replace the video with a daylight one soon. @SPArKy_Dave what i was mentioning tonight.. it RAN like this daylight video