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    photographic memory of every x series problem i had

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    .Driving a diesel Gemini East Melbourne
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  1. deankdx


    also the gear stick position of the AU T5 is further back from what i was told.. need to verify that. but just another potential pain in the ass
  2. deankdx

    Micrometer Tech

    dab of weld and grind it flush should fix it
  3. deankdx


    EGR block offs. i remember them.
  4. deankdx

    Cleveland HEADERS - anyone used these?

    Shipping Info Please Note; The freight shown is for Austrailia Post, Sydney local only. DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE Please contact us for an accurate quote
  5. deankdx

    Loss of power over 1500 rpm for lpg, but not unleaded

    i see you have had mechanic's like mine.. good luck, was worth asking for sure
  6. deankdx

    Loss of power over 1500 rpm for lpg, but not unleaded

    doubt it matters what gas it has in it you could try open the tank valve more.. if it's fully open i can only think the next thing might be a KINK in the copper line if they were rough removing the tank? if so, it should be going back to them to fix it..
  7. deankdx

    Loss of power over 1500 rpm for lpg, but not unleaded

    did you refil the tank? they take the gas out to test them.. they don't put much back in, only enough to test..
  8. deankdx

    Xh Ute 2 inch drop and wider wheels.

    i thought they would be 14x6 wheels if so, best tyre for that rim really is a 215/65/14. i had 14x8 with 245s on the rear and 215s on 14x7 on the front of XD to XG .. XH wouldn't be much different i would guess.
  9. deankdx

    NC Fairlane with watery fuel?

    any idea how the water got in? condensation from sitting near empty ?
  10. deankdx


    no rain in Melbourne, just near freezing min to top of 13 deg.. not ideal for motivation that's for sure.
  11. @BGDAV has a set of Chrome ones. not sure how good the chrome is. but I'm 95% sure they were 14x7" they aren't keepers, but are keeping the car mobile last i saw it.. might be for sale/trade if you ask Dave nicely?
  12. i'd think it's more likely rear steering due to bushes worn on the shackles. one of the members on here added a watts link to his XF ute and this could have been why. unless the springs have been modified i'd be surprised if it's allowing body roll, i've had the tyre roll with weight on my ute(never used light truck rating ones, but they were always 800kg each rated)
  13. do you think you need one? i don't i took one from an XD Ghia sedan, and fitted it to My XD S pack wagon and it was BAD.. made the rear very twitchy, (ideal if you like to drift roundabouts etc) i reckon there's a reason they are NOT fitted. (haven't seen any notes on why not, but from trying it, i wouldn't do it)
  14. deankdx


    i was looking at that J3 link.. thinking...hmm, that might even work on the gemini lol
  15. deankdx


    do you think this is it... Fitting an EL ECU into Pre-Smartlock EA-EB requires the use of a Stage 1 J3 chip to disable the Smartlock function in the ECU. Contact us for more information.