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  1. pay it forward brother haha.. i wonder what i'd be like if i had more types of cars.. (i'm almost a gemini expert now also)
  2. i have used one of those back in the day too.. until Dad trusted Me to use the bosch power drill.,,,poweeeer(18V Milwaukee probably better than it now)
  3. which cars? from drag challenge? i've seen a fair few that get to the drags at SNL and penlink(car shows at service stations etc ) MRCUBE and he also owns this scorpion i have also seen there. they are the first thing that comes to mind, but they get driven to the events. there are quite a few bonkers cars out there i'm sure this XD of tunnelvision somewhere also(later in the video)
  4. engineering in here is quite impressive... MAKES IT AT HOME
  5. Day 4 of drag challenge is in here.. not sure what they are upto, but it's not a youtube vid...better not be doing a roadkill and going private
  6. yeah but that said, i only want to remember the good times.. if they filled it with all the garbage i would be skipping through it i think. Back in My day, cordless drills were 7.2 volt and one speed.. to put that in perspective, run your drill till it's flat.. and then try drill a hole.
  7. watched this last night and its on again tonight i should say DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR.. hasn't got Molly hosting it, it's condensed each year into one episode by the looks.. they're playing My 80s music now. amazed i was only 7yrs old in 1980 and the music had such an impact it stuck for life Classic Countdown Thursday 15th November at 11:57 pm (58 minutes) 1981: Take a walk down memory lane to 1981 and we recall the iconic artists, the incredible songs and Molly! Features performances by Simple Minds, Kim Wilde, Men at Work and Divinyls. Narrated by Steve Kilbey. M 2016, Repeat, CC, Comedy, Entertainment seems different years each day...
  8. can you get them anymore? was wondering about getting one from wreckers off (insert anything that has them) and fitting to My gemini wagon also paint will hold it together?
  9. kiling it... i thought about painting that bonnet underfelt with some spray paint. might look ok..
  10. this is only $1150 on facebook, description says it all... does have EB or ED Ghia recaros though
  11. nah, been run down lately i'd need a 4hr nap as soon as i got there, the joint is pretty painful to get to unless coming from anywhere along the calder hwy
  12. drive to all tracks with no problems ... just don't race.. win by the cheapest fuel bill perhaps? would need the diesel for that one.
  13. wish they'd do a walk up the staging lanes before racing to show who's there and how they are going. i haven't heard anything about any of the cars. would be pretty cool to SPECTATE even over the 5 days.. might put that as next years goal.