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  1. probably not junk.. but.. overpriced
  2. with the boot lid removed, it's a galaxie ute
  3. surely compression ratio related, and fuel type?
  4. i saw $1.10 from COLES/shell the other night. FUUUU on the other side of the road, went past 4 others at $1.40 nope.. bought at local woolworths caltex this morning at $1.10 again. premium is rip off dear though, considering backing the timing off on my petrol gemini and seeing how crap it goes on 91? its a massive price jump to premium.
  5. yeah XB one bolts in whole if you like, direct fit. i've never converted one, but with your skills, wouldn't be that hard. i did one under dash with just the shafts.. never again lol.
  6. yeah i was going to soak it in petrol.. give it a swish out and bolt it on again. but may look at the fire option with blow out also.
  7. should go visit Mr Dyno and say.. hey why didn't you do this?
  8. yep, it's the 5 and 10min jobs x 100 that really burn the hours
  9. that's cool, i was wondering if it would be able to use 6th as BGDAVs 408 was not able to originally with 4.11s with the carby(same issue, cam too big), but the EFI has helped it barely although probably not any better economy in 6th anyway. i'm happy to watch what you are happy to share on here, i'm really not following anyone on facebook that i have(very few) pretty awesome build, and it's similar to BGDAVs in a few areas, so there's interest in anything that works better if possible.
  10. My first car cooked it's engine due to old heater hose going.. and Me thinking "it's only 2km from home, temp guage isn't hot yet.."(turns out temp guages don't work well when there is no coolant at all ) i've had an engine bay fire 3 times, one was due to power steering hose bursting onto extractors, one fuel hose coming off carby(interferance fit pipe suddenly fell out..) and electrical fire.. all 3 affected the bonnet cable and was lucky to get it open to huff and puff and smother the fire as best as possible.. fire is bad(the neighbor had a camry that burned to the ground after catching fire on the highway, and mates cortina burned to the ground suspect due to similar carby pipe coming out.)
  11. ah yeah, brain fade moment.. big secret this chassis number thing? 1983 BROWN FORD SEDAN VIN/Chassis: JG23BM64414C
  12. well, been playing with the bulk lot of mowers i bought, the grey masport is near mint. one rover is just needing a catcher, might try sell it as is. it's fine(had a bolt come out of the fuel tank/carby mount and broke the intake pipe.. ) another masport, red one is missing the flap at the back but it's also ready to go. (will have some pics of it's issues next update) another rover with rusty base i fired up today LOL.. suspect it was tipped on it's side at some point because muffler was full of oil. so, i was going to run it long enough to burn the oil off.. but after filling the area with smoke, i figured i should swap the muffler to confirm My theory it wasn't a smokey engine. this is the muffler i welded up, it's fine.. no oil inside
  13. the club permit is easy if you can get a rwc easy. not sure how long sparkydave takes for the ozfalcon club, but the club i'm with was done in the same day i went there. need to have receipt for purchase from memory, rwc and then it's not long at all after that.
  14. if you read the rules of the permit, you'll see why plenty of people have been fined the $800 for misusing the permit. you can only use it to drive home from purchase, or for repairs. rocking up to all ford day on an unreg permit would be risking $800 fine. plus i don't think you can get insurance on an unregistered car either.
  15. Sadly selling one owner and in great condition (interior and exterior) garaged for all of it's life with authentic parts 210,000km selling for )$20000 or nearest offer .Will provide vin on request those AUTHENTIC HUB CAPS Are Awesome too thought i'd be smart and look up the VIN.. from rego check.. has wrong plates on it.