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  1. can't find the 10mm.. looked everywhere
  2. dizzy just pulls out and swaps for the crank angle sensor thing for coil packs.. depends what you are doing with it.. if you read Thoms ohc thread you'd be getting an AU bottom end with an EF XR6 head and running a bbm .. that carby look think will probably be on it's limit pretty much standard? but then again, look at Campo's barra NA conversion into XF and it's making decent power NA.. or look at blackxt's current thread with turbo Lpg 4.0 and you'll be thinking turbo... then think turbo and look at the turbo crossflow times .. that's what you have now, then think you want to keep your exhaust so follow slydogs blower setup .. hmm. then remember the sparkydave slogan.. keep it stock date code correct, genuine parts, don't drive it for 10yrs to keep the kms down, don't die before you get to drive it because whoever inherits it will take it to scrap because old car.. that got a bit out of hand..haha
  3. also seen reference to people using them on escort etc.. probably wouldn't be that hard to stick even a couple of them in place of a 4 barrel carb..(you know you want to)
  4. knew i'd seen that "carby type throttle body" used elsewhere..(post 13) i may read it for the gemini, but there is an EFi manifold that bolts on.. would be interesting running efi under the stock air cleaner too though
  5. Bad Obsession Motorsport(project binky) might copy that , love the grinder scarecrow aslo.. does it have a mounted power board? all plugged in at once be handy. does look a bit top heavy. .. might be good to have a vice or clamp on it too?
  6. asleep at the wheel?(sorry, play on the number plate) what happened?
  7. yeah first alarm bell for Me was FUSE CAUSED IT.. BULLSHIT.. (give me a refund, or i'll post it on every auto elec facebook page for lolz)
  8. Ha.. funny Valvebouncer "liked this post" and i just remembered... The rear main ISN'T leaking.. it is the front of the gearbox i just removed that was leaking.. that kind of explains a few things(also the fact that i vaguely remember the box had no oil in it when i got the wreck) i didn't touch the car today, so the gearbox is still only barely fitted.. should get to it tomorrow, nicer weather i believe also (for laying on concrete)
  9. the iron head is Bloody heavy! but they didn't seem to blow head gaskets back in the day? they'd need to have hardened valve seats or run a valve saver additive, they must be rare since they are 40yrs old also
  10. will have a listen to that when i can make time.
  11. was ouch, sore from working under car with no hoist.. might get to it today.. maybe. decided exhaust swap is too hard on ramps.. save that job for when the motor is out for worked one perhaps.
  12. looks like a bargain compared to the rough barn find one that went for 70k or something silly recently
  13. any other bike people here? check this out.. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION on cluster gear @Panko @XTREME KARTS XF @broken-wheel
  14. will give it a crack, running out of shows to watch lately.
  15. that screen default can also mean a hose has come off down in the handbrake /firewall area also. on the heater box..(barely, but accessible from reaching near the brake pedal)