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  1. ford flat head with Ardun heads
  2. that's Rod Hadfield's (former Castlemaine Rod Shop owner) if I'm not mistaken i remember the build up in either budget build ups or some other magazine about 15- 20yrs ago probably
  3. NOS EBAY PIONEER $300 title it HOLDEN GTS, GXL GHIA ESP and have a bidding war
  4. i bet your health is much improved! far more than the numbers appear.. keep up the good work! i have just accepted your strava request.. doesn't show up on the phone
  5. i haven't got my photobucket fix app on anymore(was causing issues) but this should be the link
  6. cant find the car in the car park.. i know, we'll make it different
  7. that is VH41 Nissan V8 and turbo if it's the one i am thinking of, there's a build up on FFAU, if i can find the link i'll show
  8. if you like Binky, but haven't got eleventy million hours to spare to watch it all again, this build it pretty cool. 11 eps about 9mins each of a twin variable turbo conversion and engine swap on a patrol.. has some cool ideas and fab work too
  9. I always just write 'drive' in the xp's log book, altho occasionally if I'm going to am event I'll write the event name down i'd like to think it's none of the cops business where i am going..but they nearly always grill you if pulled over anyway
  10. bargain, remove the wiper plenum grille and vacuum the leaves and dirt out(kill the redbacks in there before putting your hand in) and also remove the plastic inner guard covers on the front and wash all the dirt out from the bottom of the guards(redbacks may live in there also) keeping it gramps spec? would look good with a set of B45 simons in gold and lowered i think
  11. i got a reply from the club manager, KMS NOT REQUIRED(he writes his down for own use though) he writes CRUISE as the particulars of use.. but he probably ONLY drive's his on a cruise, i'd say any of the above should be fine, Cruise, road test(90 days of road test in the book might look a bit wierd?) home to town visited and return is what i'll continue to be writing also(adding bike ride/walk, etc for My own use) i'll be writing racing at Calder Park raceway on the 2nd of March hopefully..(chopping Marks XH ute maybe?)
  12. got a link to that can opener? i almost resorted to the rambo knife or angle grinder last time.. (magican.. might have worked when new but spinning the wheel all around the can doesn't impress me)
  13. the cops should be contacting the buyers of rusted shit like this and saying, oh by the way.. if you ever intend registering it, we'll be needing proof that it was restored.. and be chasing up any stolen ones in the last 10yrs and doing DNA tests
  14. some things i watched just for the sake of it .. SURPRISED me how overpriced they went.. HQ COUPE.. not much left of one... HT? G K monaro shell? kind of?... another monaro shell.. slightly more of one .. torana hatch ... similar to above COMPLETEly rusted HT monaro.. not sure if any panel would be of use.. if so, where is the value of the rest of it?
  15. i'd be surprised if Repco would have any idea, but @Mr Polson may know if they are available? otherwise, you could probably cut a new one out of a sheet of whatever they are made of(cant remember if cork, rubber or whatever, but mine used to do the same and i never got round to fixing it)