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  1. i cant get over how quick, and how good the paint is on this thing.. when you see other peoples builds taking years for a similar job.
  2. you've had it planned for a while, a good plan makes one hell of a difference rather than adding things as they come up
  3. i'd be happy with a good 302.. mainly the sound, performance, anything new will chop it probably even if its a reasonable 351 clevo
  4. Thanks Chris, i wonder what that stuff actually does..
  5. don't drill too far in if you do My bodge, the screw will go into the nylon ball.. you just want to lock up into the case of the shifter housing
  6. good deal! i've drilled a small hole in the shifter base and put self tapper scres in like grub screws when the threads were stuffed. see if it comes out again, doubt it unscrewed.. now it's time for the drag strip! bring on the 14s?
  7. Thanks @roKWiz i'll take some more pics today to confirm other stuff. the guy i bought the jets for Mine(into gemini) said he'd use Port 3 for Vac advance (on My photo) but it's clearly connected through that port switch thing to the idle cut i actually wondered if i had tightened it down too much at one point, i'll be test driving mine today and then deciding what to do. i know the rebuild cost will be as much as the cost to dyno tune the other carby they say is better suited(to the gemini, 32/36 weber) so i'll be careful not to over capitalise.
  8. um.. yeah, boot release don't work very well when the cable is missing that pulls on the boot latch lever..
  9. definition of a car? something you drive...... quote from link... The 1988 Walkinshaw, an SS Group A model and one of only 750 ever made, had never been registered — which is part of why it was so desirable. probably cost as much as a $1,000,000 house today did in 1988.. i don't really get the point of it
  10. needs XD mirrors..
  11. ok, seeing google is useless, and every carby i have ever had has been bastardized ... including this one.. where do these hoses go? more importantly for Me is.. what can be blocked off? on a different engine(gemini) i am sure connecting number 1(idle jet and fuel cut) to vac port 2. will make that work. number 4 flows more when the throttle is cracked, guessing this is for the dizzy Vac advance? (i have switched the top cover on this carby because it was better setup to my modded stuff. i'll take pics of the other one later. but it has a vac port above number 2 in this pic below)
  12. invite him around for a look, and put him to work
  13. V8 300zx sounds fun!