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  1. hmmm... would i like an XF falcon.... or a XR6 turbo or similar... tough choice. one will be a classic collectable one day
  2. has other listings including a 2+2 and parts..
  3. i'd leave it in there unless you are making a race car where every kg counts.. most people add weight with amps and subs and big wheels.. and big exhausts. and bog...
  4. what's it sound like with those mufflers( what style are they?)
  5. holey boot floor batman looks a lot better than most
  6. i reckon that bar isn't on a non tow bar one... but there might be more reinforcing in the plastic bumper part where that sits.. been a long while since i've seen an XF bumper removed though.
  7. certainly is shiny! interested to see the results of the better exhaust.. what's the seat of the pant's dyno say?
  8. can also try tipping hot water on it.. may also soften enough to release it's frozen on issue... might help
  9. not cool... what's going on
  10. we have a BATH ROBE at home..all the clothes seem to be stored in the bath.. like a floordrobe
  11. reminds me of these chairs.. would they suit?
  12. that's a good outcome when the engine had steel tube manifolds rather than cast iron..
  13. that's 200km from 80 litres of 98...
  14. looks like a kneeling pad on the floor (cheap computer chair base?) lots of metal in there now!
  15. compression on the crossflow is pretty good for sitting for ages i like the soaking in vinegar idea, on fuel sender etc, inside fuel tank etc... wonder what the fuel lines are like?