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  1. deankdx

    EST or Electronic distributor

    the old .. hidden wiring hunt.. @BGDAV drove me nuts because he hid the wires for the speedo sender lol.. makes it hard to tap into when the plug and the loom are completely GONE from the engine bay lol.
  2. deankdx

    EST or Electronic distributor

    it just has a vacuum hose and a plug.. but no idea where the plug goes into.. assuming it's part of the EST wiring
  3. deankdx

    EST or Electronic distributor

    yeah it's the Map sensor then. i don't know what it does on a carby XF, but it's only on the models with the EST dissy. (not the older ones) i'd assume it has something to do with the ignition timing, as i don't expect it could control anything on a carby otherwise. @gerg might know. i never removed anything if it worked..ford spent millions or more inventing this crap
  4. deankdx

    EST or Electronic distributor

    are you sure you removed THAT part, i'm guessing you may have removed the map sensor? from the firewall? the EST dizzy doesn't have the ign module on the side of it to remove it..
  5. deankdx

    Odometer stopped

    good for another 20years
  6. deankdx

    Keys 🔐

    you need to find a locksmith that can cut them, the machine back in the day was very expensive and not many had it, but these days with the keys being around a long time they might be common. i bought the key blank off ebay and saved a whopping $10 .. in hindsight i'd have just payed the extra to the locksmith, because we need these guys in business(i've since had 2 ignion barrels rebuilt by My local one.. try doing that on ebay)
  7. deankdx


    i always thought that dissy change was so you couldn't fit points dizzy to an elec dizzy block for pollution reasons.. well, that's at least what i was told about 25yrs ago, possibly by an engine machinist?
  8. deankdx

    XF Xflow non EST dizzy replacement

    one that suits your cap style for starters(the leaded XF had posts, the XE had older style, they are the same dizzy. ) the EST coil is the same coil if that's all you are asking. otherwise, not sure what better coils suit, i've always used stock ones
  9. deankdx


    yeah i'm sure i had that street machine magazine at some point
  10. deankdx

    Replacement heater core for XF

    they were readily available when i got one a few years back(made in India though) if you have time.. probably be better to have yours re cored.. was similar cost. the tanks where the pipes were soldered on were flimsy on the Indian one. here's one on ebay for reference, about the same price i paid through a Radiator shop https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HEATER-CORE-SUIT-XF-FORD-FALCON-ZL-FAIRLANE-84-87/174081452261?hash=item28881028e5:g:1bYAAOSwt6Fbqu0i
  11. deankdx

    issue with dual fuel xg

    maybe @Mr Polson would know, he works for Repco, but i was told to specifically get a genuine one from Ford, so it would WORK.. which it did.. so i was happy.. (with that side of things) (i had so many issues with My XG i sold it as soon as it was running right.. incase it broke down again.. and i had to fix something else.)
  12. deankdx

    issue with dual fuel xg

    oh, and when i mention Thermostat.. there's good reason to get a genuine one. @SPArKy_Dave has probably mentioned it 100 times. but there's been issues with fitting wrong or cheap copies when i had an XG, i think it cost $37 from ford. small price to pay compared to fuel out the tail pipe
  13. deankdx

    issue with dual fuel xg

    definitely would be the first thing i'd change. for the gas not starting, next time try tipping a HOT (not boiling but recently boiled) kettle of water over the gas converter.. (softens up the gummy build up they can get) if it starts then.. it needs cleaning(or replacing due to diaphrams dry and old) when My diesel gemini air filter is dirty(has a washable oiled unifilter sponge type now) it uses 20% more fuel and blows smoke higher in the revs.. clean filter doesn't blow smoke. amazing to Me.
  14. deankdx

    issue with dual fuel xg

    fit a thermostat.. they need them. it's like driving with the choke on full.. coolant temp when cold, dictates to add more fuel
  15. deankdx

    issue with dual fuel xg

    no (or stuck) thermostat? running cold riches up the mixture like a choke. O2 sensor? blocked air filter.. that's all i've got. @gerg would be My first to ask