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  1. it's called "getting it done" Vs looking for the correct tool.. that said.. i invented this "seal puller" yesterday..
  2. only photo i took today.. sparkydave took some, he should show it on the trailer.. @thorne try i switched to that after having an issue with imgbox.
  3. that's an ugly bulge i'd rather a TD cortina one. not sure how much it needs. i'd bash it with a hammer if only a few mm.. (the claw part)
  4. yeah they had a few variants over the years.. 1.8, 2.0, 2.3, 2.6, the 2.3 might be a diesel, i know there is a bigger diesel that can bolt into the diesel gemini.. needs a bonnet bulge apparently though(if i found one cheap i'd probably do it)
  5. i didn't get down there tonight either, will be soon but nearly always finish up late on Saturdays and too buggered to bother. keen to make it a regular drop in though
  6. mark might have spares, he's wrecked a few crossflows stick 3 more in, she'll be right
  7. So were you going to penlink tonight ..too late for me now. Haven't even had dinner yet
  8. i should be up for a visit tonight. i'll be in the diesel gemini if so.. been seeing some mint cars on the facebook group photos lately
  9. i saw a turbo, EFI converted 1300 escort 25yrs ago.. so, making power out of one is easy lol.. he was building a turbo 2litre for it and said he wanted 200hp NA and the turbo i sold him would near double it..(i bought the turbo for My VW golf...but wasn't cashed up to do it properly..) the speakers i fitted to the front are from LS400 lexus.. i have them in My van also, they had the tweeters in the corner of door(where mirror adjust would be on a falcon.) i have them, and considered trying to flush mount them somewhere but i've had these $2 tweeters before, they also work and are simple to fit. if i was to focus on making the stereo to be ideal i'd be looking for non butchered door trims for starters.. still considering not fitting rear speakers to keep the interior more standard looking but it will be easily reversible. next time you are heading to penlink let Me know, i am due for a revisit there, i'll have the diesel there.. it may become the new project.. either turbo/supercharger or efi Rodeo 2.6 engine swap.. maybe injected lpg if so.. got to have my cheap running car..
  10. nah, didn't have one. i did buy one as i use the one on My SL/X gemini reasonably often when parking etc. they are expensive now too, $100+ as they generally only came on the higher spec(and panelvans,due to not being able to see out of them) need to paint it red so it's not cadbury purple... that's if i find it.. not urgent anyway.. still on the to do list: i'll make it now. no particular order. .work out how to tap into the fuel pump wiring(current in tank pump is 8Volts, plan b is 12Volts..) rear speakers mount. paint wipers, probably black, but wondering if silver will suit the chrome locking strip.. finish sealing the underfloors and paint/body deaden bog and sand rear quarter repair and paint. refit fuel tank and swap fuel sender/test.. have a look at standard fuel pump setup refit carpet, seat belts, seats, console wire up console gauges fit rear door cards/make new ones? seal tail lights consider swapping exhaust from panelvan wreck to try(bigger, maybe quieter? had a raspy note) reminder video below cant think of much more to do other than check the 2litre motor, clutch, do seals and paint and swap it in.. once done, RWC and rego.. fit lowered springs.. also likely. 13.DRIVE THE THING looking forward to hearing the weber roar.
  11. i mounted the speaker there because some dumbarse cut speaker holes there(prior owner with hat worn backwards... not for welding) if i get new(used) door cards, they'll be moved to the "correct" lower corner. it will be after it's rego'd and i if i still care. they work, the doors don't vibrate.. so other than me forgetting to fit the left mirror(and i need to get my hand in where i just put the speaker brace in and welded it lol) it's finished. i can't find the mirror anyway.. put it somewhere.. probably with the other stuff that was important to fit(like the other matching speaker cover )
  12. finished off a lot of unfinished jobs today.. have tunes finally. (stupid clarion deck, bad connections in the plug/or circuit board?) fitted the Jvc deck from the XG ute, I took it out because it annoyed me.. i think i have worked out how to use it enough now.. no usb though. worked until it was dark, even brushed on the body deadener inside on the floors by using the torch.. hoping it's properly dry for Monday when i might be able to put the interior back in for the last time. black carpet. maybe black console? have to see what looks better i jacked up the front to fit the replacement speedo cable, and seal the front floor repair.. what do i see? Thanks Pedders you useless mofos.. will go down there and rip into them when i have time. for the people not familiar with rack n pinion.. those boots have zip ties hold them on to the rack need to remove to turn the rackend for alignment.. i had brought it there in this condition after doing my tape measure alignment but the lazy fucks didn't fit up new ones. even after replacing the rack end(even dubious if the one was worn) also while doing under dash yoga, fixed both screen vents.. people reaching around running dodgy wires etc must break the duct mountings = bugger all screen air.. big washer fixed it. seam sealed the boot floor.. will probably brush it over with body deadener to get a more even finish. in the pic below i can see the original patch weld line(about the middle of pic running from top to bottom(welded from inside) pedders.. didn't refit the rack end boots anyone needing slightly more high range and is a tight ass can buy really cheap tweeters that work quite well $2.50 ish door trims are rough, so is the car.. meh.. i never said it was a one owner barn find in original condition..
  13. sell all the junk and buy one? they can be had for less than $10k.. the wrecker in Carrum has about 10 of them not sure who the buyers are at that price, people seem happy enough to spend upto about $5k then spend another $1000 or so making them the way they want.. so $10k for an original should be about right if someone wanted an original?(not seeing many originals though)
  14. it's as original as the day it came on the show room floor,,,, except for the the wrong grille, missing fuel flap, stickers inside, black door handles and wrong hubcaps.. yeah.. probably more.. i bet i could find rust. so you don't want it sparkydave.. ever since you got a lift in My diesel gemini you have been wanting one lol