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  1. looks like someone tried to copy @Ants wagon and he switched the front before they got done.. just needs a barra or LS to finish
  2. i reckon these repairs are getting more and more impressive.. what was the first thing you posted up here? the Capri?
  3. NOS XF grille, $595
  4. get chestnut to log into etis and check the build on this engine number JLCMTR16443 probably same as VIN
  5. i'll try find the how to thread on using imgur to show as pic, or make one for you. think is good still though.. (basically hover over the shown pic on imgur and right click, copy image address, then past it here.. i think even just copy would work) those wheels are original for them too(cant see the pic @SPArKy_Dave posted because it's a photobucket link)
  6. might be low carb.. but the calories add up fast.. never forget about the calories.. eat more than your body uses and you'll put weight on(body uses 1500 ish doing nothing.. so exercise definitely helps if you can do something to boost the weight loss)
  7. Brazil nuts have bugger all carbs, not as tasty as Macadamia though, which i also have handy..
  8. i do like the idea that there isn't ONE DIET for all.. try a few, like give them a decent try, like 3 or 4 weeks .. and see what works. i think my snacks are what's been taking me over the daily calorie limit recently.. this keto diet wont be permanent for Me.. i think i can sustain a reasonable weight if i try.. i did a bigger and faster ride this arvo, average speed pretty good also.. smashed the longer distance records by seconds.. not just one at a time like i had done either. this diet was said to make people perform better.. i have been having less brain fog the last couple of days too.
  9. skid factory ep9 fuel system
  10. kept yesterdays calories below 1600.. new low of 94.6kg today.. glad i am sticking with it on this 3rd try of keto diet(based on The Atkins Diet) suppose giving up smoking etc takes a few goes also.. took me many goes at cutting back and cutting out alcohol also. testing the sustained energy now.. does seem like i could ride longer. i did some body weight exercises at the local park gyms in the middle of the ride, seem to be improving with them also. surprisingly i beat 2 of My personal record segments after doing the second weights set. if i can work out the best cruising speed i think i can smash some of the longer distance segments i have done(as long as there's no big hills) hopefully just keep repeating what works.. the benefit of logging meals on the myfitnesspal app is if i can see all the calories add up from the little things.. and keep it to a limit.
  11. 6 days in now for Me.. finally got the hang of it. once you finally get it right.. seems like i am never hungry.. only want to eat due to habbit. i did have too many carbs in one meal yesterday(would have been fine spread over the day) and that fucks you up .. needed a 2hr nap.. (read that it kicks you out of ketosis and then you get the keto flu again while the body has to re adapt to fat burning again) today has been good, i've been logging my meals and snacks to work out how much to eat, and for someone who has been trying to avoid fats in food, it's a struggle to find things suitable to not go over 1500 calories ideally but still get enough nutrients in.. been reading a LOT! googling best food for keto etc, highest fat, lowest carb foods etc. today i rode about 25mins before breakfast(new daily ritual) i don't have the power but can ride at a 20kmh for seemingly forever(unless i come to a hill) will test this soon on another 50km ride on keto.. did try some weights exercise, definitely same power.. but still doing some to burn calories and hopefully build some muscle later in the day i did another 30min ride and was one second off one of My timed segments, so i am improving daily on it.. todays weigh in was same as yesterday at 95.1kg.. hoping tomorrow its at least below 95.
  12. paint it black.. near enough to 80s version of a bat mobile..
  13. unbolt the accel pedal and then the base of the cable clips into a square hole.. simple, better even than the others
  14. He did say if it's in good condition.. but he didn't specify if the seal had been replaced so it lasts another 400,000kms (if the impeller was still good. lol) i didn't notice the gap in the impeller either, thats a good reason to cause issues
  15. i would think the S pack style 14" wheel yeah