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  1. Got a futon mattress for the back of the van.
  2. I’m thinking chrome bullet shaped caps as well. Would like a couple of fatter wheels at the rear probably 9”
  3. Black tinted headlight covers for show only as they would be illegal on the road.
  4. Thanks. I have been looking at the futon option cheers scott
  5. Can anyone tell me the best place to get a mattress that's shaped around the wheel wells for my XH pano? Cheers Scott
  6. Gday Guys Just wondering if anyone knows how to adjust the handbrake tension on an XH panelvan. I have fitted new rotors and pads but the handbrake is not gripping enough and the van is booked in for a roadworthy on Monday. Thanks in advance. cheers Scott
  7. there were some flash 12 slotters on facebook a while ago for $1000 i think he sold them for 600 they were 10" rear with tyres and 8 front no tyres. I don't mind the look of the 18" or 19" though
  8. What's peoples opinions on wheels that would suit the van? Large Diameter with small tyres or something like 12 slotters old school?
  9. Mock up of Arch for the back.
  10. Rear interior on purchase. the curtains are out now
  11. The Day I went to pick the van up in Anakie. It has 234000 km on the clock. I immediately had to get a new windscreen and exhaust was stuffed due to both mufflers had collapsed. Build Date October 1998 http://imgbox.com/nQQmzUMC http://imgbox.com/pQ7vj4eq http://imgbox.com/dvnGwJeg I can't get the images to embed in the post for some reason
  12. Yes it does have the short cargo divider but i want to take it out and create the old style van deck out like this one.
  13. Yep this has central locking http://imgbox.com/3QVcJyFP http://imgbox.com/grQx1U2F http://imgbox.com/7G241UUt
  14. I sold the hx to a friend of the wife mid 90s he lifted it put an auto in it and left it outside to rust. He offered to sell it back to me a year later it was rusty as all get out and looked like crap
  15. Not sure about the longreach verses the Tradesman Van. Mine has bucket seats carpet floor and the engine bay is slightly different. Never had a Ford Van before the last van i had was a 1977 HX Holden back in 1990