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  1. Hawksam67

    Fuel Issues

    Yeah I'm still having trouble starting on cold days. Battery is good but needs a jump to fire. Will start straight away with temperatures over 10 degrees.Got to get the old gas wiring removed as I have removed all the mechanical parts of the system. Starter motor will be next to replace. Not much left it will almost be a new van after that
  2. Hawksam67

    Fuel Issues

    So on the last weekend I had to replace the fuel pump as the pressure was poor, found out due to the cars previous history of 9 years sitting the wiring in the fuel pump in the tank had disintegrated to a point the wires were almost bare and once i replaced the pump and wires it now runs well. I still have starting issues on cold mornings though.
  3. Hawksam67

    Fuel Issues

    Update I replaced the O2 Sensor was the original one still in it Replaced the coil. Had a mechanic friend come over and pull out the distributor and place it back in its correct location approximately 1 tooth out. Runs a lot better now, but I will need a new harmonic balancer as the old one is wobbly and we cannot get the timing perfect.
  4. Hawksam67

    Fuel Issues

    Gday good folks I disconnected my battery and took it out so I could take the bottom radiator hose off to do a coolant change and replace the hose. Ever since i put it back on the van backfires through the airbox and at 80km/hr dies then takes off alot. I have checked the map sensor as per instructions on here also replaced inline fuel filter which was dirty. I have new plugs, leads, dizzy cap and rotor button on it. What else should i look at?
  5. Hawksam67

    XH Panelvan Mattress

    Got a futon mattress for the back of the van.
  6. Hawksam67

    XH Panelvan Mattress

    Thanks. I have been looking at the futon option cheers scott
  7. Hawksam67

    XH Panelvan Mattress

    Can anyone tell me the best place to get a mattress that's shaped around the wheel wells for my XH pano? Cheers Scott
  8. Gday Guys Just wondering if anyone knows how to adjust the handbrake tension on an XH panelvan. I have fitted new rotors and pads but the handbrake is not gripping enough and the van is booked in for a roadworthy on Monday. Thanks in advance. cheers Scott