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  1. sounds plausible.
  2. I some times look at them and think that they probably have been cut!
  3. Can anybody tell me what these come from? They came with a set of ROH 12 slots I bought 5 years ago but can't seem to find anything like them on the internet. I thought I had seen some similar with GT badges in the centre?..I may be totally wrong!
  4. Stunning in the sunshine (and out of it!). I am partial to a nice gold colour (probably a bit biased as I have a Goldust xd!)
  5. Fuelmiser is just a box, they don't make anything. They buy other companies parts and put them in a Fuelmiser box, so you could end up with a cheaper no name part, or something made by someone like VDO Do VDO still make them?
  6. What are the Fuelmiser pumps like? Does anyone make replacement in tank sender units for the xd?
  7. bugger..didn't realise it was set as private! have sorted it now. When I removed it from the car it still had fuel in it and I could pump fuel out of it so assume it is ok?
  8. anybody else having trouble viewing it? I have re-posted and hopefully it works now (works for me by the way)
  9. Can anybody tell me how much movement there should be on a mechanical fuel pump? The one on my sons 81 xd 4.1 looks like it is the original and I am not sure if it's working properly. The video shows how much movement there is of the 'arm'..just not sure if it should more or if it looks right? cheers.
  10. Is it a previous registration number etched on the glass or is it the same number you have seen on all of them?
  11. confirms my belief that anyone who buys a brand new car off the forecourt has more money than sense!
  12. you need to whip one off and look for the Ford stamp....oooer!
  13. wasn't getting to 2000 posts useful??