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  1. All early gem's only power the pump when cranking or running... pita if you ask me.... Cant remeber but something to do when alt light is on pump doesnt get power?
  2. Good thing is its lifting the drivers side to full travel as well, its not just lifting one side .. any more and its anti roll bar time, actually might tell the missus i need one for safety reason
  3. Found 4, yes 4 possible issues why nos has been surging today, wont know till I get back up there, or at about 11:33pm tonight down the road lol... jk Here its first run off trans brake and a small 2 step, you can almost hear my scream at how frustrated I was at the nos surging....
  4. 1.49 60's on what im calling a soft tune ... Did lift a wheel up still
  5. still same fucking NOS issues Good thing was only there to test trans/two step setup
  6. Off to friday night lights!
  7. Probably all in the Gemini wrecking yard up the sunshine coast
  8. Ill have a check of the tag next time, not sure, thought it said that but then maybe not barely remember yesterday let alone 6months ago
  9. It had a crappy single ebay thermo in it before. The FG fan kicks ass. The XF has the au/el twin fans, but after playing with tthe FG one Id have no issues running one of those on the XF. The XT cycles between 68c-71c all day, in any traffic and any weather. BTW old man stole the convo revs of the XF, only just got em back :S
  10. No tacho, stick it in D and go I think the diff was 3.5 from the tag if I remember correctly
  11. You mean to get the center of the steering column shaft down from a p/s to non-p/s one? I did it, removed the box, put a slide hammer on the end of it and gave it a few good pulls came out pretty easy. No need to unbolt anything if I recall.
  12. haa no wheel spin from this 1.6ltr Even with driving through the water traps once. Then again, willowbank track will steal your shoes if u walk on it ... so I doubt a 75-85hp engine going to spin anything ... Actual im suprise it even left the line, through maybe not enough power to get past the traction lol. Yeh if I can find a cheap direct replacement 180z or 200x ill chuck that in 4sure. PowerPuff / womens street series is DYI so speed/ets mean nothing.
  13. thats the other option we looking at. quite a few choices, suppose it depends on how much $2 loving i get, on what she gets
  14. haa funny u mention sr20det, been searching info about them all arvo
  15. Updated other 2 posts so might as well do this one too.. Street series starts next Saturday night, Nothings been changed at all with the car or its setup other then wiring the transbrake to the 2step. Just going to run car N/A all year with nos reserved for special grudges First holy fuck me @slydog sitting in 1st engine at 4200rpm and just a button holding it is scary shit. Secondly, I need to change the button from the gearstick to the steering wheel, cause no fucking way im letting that button go with only one hand on the wheel lol