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  1. judgetread

    XR-XF Falcon Coil Over Conversion kit

    Considering there are double adjustable as well I think I read..
  2. This was posted on my stalker book feed the other day, wonder if there is any weight savings? https://www.rodshop.com.au/ford/xr-xt-xw-xy/xr-xf-falcon-coil-over-conversion-kit.html
  3. judgetread

    What welder should I buy?

    If you don't use a lot of gas, bunnings has a bottle exchange system in place. Its only small bottles and little expensive but no monthly fees. You just take back the empty bottle and receipt and exchange it for a full one. We don't do much welding these days at the shop so we exchange it maybe 2-3 times a year, 5 minutes trip down the road, no waiting around for delivery of gas.
  4. judgetread


    Here's my 2 cents As @everyone has stated, get the timing right, a retarded timing can heat up a engine pretty quick. Make sure your AF ratio / mixtures are right, leaner mixture means more oxygen in cylinders = hotter burn = hotter engine temps -- Try fatten it up a little see if it cools down. Make sure all air pockets are out of the block, It can take a fair while idling without a cap to burp all the air out. Fill from the highest point in the cooling system as possible. Maybe some crap has blocked the radiator. Are they the same radiator hoses as before the build/swap? Were they clean or any chance you may have dislodged some crusties from the hoses when removing fitting em back? Has the idle speed changed much between engines? Same waterpump/crank pulleys? What fans are you running? sounds like they are electric, when do you have them coming on? I may be wrong, if head gasket was incorrect you'd see more extensive heat issues?
  5. Awesome job @Crazy2287 . Glad to see you used those through hole components and not make the mistake I did using tiny little smd's that these old eyes just couldn't see ..
  6. judgetread

    Judgetread 2.0

    Yeh I feel ya mate.. Ive had more time off than ive worked in last 3 month, same issue.. Luckly I have some good workers that keep shit going while im not there.
  7. judgetread

    Windsor 289 rebuild with edelbrock heads

    Steam hole is a misleading name tbh, its more like a vent hole to let trapped air out. You can do it yourself, just gotta be careful its 1/2inch thick there and can snap a drill quite easily...
  8. judgetread

    Judgetread 2.0

    Nope, things been very quite on this end. Been concentrating on running the panel shop, only fired up the XF and GEMtoday for first time since last post in may 2018..... Trying to catch up on all the new here, hows urs going?
  9. judgetread

    Judgetread 2.0

    Not sure what's up with the msd.. I'll enquire about it.. As for the gem, just got ourselves a tx 2 door shell ...
  10. judgetread

    Judgetread 2.0

    It turns nos on/off at set rpm,s. It was fluttering turn system on and off. Also just had to RIP the msd 6 out its faulty as well. With the msd6 it pulled 397rwhp.. swapped it to a Bosch module setup and it pulled 425rwhp
  11. judgetread

    Judgetread 2.0

    Nos issues fixed.. turns out was the window switch after all. Will post some dyno runs that show the issue happening...
  12. All early gem's only power the pump when cranking or running... pita if you ask me.... Cant remeber but something to do when alt light is on pump doesnt get power?
  13. judgetread

    Judgetread 2.0

    Good thing is its lifting the drivers side to full travel as well, its not just lifting one side .. any more and its anti roll bar time, actually might tell the missus i need one for safety reason
  14. judgetread

    Judgetread 2.0

    Found 4, yes 4 possible issues why nos has been surging today, wont know till I get back up there, or at about 11:33pm tonight down the road lol... jk Here its first run off trans brake and a small 2 step, you can almost hear my scream at how frustrated I was at the nos surging....
  15. judgetread

    Judgetread 2.0

    1.49 60's on what im calling a soft tune ... Did lift a wheel up still