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  1. judgetread

    XR-XF Falcon Coil Over Conversion kit

    Considering there are double adjustable as well I think I read..
  2. This was posted on my stalker book feed the other day, wonder if there is any weight savings? https://www.rodshop.com.au/ford/xr-xt-xw-xy/xr-xf-falcon-coil-over-conversion-kit.html
  3. judgetread


    Here's my 2 cents As @everyone has stated, get the timing right, a retarded timing can heat up a engine pretty quick. Make sure your AF ratio / mixtures are right, leaner mixture means more oxygen in cylinders = hotter burn = hotter engine temps -- Try fatten it up a little see if it cools down. Make sure all air pockets are out of the block, It can take a fair while idling without a cap to burp all the air out. Fill from the highest point in the cooling system as possible. Maybe some crap has blocked the radiator. Are they the same radiator hoses as before the build/swap? Were they clean or any chance you may have dislodged some crusties from the hoses when removing fitting em back? Has the idle speed changed much between engines? Same waterpump/crank pulleys? What fans are you running? sounds like they are electric, when do you have them coming on? I may be wrong, if head gasket was incorrect you'd see more extensive heat issues?
  4. judgetread

    Windsor 289 rebuild with edelbrock heads

    Steam hole is a misleading name tbh, its more like a vent hole to let trapped air out. You can do it yourself, just gotta be careful its 1/2inch thick there and can snap a drill quite easily...
  5. judgetread

    Non-pwr steering box, educate me

    You mean to get the center of the steering column shaft down from a p/s to non-p/s one? I did it, removed the box, put a slide hammer on the end of it and gave it a few good pulls came out pretty easy. No need to unbolt anything if I recall.
  6. judgetread

    0-90ohm fuel sender to xf (volatge) gauge PROJECT

    Ive one got one made sorry . I have pcb's and most pars if your handy with a soldering iron to put one together ...
  7. judgetread


  8. judgetread

    rear adjustable coilover

    They they clear the spring perch fine. The top shocker towers have had a 6 mm plate welded across the top to stiffen it up. These came off a burnout car (coilovers and towers) so they've had a hard life
  9. judgetread

    rear adjustable coilover

    they are just QA1's. They have the eyelets on each end.
  10. judgetread

    rear adjustable coilover

    check out mine were done, loads easier and not mods to diff or top mounts needed The bottom eyelets bolt straight upto the original shocker mount location with spacers each side to centre em. The top have a bracket around the eylet and a bolt going upwards.
  11. mine just runs two -12 hoses out of the rocker covers to a can on the side can is this one, but i only paid 90$, bolts up to the bump stop cover bolts http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-XR-XT-XW-XY-XA-XB-XC-XD-XE-XF-BREATHER-TANK-CATCH-CAN-AUSSIE-MADE-ATFD-/400682951032?hash=item5d4a90a178:g:500AAOxy0zhTL3HF
  12. judgetread


    springs only control the rate advance comes in at. He'll modify the stops to adjust total advance, maybe lighter springs to get it in all earlier
  13. judgetread

    Non-pwr steering box, educate me

    I bought a xd manual box from a wreckers in redcliffe few months back.. $150 i think it was.. All bolted up fine ... easy as to change over, unless you have extractors where they shouldnt be and had to pull the spline from the coloumn down but thats because it was powersteer before.
  14. judgetread

    302 flat tap vs 302 roller engine

    yeh they should all fit without issues. Mines a late model roller block with carb and waterpump from early style.
  15. judgetread

    302 flat tap vs 302 roller engine

    few things to keep in mind.. The roller may not have a fuel pump cam installed, and even may not have the slot in the timing cover for the mech fuel pump. Depending on the setup, water pump rotation could be a issue so make sure you get the all sorted too.. Unless its a retro fit roller