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  1. ricktewagon


    Fuck that looks awesome.Cant wait to see it in the Corty.
  2. ricktewagon

    Build me a fuel system 4 Goldie

    I run a stock XD wago fuel tank with surge tank & 2 pumps. Is noisy though.
  3. ricktewagon

    Can you run a 6cyl Flywheel on a Windsor?

    Running a Toploader. Talked to the guy this morning & they gave me the wrong flywheel. It never ends with these dicks. Thanks for all the replys guys.
  4. ricktewagon

    Can you run a 6cyl Flywheel on a Windsor?

    yeah 6 holes. Ill have to hit up the cocks that attempted to build it. It had a different flywheel originally because the old school pressure plate (XR style) that was on it originally doesn't fit the smaller flywheel.
  5. ricktewagon

    Can you run a 6cyl Flywheel on a Windsor?

    So any advantage running the smaller Flywheel & Clutch?
  6. Hey guys, so getting around to dropping my Windsor in the Corty (very slowly) & was playing with the pile of parts I have. Looks like the Flywheel I have is a 6cyl one. So Can you run a 6cyl Flywheel on a Windsor? Looks like it will bolt up & I have the clutch & all that just thought Id ask you guys before I bolt it up. Long story but the guys who built the engine fucked me around endlessly so I recently took it back. I have asked them as I was told it had all been balanced. Waiting for a reply. Also, I'm no expert but this flywheel doesn't even look machined to me. What do u guys reckon? Cheers.
  7. ricktewagon

    EFI Fuel Rail from XE XF

    learning every day, looks like im up for a new fuel rail maybe
  8. ricktewagon

    good operating temp??

    Thanks Gerg. wish I knew all this before. I fucked my engine. Definitely must've been a contributing factor to my failure
  9. ricktewagon

    good operating temp??

    Never knew that one. Could have been another contributing factor to my turbo 250 wiping the cam lobe. When I pulled down the engine had no Thermostat. Should have clicked when I put in the turbo engine in & it ran a lot colder than the original one. No wonder I got the engine for a decent price. Is there any advantages to not running a thermostat?
  10. I saw vids on youtube where they drop one in a pot on the stove to confirm its no good.
  11. ricktewagon

    289 with Toploader, is this the spiggot?

    Cool guys, thanks for the help.
  12. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Spigot-Bearing-Ford-XW-XY-XA-XB-XC-XD-XE-XF-200-ci-250ci-289ci-302ci-351ci/281838919435?_trksid=p2059210.c100148.m2813&_trkparms=ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140728113407%26meid%3Db2bb2aee784f4373a6caa23318b9f7f8%26pid%3D100148%26 Looks like the right one to me & OD / ID measurements look good. Is it right for me? Windsor 289 Block, has 347 Stroker kit, but I would think crank recess size would stay the same. Will be mating to Toploader. Ive only done ones on 2.0l Pintos before & they were a needle bearing type to. Would this have an indicator for direction or shouldn't matter? Thanks. Rick
  13. ricktewagon


    I run Bosch 1000cc injectors on my turbo Crossy. When it's running that is.
  14. With the cash getting put into the build Id go a decent ecu for sure Im running a Haltech on my Turbo 250. .
  15. Heres my Cam specs & Dyno if it helps. Chinese Turbo, ported alloy head & port matched exhaust & inlet with stock manifolds, 1000cc injectors, bottom end lightened balanced etc, oil cooler Haltech ps1000ecu, 16psi.