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    XR6 6 speed manual into XF?

    Unfortunately they won't. They have a totally different method of locating to the bellhousing than your traditional toploader or BW box. The older ones use the outside of the bearing retainer to fit snugly inside the back of the bell to keep it all concentric. The T56 uses the bolts and probably dowels to locate. The older boxes also have the sleeve built in to the snout that the throwout bearing runs on. The T56 uses a concentric slave. T56s have a very wide mounting flange that flares out from the casing that appears to be nearly as wide as the mouth of the bellhousing itself. It definitely looks too wide for any T5 mountings I've seen. There are adaptors available, but it would be expensive landing one here https://www.tickperformance.com/t56-mounting-adapter-plate-swap-applications/ Sent from my CPH1903 using Tapatalk
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    I need ECU education

    Thank you so much.
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    Boot harness very urgent

    Who knows... Don't think we'll even see a reply which will answer anyway.
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    XR6 6 speed manual into XF?

    Now don't quote me on that being the case 100% of the time, as that adaptor I linked to is for a GM or Viper pattern. The Ford one is possibly different again. Sent from my CPH1903 using Tapatalk
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    XR6 6 speed manual into XF?

    good to know, gerg, I'll put that rumor down on my list as false, t56 and t5 don't have the same mounting flange
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