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photos of T5, single rail, 3.3 litre 5 speed, 3 speed manual etc.

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i had trouble finding a photo of a T5 box even the other day. so starting this thread for some hope of keeping people informed when they are extinct soon.


this is the 3.3 litre 5 speed (some call it the sigma 5 speed, because it's possibly same as used on a Mitsubishi sigma)

I'm only going from memory of having one 25yrs ago. 


  • GEARSTICK LOCATION (same as "falcon" single rail/T5)
  • BELL HOUSING, Alloy, gearbox bolts to bell from inside the clutch area, clutch cable on drivers side
  • Tail shaft yolk is definitely unique, and i think shaft length might be specific to this box
  • clutch plate at min is specific 
  • Reverse is next to 1st like a single rail 
  • not rated for the torque of a 4.1/250 apparently




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Righto .

i had trouble finding a photo on google of a T5 box the other day. 


so thought it might be worth starting a thread with pics of the different boxes available. 


C4 (C9, C10 pan/case fill etc) 
AOD (non electronic 1970s Auto)
Borg warner 35, 40, 51



3 speed, 
single rail 4 speed, 

T5, (XF -EA + EB to EL ) (XG/XH same as EB to EL)

top loader, 

3.3 litre "single rail" 5 speed (mitsubishi sigma) 


  • Box full of neutrals

blown bits, could be handy to know the weak points or just have a laugh? not fussed  

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46 minutes ago, CHESTNUTXE said:

dean dont forget there was a 4 speed version of that sigma box,i got one off ryan years ago when he sold up his engine stuff,it came out of a xe 3.3 wagon,so many boxes were on offer back then.

yep, i saw one once ever. same bell housing as the 5 speed above from memory

i didn't take much notice other than i didn't want it

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Mega-HP capable BW40 from my XF.




This is why I had to pull it down, burst seal and shattered diaphragm spring.




I've got a T5 buried in my shed somewhere, now I want to know if it's a world class, ratios, etc.

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mate of mine got his XG running again today(Blown T5 box) 

has fitted his spare T5 which was from an XF. 


pic of the XG gearbox cross member drilled to suit the XF gearbox mount. (bolts loose while it was positioned) 

naturally swapped the XF bell housing to the XG one, and speedo gear to suit the diff ratio in the XG. 

i don't recall hearing any other mods needed.


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