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ball bearing in brake caliper?

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When I was removing front hubs, stubs and calipers to redo suspension rubbers and ball joints a wee ball bearing dropped out of the passenger side caliper when I removed the brake line. 


No ball bearing in the drivers side caliper and no mention of them in my workshop manual so I pulled the brake lines off another set of front calipers I have in the shed to do a little applied learning... no ball bearings in either of the front calipers.


Yeah, nah?


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One of those "unexplainable" head fk moments... But maybe at some stage, for some reason, somebody mashed one into the flared seat to block that caliper off?


I have come across some jobs where people have blocked off an air line going to a brake chamber on a truck, a "get you home" measure strictly and probably not a good idea in these days of transport safety regulation


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