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Factory AU VCR?

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Dave will most likely be able to answer this one the quickest but I’ll ask as general anyway 😂,


Does anyone know of a factory option in the AUs for a VCR in the boot along with a DVD player with an entertainment screen in the cabin, apparently fitted with games as well?


I have picked up a system out of a AU Fairmont that has the factory GPS set up, but it came with all of the above as well. Now before we all jump the guns, it ALL has Ford badging on it, and not just some Ebay stickers. I have all the wiring that goes with it.


All I wanted was the GPS set up but it all came together.


For the life of me, I have never heard of anything like it, excluding limos obviously, that may have had all those options but this was in a AU Fairmont sedan.


I forgot to get photos before I left last week but I’ll post some next week when I get home, but someone might know in the meantime what the go is.


The plan is if I get time during the Christmas break I’ll be installing it into the Silver Elephant.

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