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WARNING - more aftermarket parts = DANGER!

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It's happening again! 😮



PROTEX RE9363 inner rack tie rod.
Have them removed from your Ford Focus or Mazda ASAP.
They have less then half the pivot angle of the OEM part as pictured.
They have the potential to snap off at thread while driving and potentially cause a fatal accident.
The broken one is the PROTEX one (RE9363)
PROTEX told me installation fault eg cross threaded into rack, they made this decision based on the last thread left that was torn out of rack when it broken.
They also said broken part was fine as it had plenty of grease.
The arm ball end was locked solid in the socket and you could not move it.
Please share if you know anyone running PROTEX part number RE9363.
This part had done just over 13000 klms in 11 months.



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