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XA XB XC Column shift to T-bar conversion.

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Anyone got  a measurement of where the hole in the trans tunnel is for an Automatic with a floor shift in an XA, XB, XC??  

I need to cut the tunnel and fit an FMX with a T-bar and console. Obviously need to cut the carpet, is there a "hole" pressed into the steel? I haven't pulled the carpet up to have a look.  Will need the width and length of the hole, and distance from dash or firewall. Also need to know where the mounting plates go for the console to bolt to.

Where to bolt this bit.......

XD tunnel hump


....and these two.

XB console mount


Cheers Bear.

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8 hours ago, 77xcfalcon said:

Hi bear, I hope these help. Mine is a 6 cyl c4 xc. The top of the console mount is 20 mm off the top of the tunnel. I’ll get some specific measurements if you like.


Thanks for that, much appreciated.  ;)

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On 8/13/2019 at 10:00 AM, bear351c said:

Should be.  Not 110% certain, but, a driveline from an XA will drop straight in an XB, XC, XD, XE. 

EG: Clevo, FMX, 9 inch etc..so the floor pan should be the same, or very similar. 

Hi guys I just read the post for the XA floor mod. I am do the same on an XY does anybody know if these measurment will be the same? Thanks in advance.


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