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Panko's Mk1 Escort (Round 2)

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OK, more testing and tweaking done today. 


I fitted an air cleaner so i was more comfortable driving the car further than just around the block. 




took the car for a drive, and it had a bad hesitation down low, and flat spot at around 3000rpm. as the secondary opens, it seems to cough then take off. 

I advanced the timing a bit more, test drove it, got it better, advanced it a tad more, and i think ive got it as about as good as i can regarding the timing. now, it is off the timing scale again so I need Sparky Dave's fancy timing light so i can see exactly what advance ive set it to. 

I am now 100% convinced that the timing was out. As well as testing the timing, ive been keeping a close eye on the temperature, and guess what, for the first time since owning the car, its now running at correct running temp. between 82 and about 92. seems to be averaging about 85-89 degrees Celsius. usually id be lucky to get it above 82. 


Where ive left it, the car is awesome at WOT up the top end of the revs, pulls harder than ever, but down low its hesitant but ok to cruise on, but has a big flat spot between around 2500rpm and 3200rpm. So im leaving it there for now, until i get someone to help me tune it. 

Obviously the primary is the side that needs work, secondary seems good and happy. 


something new here? ;) 



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ok still no luck getting the escort to run 100%. 

I put the original jets all back into the 32/36 in the primary. 

so, 140 main, 165 air correction, F50 emulsion tube. so the primary is all back to how it came from weber, but i still have a flat spot :( 

the car is parked for now, and in the new year ill look into getting it tuned 

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well good news. 


Finally the Escort is running pretty good. I will drive it tomorrow properly to confirm, but I am pretty sure its running pretty close to right. 


I went and took the car to my mate, who is a mechanic at The Healey Factory. He owns a Microtech exhaust gas reader (sniffer), but unfortunately a colleague of his has it at the moment. However, he was quick to pick up what the carby needed to get it right. 

he jumped in the passenger seat, and we went around the block, and I mean around the block. barely out of 2nd gear and he could already tell me what I needed to do with jetting. not the size of jetting, just whether i had to go up or down. 


The car was lean on the primary, and too rich going onto wide open throttle when the secondary opens. 


What I was running: 

140 Primary main

125 Secondary main

Pump jet 50 single squirt


What I am running now to get it going: 

165 primary main 

135 secondary main

40 size pump jet, twin squirt (squirts down both barrels at the same time) 


I didnt expect to have to go up so big with the primary main. 

At WOT it feels good, but i suspect ill have to go bigger yet in the secondary main too. But I will leave it for now until i can use the sniffer to get an AFR read out. 


I borrowed a jetting kit from Angry Anglia so I had access to jets from 110 to 180. 

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21 hours ago, deankdx said:

video not loading ;) 


sorry no video.  :( 


I finally got around to the changing the antenna to a lock down antenna so i can put my car cover on it finally. 




all clean and covered up. no more sitting under the carport getting dusty and looking like a "barn find" lol 



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