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It's official: LPG is now dying off

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My ute runs both lpg and petrol but does run better on gas as that what it was set up for. I am up in Brisbane and I went to fill gas tonight at Greenslopes and that servo had the pumps out. Ended up driving over to east Brisbane to fill up which had gas otherwise it would have to drive 15-20 mins again to another servo that has gas.
Be lucky any servos in qld or northern nsw have any servos with lpg in 5 years. Reason for retiring the ute shortly for a new car this year.

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As much as I like LPG, I'm seriously considering converting my dedicated gas AUII ute to ULP.

Tanks are due for retest, I have a donor sedan.

Just need a ute tank and lines.

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Seen BP Swan Hill has removed its LPG tank, not sure on Kerang Shell, they had their tank retested & new valves fitted the other month, but hadn't had it filled few weeks back. but still have 2 in town, & available in most towns around,

I've recently brought a '76 F100 w/duel fuel, but looks to not run on petrol in 15+ years, need to get its 200lt tank retested, while I can still get LPG locally I'll keep it on the effie,

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From the Completely Off-topic thread earlier this year:


On 2/19/2023 at 5:55 PM, thorne said:

Seems to be the issue all across Australia: the days of LPG availability appear to have passed their peak. I took my annual drive to QLD late in January, and while LPG isn't as popular in the north-east of the country, usually there would be plenty of places selling it. No longer: outside of SEQ (Brisbane, and the Sunshine and Gold Coasts), you're lucky if you can find ONE place selling LPG, and that's in the larger towns, the smaller towns don't even offer it. I was amazed: from Goondiwindi (only two places), to Dalby (only one), to Rockhampton (only two places), to Mackay (only one), to Gladstone (only one).....it was quite a jolt, and meant I had to seriously rethink my fuel budget. "You're one of the only servos in this town that sell LPG!" I point out to them as I pay for my fuel. All of the operators nod glumly, and why? Their answers were all identical: "EVs."


The situation was the same crossing the border into northern NSW. Major towns with dozens of servos, reduced to only one - or if you're lucky, two - of them selling LPG. Outside of major cities or sizeable roadhouses, they're rapidly beginning to disappear, even in Victoria, which was easily the best state to find it. 


Not something I really want to face, but as EVs become more popular and the servos re-invent themselves, they're ditching alternative fuels. Soon it will just be unleaded and diesel. 😥


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It’s a shame ,,

the ecolpi motors are tops ,


more oomph and even smoother than petrol from the fg spec Barra .

make most of the zf ,,

and cheaper to run ,,


bogans will seek them out for their comp/ratio ,,

boosted fun ,, 

as they do now with the “ green top “ ba/bf motors ,,,



Less boot space but.    😓


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