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9 inch air filter for weber 34

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Has anyone got a round 9 inch air filter on the 34 ADM carby?


I'm trying to hunt down a black air filter, which they do for the likes of the Holley 350 & 500 but no bueno for the Weber.


Redline do a chrome option https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/REDLINE-AIR-FILTER-9-X-55mm-SUIT-WEBER-ADM-XE-XF-FALCON-16-22-/152454690051 and I guess powder coating black would be an option... 


I'll touch base with a few suppliers but wondered if anyone here had been down the same path.

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You can paint over chrome, you will only see the outer edge right?
Get some rough as guts sandpaper, tear the chrome finish up so the paint has something to bond to, then cross sand with 80 grit, that will hold colour.
Smooth surface can also be sprayed over with etching spray and then sprayed with black also.

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I'd go for the acid etch prime method first.. Worst case scenario it might chip and if it does, just wash it down with thinners to get the paint off then sand or fine blast it before painting again. I reckon the etch will be good enough though. Not something your going to be handling all the time.

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