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XF AU Windsor conversion

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Hi All


Just an update, sorry have been very busy and had a few things on so I havent done any work on the car :(



I have an EF XR6 (3.45 ratio) diff there ready to go. I was able to get the brake lines from the EFT as well. So when ready I will try to fit this to the car somehow. Handbrake cable, I will worry about this later, but thinking of getting one custom made.



Have tracked an EF XR6 tailshaft - Auto. Well see if this fits ok :)



I have gone with the CRS bellhousing. I have a 5cyl T5 from an EL, and CRS have confirmed this will bolt up fine.

With the E-series, in comparison to a 4.0L motor, the Windsor is mounted more forward in the engine bay - hence why the v8 box in the eseries has a longer input shaft.

In the X series, the windsor mounts in the same spot as the 4.1 crossflow, which is why the bellhousing CRS has works. If I had a v8 box with the longer input shaft (from e-series), I am going to run into problems fitting it, with any bell housing in the XF. I would need to look at getting the input shaft shortened to match the 6cyl. Similarly, using the bellhousing from the e-series would also run into problems.



I am planning to use Malwood for this. Also looking at doing the hydraulic clutch upgrade they offer, which I mentioned in my earlier post. This is a pretty cool setup. I will need to remove the pedal box to fit it. Needs a bit of trimming to get it to work, but very small change.


Wiring Harness:

CRS modified the AU harness for me, and its ready to fit to the car, so I just need to time to hook it all up :)


Fuel Tank:

I have an EFI tank ready to fit. Just need to update the pump and run a new fuel line. I will use the existing line for the return, and remove the existing return line.



Have sourced AU Extractors from an Xr8 ute that were barely used. I think this is a good start. Theyll probably need to be modified, but I really cant find something on the market that is guaranteed to fit. I think if I went with GT40 heads id be ok, but because I have GT40P heads, the extractors ill be harder to come by.


So my right now, my next plan is to:

1) Mount new tank

2) Install new pump

3) install flywheel, clutch and bellhousing on motor

4) Drop in motor

5) Install harness and ECU

6) J3 Chip

7) Extractors...

8) Test start it and see how it goes. If I get it working ok, then Ill do gearbox and diff next.


Will keep you all posted. Plannning to start working on it again soon!


Thanks for everones advice / guidance so far :)









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