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15 minutes ago, 351XD_Fairmont said:

Yeah it'll fit mate you just need an adapter for the brake line as they're metric and the xd is imperial

and the XG hand brake cable. 


24 minutes ago, Brucexd said:

hi can i fit a xg ute rear end to my xd ute? Need disc brakes for the 351. What problems will i encounter please?

and the tailshaft (or swap the yolk over on the diff) 

depending what diff in there now

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30 minutes ago, 351XD_Fairmont said:

I thought the utes all used the same cable, oh well the more you know

XG uses E series calipers and solid discs(well, EA to ED)

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Great thanks guys. I am running a 4spd top loader, will the tail shaft from the xg fit. Spline the same and length? Stud pattern and wheel sizes?

The xg ute has a 4ltr coupled to a 5 spd man box, what diff ratio will it be? Not sure what i have in xd as tag gone. Its a borg warner.

Would the 5spd box fit onto the 351 Cleveland,  just wondering if i should keep it or sell. Any other parts worth keeping that may fit the xd from xg?


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XG diff ratio should be 3.27:1, centre should be open 4 pinion 28 spline (not LSD). Flange can be swapped from your old diff to reuse the old tailshaft.

Tailshaft should be same length between the two, wagons are the same length as well. But as Chestnut says, output shaft spline count might be different on the top loader.

I have done the 5 speed conversion on my 302C, using a toploader bellhousing drilled and tapped to suit the T5 flange pattern. The outside of the front bearing retainer (snout) has to be machined about 0.060" to fit the hole in the single rail/toploader bellhousing. Input shaft length and clutch spline count is the same.

The 6 cyl ratios might be a bit short for your clevo, well that's what I found with mine using the EA box with 3.50 first. Also I assume you're running a 351, therefore a T5 would be marginal in strength behind that sort of torque, especially the wide ratio 6 cyl version. If it breaks, it will be on 3rd gear. Best T5 behind a V8 is the T5Z, which is a whole new can of worms.

You can get adaptor bellhousings to mate the two, they go for around $700 from CRS (haven't checked lately).

I assume that you have all the hydraulics there to suit the V8 setup already?

Keeping the toploader would be the easiest way to swap, handbrake cable would go with the diff, tailshaft also if you want to go that way but maybe the output yokes can be swapped to suit the toploader?

I can confirm that 3.27 on the highway has the engine at about 2800 in 4th, a bit much for a V8 cruiser. 5th gear is more manageable at about 2200.

I recently went to 3.08 to gear it up a bit. Should have me sitting below 2000 with some tall tyres.

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Thanks gerg and chestnutxe, very informative. I appreciate it.  It seems i will stay with the 4 spd top loader, will now have a five spd for sale. So if the diff ratios from the xg are too low would the diff centre in the xd fit that housing? The ute cruisers at around 2000rpm at 110ks now, so when i fit the xg rear end it will rev higher.

Another question please, will the brake booster etc from the xg fit the xd?

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