XH Panelvan Mattress

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considering the foam was dear when i went to a foam mattress joint(and cover was a pain to make) and you can't sleep on the wheel arches anyway. ..


i'd get a single mattress(maybe king sinlgle if it fits length ways?) and maybe stuff cushions or blankets or doover whatsits in the gaps on the side.. 


i was doing this for My econovan, but because i had enough height, i spaced up the mattress by building a frame to the wheel arch height.  

one of My mates was considering measuring the wheel in the arch height and cutting the arches down and plating them flat and building a similar false floor over the arches for the van. not sure you'd gain much.(My econovan also measures wider above the arches than below, so it fits a queen size in rather than a cut down middle of a double.. )




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