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Motivator 250 extractors dual bolt patterns ?

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Motivator NHM 550 extractors off my XE..

this my new build , it’s as old as the hills and hasn’t seen the streets for 20years..(126k the clock I think is genuine, there’s no rust in the car, but it’s body has been bumped around a bit)

Anyway, I pulled these old Motivator extractors off, they  look mandrel bent, no kinks..even turns, not bad I guess..better than the genie press bent stuff I’ve seen..

6 -3-2 design I think.. merged into a 2 1/2” pipe.

I pulled them off to go to my ceremic coater with some other stuff on this years build, and  I noticed there’s a dual pattern bolting flange.

Question is whats the  other motor they fit?

I’m guessing it’s the Iron head, but only other thing I can think off is the XG 4.0.


Are the port spacing the same on the 250 crossflow and 4.0 OHC exhausts, Bottom bolts the same but the top has 2 different bolt flanges..? The iron head was different wasn’t it?  Iron head or OHC 4.0??

xg is all I can think if it’s not that heavy old  iron head? 

Ran the part number and nothing on google..

I think Motivator Extractors was Lukey or Walker.. I can’t even find any info on that..one person said there pacemaker.. 

stummped atm , they look ok, but just curious before I send this lot off for some shinny coating.




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Bore spacing should be same for OHC and crossflow engines as the blocks (initially) used the same crankshaft. Without a photo it's too hard to guess what you have.

In a brief description, iron head flanges have the bolt holes on each port at the same position for all 6 of them. Alloy heads have the bolt holes on ports 1-2-3 at 11- and 4- o'clock to the port centreline, and 4-5-6 are mirror-flipped to 1- and 8- o'clock respectively.

3.9/4.0 OHC went back to the iron head configuration (equal positions to each other) but of course they had to make them different so they don't interchange. They're placed at 11- and 5- o'clock so maybe the top bolt hole lines up with the iron head?

Only one way to find out I guess. The E-series did have a few different objects to get around ie: steering shaft, engine mounts, no starter on that side, etc. So dunno if they actually make a hybrid set of headers for all Fords. Would make sense to cut the costs of jigging, etc.

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