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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, But, how do you guys and gals, protect your car from the Elements, without a CARPORT or GARAGE. Just been to CLARK RUBBER, BUNNINGS , nothing, SUPERCHEAP had something but for $250.00 bucks, it looks too flimsy and would blow away...any suggestions ??..Is there a place that actually caters for this sort of thing?

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I bought a car cover from Supercheap Auto for the panelvan - strangely enough, no one makes them for the panelvan shape any more, had to buy a Large/X-Large for SUVs and even then it barely fit it! - for $150, made for outdoors (rain and dust). It was a cheapie option, but it does the trick: even this "cheap" version has elastics to draw the cover under the chassis - it's low enough to sit halfway down the rims - and has a couple of access flaps (so if you roll your windows down before you put the cover on you can still access the inside of the car without opening the door and still be protected from the weather). It also came with its own bag to fold into when it's not on the car. I guess I'd probably prefer to weigh it down in the case of a hurricane, but because the panelvan is a fairly bulky shape the cover won't really blow off of its own accord unless it's really nasty outside.

As the panelvan usually sat under a car cover behind a fence, it was semi-protected from the wind and heavy rain: now that I stable it inside a roller-door garage, it's more or less become just a dust cover now, although it does allows me to stack boxes on the bonnet without fucking up the paint. ;)

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I'm using a car cover but inside a garage.
Outside in rain the moisture will get to it.....and rust anything exposed..... like tarping a car.

Personally... if outside better to grab 4 posts, 4 bags of crete, 4 rails and grab some old tin.... its a roof... you will never see it.
Then if you want it protected ... shade cloth 3 sides. Done.

You need airflow around the car and any trapped moisture is the enemy.


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