TDC and rotor arm position

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Or conversely, #6 rockers should be rocking (ie exhaust closing, inlet opening) while #1 is on compression.

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So this is how I had it set up but, as I say, had to turn the dizzy as far clockwise as I could and vacuum ended up at 7 o'clock ish.
If I am understanding you right, I need to lift the dizzy out enough to rotate it (anti-clockwise?) and line the two sets of spiky wheels up then set the new position of the rotor arm to no.1 plug lead and the rest to follow?
I dunno whats taking so long.
Rocker cover off.... only way to do it properly.
Compression on fingers is bollocks, can do that 180 degrees out, easy to make a mistake.

Listen to Bear..... everything else is fapp and confusing the issue.
Bear is good.


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It also helps to have two people when doing the finger over the spark plug hole, Soon as you feel the pressure put a tiny white liquid paper mark the balancer and the when it stops mark it again, TDC will be in the middle, do it a again to confirm. Once up and running mark TDC on the balancer at the pointer.

Then set the dissy in with the rotor where number one lead will be and the vacuum advance should be pretty much straight giving you almost equal distance of advance and retardation. The movement will allow you to get the two spikey internal gears to line up correctly if you not 1 tooth out.

If not you will most likley be one tooth out on the bottom gear, lift the inch and rotate it just a little and then slide back in.


My brother who lives in Perth just rang his RACV / NRMA roadside and told them it wouldnt start, when the mech arrived he told him the truth and thet got it fixed and the mech scored a carton of Beer and wrote it down as electrical fault. Win Win.



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Delay in getting this sorted was also due to stripping and repainting the original rocker covers and air cleaner





And a short video of it running..seems to be running pretty good..no backfires or spluttering..just need to take it for a little spin to see how it goes out on the road.

27619814418_c4753073bd_b.jpg2018-04-16 17.49.05



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11 minutes ago, ``` said:

seems to be..will see when I get it out on the road!

much like My gemini.. seemed ok revving in neutral before the last time i took it out, but i barely got round the block ..
test drive for Me tomorrow hopefully also

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