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  1. TempesT

    Aeroflow heads??

    hey guys thanks for the flood of help here! Yeh I may have jumped the gun looking at those aeroflows they are only a 351w.... woops. I am thinking the pavteks might be the go! Get their cam package to suite and an air gap dual plane manifold ontop of a freshly rebuilt bottom end should be healthy enough for the F100 without making it unstreetable! AFD's would be the go if I wanted to chase more HP from this but its more of a weekend / work type street build!
  2. TempesT

    Aeroflow heads??

    Sense of reason lads, thanks! Don't suppose you know what a set of those pavteks would cost?
  3. TempesT

    Aeroflow heads??

    well I'm doing a pretty basic build for the Mrs Effie 351c. Anyone used the bare Aeroflow heads? I know they are Chinese but should be some win over rebuilding the 2v's??
  4. Top stuff Greg! Anyone have a source or shims? This is the only retailer i found, his kit comes with spider gear shims and one to sit under the spring ( 4 pin). www.mobilediffrepairs.com/store/p25/HOLDEN%2FFORD_LSD_SHIM_REPAIR_KIT_NEW.html
  5. I'll have to look up in my service manual but from memory it was something like 3-5 mm Hey thom can you check that in your service maunual? Also ever had any issue taking the same ammount off the cones small end counter sunk surface (reducing the spline area for the axle)?.
  6. Sorry i read that again and i wrote it like a dogs breakfast. Yes the .04" is a hypothetical amount taken from the end of the friction cone to stop it clashing against the housing (lets assume it leaves that gap between the cone and end of housing back within tolerance). I interpreted thom saying he adds about .01 to .015 additional to the shim. So he would add about a .055" spacer between the cone and spider gear? As for my diff i got today i should have written that i need to test the break away to check the lsd heath (and rotate it to check ratio) I found some numbers in another thread to check break away.
  7. Ok quick question about thoms method of reshimming. So if you took .04" off the end to get your desired cone to hohseing gap youd make your shim .04 + .01 to .015 = .055"? Also any truth to the cones going soft over time and being no good for a reshim? (Sounds bullshit to me could imagine cooking /glazing them or hardening them but soft...)? Picked up another diff outa an xh xr6 today for $50. Supposed lsd and 3.45 but turning one axle the opposing turn the same direction. Ill presure wash it and pop the rear off tomorrow for a squiz
  8. anyone have a full exploded diagram of the BW78 or recommend the best service manual for them? This may be of help for some to follow along with:
  9. excellent go full on in depth with this please! While there is alot of info on the web on BW I havnt found an end to end rebuild and set up guide. I have a 3.45 lsd I removed from an el rear diff to go into my XG so Im keen for a saturation of info.
  10. TempesT

    Give me a shopping list - XG turbo ute

    head over and see these boys..... https://www.facebook.com/TunnelVisionTurbocharging/ check out their sohc 4.0's... wow
  11. TempesT

    F100 LWB 250turbo

    sweet, about to start and effie build too. Good work