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Neil Armstrong

351 into 84 xe.

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Hi guys, bit of a dig up, have not been active in a very long time... anyway was thinking of dragging the old s pack out of the shed and dumping 351 into it for a bit of fun... 


Just wondering, originally a efi six, 


What would be the dramas id have, 


I know ill need new springs, shocks bushes yatta yatta. and breaks, 


Fuel line no idea there or pump. maybe a holley blue or something, 


to paint the picture i have a reasonable 351 thats been sitting forawhile, its 30 thou over flat top pistons, from memory its got a 850 holley on it, 2v close chambers etc. maybe mild 300 hp maybe less. 

i suspect the rego would be a nightmare so before i commit to blowing some money just want some good opinions, and this would be a better option then the old facebook ha! 




heres a 10y old picture of the spack.



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been a long time since Me or BGDAV rego'd a 1984 XE with clevo.. but back then this was the gist of it..


fit rear discs.. 

V8 springs, 
all V8 pollution gear to be present (or appear so, depending on mechanic... club rego is easier apparently because Vic roads don't need to see it)

pass the noise limit of whatever 1984 is (got a feeling it changed in 1985 ish so shouldn't be too hard) 

that's about it.. (basically all V8 components must be used .. sway bar may be another but we didn't need to change them) 

didn't need an engineers back then due to the XE being a V8 option in Victoria.. (even though 1984 didn't have the V8)


when i did My EFi6  to Carb V8 it was a mild almost stock 351, i used the same fuel line. you'd probably have to check if it's suitable for what the engine is built for if it needs upgrading. 

back in those days, carby fuel tanks were easy to find, so i just fitted a carby tank. .these days i'd just bypass the fuel pump in the cradle with some hose that reaches the bottom or fit a lift pump in there if it needed a surge tank(not sure if there's a good in tank carby fuel pump? but the EFI one has way too much pressure to use on a carby)


wiring wise, i used a 6cyl carby engine bay loom. but you only need a few wires and unwrapping the EFI loom will probably reach everywhere the V8 stuff is(for Mine the 6cyl carby loom reached stock V8 coil, alt, etc and i only extended the air con wire) 


for NSW, you'd be better off chatting to your mechanic/rego mob first.. could need engineers, but it should still be simple. 


other stuff to note. 

if you get a carby throttle cable set up that pulls from the rear, a 6cyl carby accelerator cable works.. (efi one is the shortest from memory)

the V8 cable is super long as it loops around near the dizzy to pull from the front on a thermoquad. 


6cyl wide 2 core radiator can work if your engine runs cool, it was on the absolute limit with air con on with mine back in the day.  

a 3 core copper radiator is DEAR... Alloy ones seem to be the choice lately. 


power steering if you have it will likely need a longer hose or adaptor.. depending on pump, sometimes the 6cyl one can fit. 


v8 auto will need a different shifter or mods to the 6cyl one (shift from the other side of the box) 


used to be easier to buy a V8 fairlane donor car and swap it all over in a weekend back in the day, but they are extinct..  i'd suggest gathering up ALL your parts before starting to convert.  and check in here see if anyone can think of what's missing. 



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No real issues, mate. Just make everything match up or reach...throttle cable, fuel line, wiring etc.  Check with your local rego mob, or join a club and get Historic rego.

V8 mounts for the engine bay, change fuelpump for a carby model, original Carter on the block, or an electric unit, brakes should be the same, depends on your State requirements.

If you have an 850 cfm, carb, thats waaay too big for a mild Clevo, grab a 650 vac sec or similar. Lots of early Falcons had drum brakes and a V8, manual steering, etc etc.

I used to run an XF 6 cyl rad with a shroud and stock fan on my 351's, cheap, easy to find, way more efficient than originals. Or just fit thermo fans from an EL or AU.





You know you want to..........😎

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