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Outback Jack

Replacing Odometer/Tripmeter drive gears in GL Instrument Cluster.

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Ok guys, going to do a breakdown of how to tear down an Instrument Cluster and replace the Gears if your Odometer and Trip meter stop working.

This is the base model GL cluster.


Most common cause is the gear in the Speedo assembly loses a tooth and gets stuck in one position.


Ok, first of all you need to take Surround off of the Instrument cluster/Dash.


2 screws on top of dash under small square plastic covers....


2 screws, one each side under the switches for dash light dimmer and under switch for headlights.....


Then there are 2 more, one each side of the steering column that go up into the bottom of the surround.....


Once these screws are out, you can pull the surround forward and disconnect the electrical connectors to the side switches and get it out of the way.


Then you will see 2 plastic tabs at the top with screws, remove them.

Then at the bottom there are 2 plastic tabs with screws, remove them.


Then carefully roll the Instrument panel forwards as you remove it, so you can disconnect the Smartlock wiring plug, lower left and the 2 black wiring plugs at back of cluster(centre).

After this you can pull the cluster out and set up on a table somewhere.





Ok, to disassemble you need to remove 4 screws on the top that screw the white back to the black front panel....



Then remove ALL silver screws from the back panel.....


There are 3 different sizes, so take note of where they are from.


Then on the bottom of the cluster, there are 4 black plastic tabs....


These must be pushed down to disengage.

Tip: Start at one side while slightly levering from the centre.

Once all tabs are unlocked very gently lever around the 2 parts and it should come apart....


Put the plastic clear cover to one side.


Now you are left with this....



Grab the centre section with speedo like so.....


And gently remove.....



Remove the two screws in the face plate and invert, being careful not to damage the speedo needle assembly, use the hole it came out to rest it on....



Rotate the internals so the circuit board faces towards you.....



On the silver round cover there are two screws, remove these and gently remove cover and circuit board and lay down....db7b54ec4cac7f4d72316e3197adc85a.jpg


Then lift gear assembly off....


Flip it over....



You will most probably find one broken tooth....


Now the reason this happens is resetting the trip meter while moving.

Reset the Trip meter ONLY when vehicle is stationary.


Replace gear, reassemble everything in reverse order of the above breakdown and your done. default_smile.png


Please note, this assembly is missing the reset pin that triggers the Trip meter which goes through this hole and attaches via clip to the silver bar....



Hope that helps some of you get your Odometer/Trip meters going again.


New gears can be sourced on EBay for around $25 a set which is small gear cog and larger black cog, replace both at once.


NOS Trip meter reset pins are harder to find and expensive. (Around $50-60).


If you can find an old dead dash with good reset pin, that may be the best option.







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Thanks for the information about resetting the trip meter while moving, I didn't know that! I use my trip meter a lot to calculate fuel economy per fill.


I might add if I can. Use gloves when doing this to prevent smudges on the front faces of the dials. I use rubber nitrile gloves.

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