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bumper repairs

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ok people I would like to know if anyone has repaired splits/cracks in front bumpers successfully  using a glue  or two pac product.  as a local bouncy kick boxer used his head to ram me the other night. the impact folded the bumper upwards causing the plastic corner to split  I believe there is plastic welding repair places in the metro area but I am hoping I can repair it at home       any thoughts or advice appreciated    o  and this time the ford won 

cheers demmo

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At the smash shop I used to use fusor brand 2part glue for plastics or weld it back together with the soldering iron or combination of whatever worked for the specific repair at the time. The glue works best with a rough surface to grip and needs to be spotless clean, also some sort of mesh like fibreglass tape or fly screen to reinforce the join helped where suitable. I have read that acetone will melt abs and weld itself back together but you would have to try it out on some scraps before the real thing becomes I haven't done it personally. If I knew back then it would have saved a lot of time and effort if it works.

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