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Hey guys. I was just going through the 'max ellery repair book 94 - 98', and noticed there are several different sized fuel tanks foe EFs to ELs. ( page 258 )


standard size - 68 litre


fairmont, ghia, fairlane, ltd ( v8 ) 80 litre


Station wagons 72 litre




optional 85 litre tank for sedans.


I have never pulled my tank out, nor have I seen one loose. I would expect that somewhere on the tank it will tell its capacity or am I wrong?


Has anybody ever come across the 85 litre tank for a sedan?

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i would bet there's only one tank for fairlane etc and sedans.. and 68Litre rings a bell

in XE and XF there were 2 sizes, the efi tank or the GHIA/fairlane/LTD was an 80 litre, Vs 58? 


wagons i would think are all 68 or 72 whichever from EA to EL (fairly sure they were 68 from XA to XF)

@SPArKy_Dave may know

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