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Recently, I've developed a huge interest in Cleveland air cleaners and decided to threadmine this post. Please forgive me, but I need a snorkel for my air cleaner bowl. There are some subtle differences which I've discovered during my quest to acquire a snorkel, so I thought I would add some relevant content to this thread.


Let's start with an XB Stromberg 2V air cleaner:




Notice how the snorkel protrudes into the bowl a 1/2"  or so. The air has to make a sharp turn around the end of the snorkel duct. Also note, there are two holes punched in the side of the bowl, one for the PCV filter and the other (not shown) for the 1/2" vacuum hose to the charcoal canister. Next is an exterior view. Notice how the mounting flange of the snorkel is on the outside of the snorkel duct.




Absolutely fascinating, I'm sure you agree. At some point, there is a change with the snorkel. Look closely at the next photo. It's not crystal clear but there are two ports off the passenger side of the bowl for PCV and charcoal canister functions. However, the mounting flange of the snorkel is different. Maybe it's a bitsa air cleaner, who knows?




Even with my poor eyesight I can see that the end of the snorkel duct is flared slightly to receive the mounting flange internally. The design of the mounting flange is changed to be bell-mouthed, presumably to assist better airflow into the bowl.




Finally, Ford changed the charcoal canister about the release time of the XC Update, May '78, so I've read. I would really appreciate it if someone in the industry at the time has knowledge of this and can comment. The new charcoal canister had a much smaller diameter vacuum hose connection which was connected to the new fourth vacuum port on the front of the base plate of the Thermoquad, not the side of the air cleaner bowl. So there is now only one hole punched in the  side of the bowl.





I was launching into a debate about Thermoquad model numbers relating to these air cleaners and charcoal canisters as a package, but that would have been a cure for insomnia so I deleted it all. I hope this is of interest to someone restoring a classic Aussie Ford.


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The Cleveland Air cleaners, are grouped into Carburettor types, and emissions vs pre-emissions vehicles.


Your pics are 1975 onwards (passenger vehicles)

F-trucks (commercial vehicles) were emissions exempt, thus the pre-emission aircleaners carried over, for a while.


The WW Stromberg carbs were fitted to XA 302, (possibly some early XB 302's),

and mid-70's F-truck 302's also.


Pre-emissions = no charcoal canister for fuel vapours (fuel cap vented to atmosphere),

and oil cap open to atmosphere (crankcase emissions)


These vehicles with 302, had a massive mouth snorkel on the air cleaner,

Hot air intake under the snorkel but no vacuum valve, and one hose to air-cleaner body for PCV.


Post-1975 = charcoal canister, one way valve in fuel filler cap, washer bottle relocated to behind battery to accommodate charcoal canister,

and oil cap has hose to air cleaner body along with PCV hose


These vehicles used a narrower 351 style snorkel - as per the pics above.


XA 302 air cleaners were painted red, with a 6cyl style round snorkel

Early XB pre-emissions large snorkel 302 aircleaners were painted red same as XA,

Later XB pre-emissions large snorkel 302 air cleaners, were blue


I haven't quite narrowed down the paint colour change-over point, yet.


All 351 Air cleaners were painted blue.

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